Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Had To Pull The Drum Out

So whats up? I dealt with bad breaks, setbacks, roadblocks and obstacles; damn!!  its like Obama going through it!! I had to go another route!

So whats up?  check how a brotha deals with all that drama...he types this good cuts and breaks up the beats;  then I had to pull the drum out! 

Checking out the bad breaks;  like for the St Louis Cardinals..did the good luck run out?  please!! Boston Red Sox are now the should know God is in the blessing business! 

Checked the bad brakes on the hooptie; or soon crashing out!! finding out what the real is! 

Whose bad per Michael Jackson? Cashout said he wasn't robbed!  fakes run off at the mouth!! truth be told?  naw!! that's not what the deal is! 

Whose bad?  Samuel L Jackson style!!  the foul might feel this! 

Whose radical / revolutionary?  the skill is displayed with the Sonic Assault!

Back from the sabbatical per the Outback Chronicles!!  reflecting on the lesson that's taught!

Peeped game;  the flow was messed up like the carburetor in the old school Buick Regal! 

I had to pour Gumout in the gas tank!! while an old fool acted brand new with it!! even said they're living illegal! 

O-Dizzle knew the score..he had to pull the drum out!! similar to Indian and African drums! 

Whats the dizzle?  O-Zone did the math..he checked the consequences...the sums!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

All Up In The Spot; Check The Reception / Deception PT.2

We were all up in the spot; realizing;  jokers "won't let you do nothing"

....excuse me...they won't let you do anything;  whats up man? thought and fashion police patrol... other jokers were like Republicans vs wannabe starting something! 

....per Michael Jackson; check the action / drama manufacturing;   some will even do time like Conrad Murray!

...soon released....others deceased;  corporations were fracking ..ATLiens were player players..supposedly macking; Google and Yahoo? NSA was hacking...damn!!  who'll work with me? 

Some appeased;  others were struggling!! damn!!  unhappy campers were among us! 

Was it due to the Uranus Pluto Square? as we go there..famine or feast?  brothas work it out per Willie Hutch coming through in the clutch!! but check the Injustice; Gods or Heroes Among Us?

All up in the spot!!  belly of the beast? the disgruntled were among us!!! these ATLiens were mad because the Falcons lose! 

All up in the spot!! coping strategies fail me and you!! check the reception / deception;  who'll win or lose?

All up in the spot;  we cruise through in the mothership with the force field up...

All up in the spot...governing ourselves accordingly due to the reception / elaborate fantasy? one will build up...

All up in the spot...recognizing where the border or boundary will be..but sometimes its like looking for dark matter....

All up in the spot...jumping to conclusions after the reception / deception...I wasn't fooling with some...Allies spying on Allies?   
 ..I heard all the focused on what really matters...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Elaborate Fantasy PT.2 (The Scripture and Mixture )

Check these insights / check the it based on inspecting construction sites  like UN chemical weapons inspectors in Syria? 

 Elaborate fantasies are built, check the elixirs / mixtures;  who's disrespecting?  a corrupt ones insights are contaminated like the air in  China.;  ( Greyjing / Beijing?) who brings the chaos and confusion?  the mass hysteria? 

Who collaborates with the arch nemesis when they're on the premises?  now history repeats itself!!  like all the slave movies  put out by Hollywood! 

Who elaborates like O-Zone with the good word?  is he misbehaving?  so whats good? 

So whats hood?  some continue to represent!! moves are made!! but some are reluctant! 

So whats hood?  man..its rough out here!!  please!! check out  the information overload...the database is corrupted! 

So whats up with it?  NSA type moves are made!!  now the French and Germans are mad!

 So whats up with it?  as the music plays..moves are made as Future and French Montana Ain't Worried About Nothing types rap! 

Like O-Dizzle with the Sonic Blackjack reality pimp slaps a joker trying to build an elaborate fantasy! 

Reality checks were even cashed by this brotha;  somebody might understand me!

Still trying to recover like Hurricane Sandy victims up in New Jersey...meanwhile NYC not only has stop and frisk...but Macy's and Barney's has shop and frisk...

Word from a brotha keeping it elaborate fantasy..I kept it moving!!  one step ahead of the drama when dipping across the galaxy..the pace was brisk... 


Monday, October 28, 2013

Yusef Lateef With Art Farmer - Communication

Digital Crate Digging Continues...still in jazz / funk mode

....checking out Yusef Lateef With Art Farmer

...with a track called their Autophysiopsychic  project.

 Check out the players and the track... 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tropea ‎– Can't Hide Love

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking  out    Tropea ‎– with his jazz version of Earth Wind and Fire's Can't Hide Love. This is from his Short Trip To Space album. Check out the players and the track....

 Arranged By, Orchestrated By – John Tropea  / Backing Vocals – Lani Groves, / Will Lee  

Bass Guitar – Will Lee  / Drums [Left] – Rick Marotta Drums [Right] – Steve Gadd  / Guitar – Tropea  Keyboards – Don Grolnick  / Percussion – Ralph MacDonald


Transition / Transformation

We kept it moving.... that's my motto!!  as we stay in transition! old school LA Lakers with Magic Johnson or like a Candler Road  / Decatur Georgia lotto player / winner..were trying to change our condition! 

Not an old fool faking it!! I'm playing my position point guard style!!  plus there's no wildcat formation! in football;  those faking it?  I told them I'm not fooling with y'all!! now check the transformation!

The mothership is the form of transportation..moves are made all over the galaxy!

 Even left the solar system like Voyager 1 when I was in transition...but like the GOP vs Obamacare aliens got foul with me!

 ATLiens even got foul with me!!  the style will be Midwestern!!  "repping" Louisville hard! 

Failing them?  coping strategies!!  jokers wish it was simple!! but they found out its real hard! 

 Plus jokers were trying to be hard like Chris Brown assaults..please!! Pops told me conditions would be harsh!! please!!  its rough out here! 

But check out how we get down with these Sonic I never stopped sending petitions to the Lord up we move...going there! 

Who do you know over there?  like NSA spying on foreign leaders.. a devil will ask the question..trying to delay our transformation! 

....As we continue to go there!! ignoring next level dramatics!!  we stay in transition!! check this brand new funk and the good word  as we transfer this information!


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Local National International and Intergalactic

So whats up?  I had to tell homie I was all about peace like the Dalai Lama! 

Even though dude didn't know who he whats the buzz?  I told cuz unlike Ted Cruz...I was through with the drama! 

Check the attitude at the door with your coat and hat!! or get Mr Goodwrench to adjust it! 

Maybe Manny Moe and Jack;  please I go back plus move forward .......retro-futuristic! 

Word from this mystic!! who'll understand me as I go ballistic? unlike Sergio Munoz in the Mojave Desert...check the Sonic Assault as I blast on jokers...I was spotting drama from a galaxy away!

....left the solar system like Voyager One...seeing how other folk were living how did they play? 

The drama was local national international and intergalactic a fanatic was having a bad day! 

From Oakland to Atlanta...from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg; like Nigeria vs Boko Haram...what are some on?  how did they play? 

How did they pray?  all up in Charlotte / Mecklenburg..from the Billy Graham Library to the House of Prayer on Beatties Ford Road! 

Were in the heart of it...the Bible / Sun were the cards dealt?  check the Information Overload!

 Pimps carry the check  the transformation into the drug overlord with cartel takes place in the ATL! 

Similar to preachers in LA reality show...local national international or intergalactic is how some play!!  with the recipe to fail!



Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jumping Like Michael Jordan / After Recognizing The Pattern

Check me out!!  I'm jumping like Michael Jordan...using the vertical like I was rocking the Jordan Jumpman 23 shoes!

Check me out!! humping like the middle of the week when I wrote collar style!! last of a dying breed..fighting like M23 in the Congo..who will work with a bro?  especially since I overpaid dues! 

Recognizing the pattern...there's no information overload like Edward Snowden getting'll bruise the brain cells! trying to get on the health care website..was it hacked? battering the thought process leading to the stress;  soon in pain!! now the project fails! 

I told some..they were like Tea Party Republicans..."y'all ain't right" the defense will object but  the motion fails; so perpetual motion was the answer! 

Brothers can work it out per Willie the fence was climbed!! now the arch nemesis was on the premises!! damn
!!  just a devil dancer! 

The circumstance was a debatable;  one being built or torn down?  Cancer Capricorns and Aries can tell you! 

...affected by the Uranus Pluto Square as we go there; coping strategies fail you! 

Recognizing whose fair with this as you go there!! soon jumping to a conclusion! 

Recognizing whose fair with this;  some are contributing to the confusion!

Rectifying the situation...putting it down like this...not spying on my peeps like NSA vs France and Germany..

Jumping like Michael Jordan...maybe even like DR J...running a play...who'll work with me? 


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weldon Irvine - Jungle Juice

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out this jazz / funk from Weldon Irvine - with a cut called Jungle Juice...from his Spirit Man album ...check out the players and the track...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Disco Funk 70's live mix - Rare Grooves - Oldschool - Vinyl

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out this Disco Funk 70's live mix - Rare Grooves - Oldschool - Vinyl from  djmorrisoundof70

Check out the playlist and the funky mix....its funky fresh!!

1 Look Ka Py Py-The Meters
2 Soul Junction-Backyard Heavies
3 Hercules-Aaron Neville
4 Super People-The Notations
5 Action Speak Louder Than Words-Chocolate Milk
6 Make The Road By Walking-Menahan Street Band
7 There's A Break In The Road-Betty Harris
8 Chris Cross-Jimmy Mcgriff
9 The First Thing I Do In The Morning-Joyce Williams
10 See And Don'T See- Marie Queenie Lyons
11 Hey Music Man-Hambone
12 Love Talk-James Gilstrap
13 Got To Learn How To Dance-The Fatback Band
14 Nightlife-Blair
15 This Is It-Betty Davis
16 Patty Duke- Cloud One
17 "Freaky Beat"-David "Fathead" Newman
18 Boogie Juice-Brian Bennet
19 Stiky Stuff-Booker T And The Mg'S
20 Smokin' Cheeba Cheeba-George Benson

Monday, October 21, 2013

Machinedrum LIVE in the Boiler Room NY

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out Machinedrum LIVE as he performs at his first edition of Vapor City Boiler Room events in New York.

Check out the playlist and the set..

1. Machinedrum - Gunshotta (Amit's Thug Dub Remix) 2.Doctor Jeep - Sphinx (Original Mix) 3. ? 4. Mark Pitchard - Ghetto Blast 5. Danny Brown - Blunt After Blunt ( ? remix) 6. ? 7. Dj Spinn - They Say 8. Camp Lo - Lunchini aka This is It ( ? remix) 9. Dj Rashad - Brighter Dayz 10. DVA - Walk It Out (Slip Away Remix)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Charles Earland ‎– Black Gun

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out organist  Charles Earland ‎– with a cut called Black Gun from his album called  Live At The Lighthouse 

Check out the players and the track...  

Paulinho Da Costa – Simbora

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out some Latin Jazz from percussionist Paulinho Da Costa Simbora...

This is from his Agora album  released in 1977...check out the players and the track..

Misled / Waiting In The Dark Mix PT.3 (Reloaded )

Sunday Jazz Continues...putting up one my mixes to kick things off. Thinking about this mix during the government shutdown. 

Tea Party Republicans misled a lot of people...soon the masses were "waiting in the dark" for a solution. In the end? nobody won per President Obama. I feel this mix reflects the whole epsiode. Check it out!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Whats That Noise PT.3 / Peace Wouldn't Be Still

Finally got peace to be still!! but  it was soon disturbed! 

Damn!!  whats that noise?  did another brotha lose his poise?  I guess the appetite wasn't curbed! 

Whats that voice you hear?  ELF per Aaron Alexis?  or was the devil trying to talk to you? 

Whats that voice?  God talking to you / wanting to walk with you? 

Per Kanye West...any rest? whats that choice?  that decision?  pitchers balk with figured them out like Boston did Detroit's?  was it a fastball or curve? 

Whats that voice?  I heard snitches talk!! a state witness like Crawford Lewis? some said you were acting fast!! trying to swerve! 

Trying to curb serve but now high technical;  Twitter,  Facebook or Craigslist? 

Space age pimping!!  but  I was still chilling in the parking lot;  not many have the gist! 

My mind raced; engaged / enraged;  wishing it was a simple thing ..but there's a long list! 

My kind cased the joint!!  soon they'll pull the smash and grab! now on the Americas Most Wanted List! 

They wanted a piece of this American Pie!! told bye bye ..they can't have any!

 I'm on top of it!!  I heard the noise..another American lie about a dream?  I've had plenty! 

Almost lost my poise but I chilled..Outback Chronicles were beneficial! 

Whats that noise? its us praying and cursing at the same time!! but still going for mine!  still authentic when we kick it!!  still official

Friday, October 18, 2013

Once Again...I Told Them I'll See You When I See You...

They told me to "holla back"   please!! I'll see them when I see them!

I didn't "holla back" ...please!!! I'm dipping like Seattle Seahawks; I'll catch them later...they say its all love but they roll like a hater...oh yeah!! I see them...

 I gave the dollar back!! not like other ATLiens...Braves , Falcons or Hawk fans... dipping in Dodge Chargers..but then on second thought I kept that dollar! plus I'm overdue more! 

No information overload...acting like  I knew...I've been a scholar from way back in the day!! now like the Los Angeles Dodgers  I'm trying to run another play ...trying to do more!

 "Holla at a scholar" ... those that knew the score knew how to approach me! 

Word from this veteran in the game now coaching!!  so why would another try to coach me? 

I kept it moving;  now the mothership has landed on earth; encroachment?  who me?  please!!  officials and referees are foul with it! 

I kept showing  / proving!!  but so called movers and shakers kept moving the finish line!! like Ted Cruz  ..soon getting clowned on by Harry Reid... they were foul with it!

 I wasn't down with it!! I was chilling like Tom Cruise at the Dodgers game... I told clowns I'll see them when I see them! 

They were fronting like it was all this and that!!  but jokers didn't come through per Prince Fielder...I see them but wouldn't want to be them! 

An elaborate fantasy builder? I spotted the construction site..they should know the corrupt "ain't right" ....but I will free them from the locks and chains that hold them! 

Dropping these clearance rack epiphanies;  but also at the service returning bogus merchandise sold them!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tony Williams / Hip Skip

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out drummer Tony Williams ‎– with his funky track Hip Skip....

He's rolling with some top knotch / all stars players....check them out plus the funky track...
Bass – Paul Jackson        

Keyboards – Jan Hammer  

Percussion – Ralph MacDonald     

Saxophone [Alto] – David Sanborn  

Saxophone [Baritone] – Ronnie Cuber    

Saxophone [Tenor] – Michael Brecker  

Trombone – Barry Rogers   

Trumpet – Jon Faddis, Randy Brecker   

Drums, ProducerTony Williams

The Outback Chronicles (Right Before The Rain Falls)

Check out these outback the rain begans to fall...but we weren't at the steak house! 

Chilling out on the deck in the backyard...whats up y'all?  backs  are against the wall like Republicans acting fake in the house?

 Naw!!  O-Dizzle will drop breaks, house music and funk! along with jazz and hip hop! 

Whats the dizzle?  the saga /  struggle continues...the drama can be local, national, international or like the Full Moon Eclipse in Aries; its even intergalactic... it didn't quit or stop! 

As I drop these mathematics...whats the deal with it?  flavors are bittersweet!! from government shutdowns to ATL smash and grabs! 

Erratic behavior is exhibited from Washington Navy Yards with Aaron Alexis to LAX where dry ice bombs were planted! in the ATL the mothership landed!! now check the product straight out of the lab!

 Beat slavery Grace Jones style!!  rebuking complex stylings ...causing us to strike out like Oakland Athletics!

 What will the behavior be?  pitches were thrown by Detroit Tiger types until David Ortiz and the Red Sox got it right by doing the mathematics!

 That's my behavior!!  out here on the deck outback as the rain begans to fall...doing the mathematics! 

Just doing what I do!!  in the process rebuking all these fanatics!

Outback was where the knowledge was done..chronicles were also developed when I dipped down I-20 in Atlanta..

The mothership gets good mileage...intergalactic with it...whats the deal with it? everybody might not be able to undersand a bruh!! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Osunlade - Camera Shy (Alex & Chris Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out Osunlade ‎  with Camera Shy (Alex & Chris Mix)

This is from Osunlade's A Man With No Past Originating The Future album...check it out!!

The Outback Chronicles (The Humpday Extravaganza)

Check out these outback chronicles...chilling outside on my deck ...this is the hump-day extravaganza! 

No camel marching through the office like that Geico commercial..check out how we work it though...going all out for that and this!!  but devils oppose that and this like the GOP vs Obama and Harry Reid vs John Boehner.....somebody might understand a bruh! 

The I-20 Chronicles are also in motion....after dipping down I-20 in Atlanta....from Memorial Drive in Decatur to Lenox Mall! 

No watches were stolen..but G-20 and other entities got open..they  had the money messed up!! but you should know the story!!  but we survive...we ignored a hater! were not finished y'all! 

Whats up money?  for some?  hope diminished y'all !! now some are down to plan Z like Aaron Alexis and Miriam Carey! 

Whats up?  we scrimmaged with the arch nemesis y'all !! damn!! wishing it was simple  but its complex!! some will sing the blues!! high pitched like Mariah Carey!

Rummaged through the garage pulling out old vinyl and cassettes ...extracting DNA for these breakbeat operations..they aren't scary! 

Rummaged through the caverns of my mind...extracting random thoughts ...soon they'll be put on the clearance rack..sometimes the operations are scary! 

Discussions concerning my freedom? they aren't arbitrary!! I'm  macking the system before it macks!

 Percussions and the good word is how I free them!! the masses ...knowledge is dropped in the tracks! 

Even if calls are dropped NSA still tracks!!  plus they check e-mails,  Twitter, and Facebook! 

We never quit or stopped!! chilling out on this humpday..outback on the deck soon coming with the next!! but morale is low...jokers act they're face to face with a crook!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fast Eddie - Acid Thunder / Get U Some More

Digital Crate Digging Continues....was flipping through some old school hip hop tracks when I ran across some  old school Chicago house and hip house tracks from Fast Eddie  ....Acid Thunder  / Get U Some More...DJ International Records  in the house!!....shout outs to HouseNationChicago  ..check it out y'all !!

The Outback Chronicles / The Saga-Struggle Continues

A "bruh" is still "cold chilling" ...check out these outback chronicles! 

Outback on my deck as I reflect...soon epiphanies will go on the clearance rack;  whats the response to those? 

Knowing what the deal is..not confused like Dr. Ben Carson..I took a look at the big picture! 

Its real like that!! I'm authentic...I didnt forget where I came from ...hip to the theft and grand larceny committed by some who forget where they came from!! where they got their game from!! as I go big with this scripture! 

O-Dizzle will go big with the mixture like he was Walter White;  he's just "doing what he do"

Whats the dizzle?  jokers get caught up in the system / matrix ...the mixture;  they didnt act like they knew! 

Whatcha going through?  jokers are scurrying around like the squirrels I shoot at in my backyard!

Whatcha going through?  the economy is rough plus the government is shutdown ...its hard on the boulevard! 

Jokers still try to act hard!!  arguing like Harry Reid and John Boehner! 

Mitch McConnell tries to put his two cents in... remembered his antics from Louisville living; the Treasury?  per Dick Cheney  government contracts crooks are looting it!! its real!!  no lucid dreaming like Jared Loughner!  

Whatcha on bruh?  jokers ask me..based on this breakbeat science.. the by product!

 Its from outback!!  chilling on my deck!  check these chronicles ...but jokers still can't judge my conduct!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Total Science - Force Field

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some quality drum and bass from Total Science - with a cut called Force Field....oh yeah!! I've got mine up!! Check it out!!

The Outback Chronicles (Still Chilling Out)

Sitting outback on the deck..reflecting..mystery unraveling..mind traveling...a brotha is chilling out! 

Putting down these Outback Chronicles..knowing the devil is opposed!! per this Columbus Day holiday.. plus Mike Ditka wanted to call one more play..we see how jokers play...but were still going all out! 

Without a doubt!!  unlike Republican proposals to reopen the government! 

Please!!  the drama can be local national and international;  or even intergalactic!!  but haters are loving it! 

A brotha will do what he does!!  like David Ortiz I might hit a grand slam homer to win the game....its based on being back on default settings! 

A brotha will do what he does!!  please.. its based on my Louisville / Newburg upbringings! 

Whose down with these kings?  real!!  authentic when we kick it!!  usually rolling down I-20 in Atlanta in the Buick Lucerne similar to the Lacrosse Shaq squeezed in..not a F-35 fighter jet;  or you can find us parking lot pimping! 

At the moment?  spotted the neighbor's Buick Regal backed in the driveway..gangster style...while I was chilling outback out on the deck...damn!! it gets complex!!  wishing it was a simple thing! 

Going all out!!  we brought it back!!  not fake like Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz at the Million Veterans March..we're breakbeat scientific with it! 

Going all out!!  its rough out here!!  but were just trying to deal with it!

Thats the deal with it...thats whats up...word from these Outback Chronicles...

Somebody might be able to feel it...knowing everybody ain't able; as we check out the response to these and those..

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Charlie Dark 45 min Boiler Room DJ set

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out  the Charlie Dark 45 min Boiler Room DJ set....jazz, spoken word, house music...the whole spectrum is covered!! check it out!!

Charlie Dark / Drums Of Passion

Sunday Jazz Continues....checking out some jazz / house music from  Charlie Dark  with  Drums Of Passion..check it out!!

All Up In The Spot / Going All Out

I'm all up in the spot...going all out!! authentic with it..check out how I'm putting it down like Walter White....catch me in the lab! 

I'm all up in the spot!! I even had the shootouts with the enemy!! those  down with the apparatus or evil entity!! check the ultimate revenge like ATLiens that smash and grab!

I'm all up in the spot where jokers check themselves out of rehab like Lamar Odom!! but now that odor is on them!! weed,  meth, or  another synthetic product? 

...might even be white or brown liquor...true indeed!! check a fanatics conduct! 

You know these fanatics are corrupt!! like Republicans that shut down the government! 

I ignore them like Harry Reid vs The Republicans!! rocking noise cancelling headphones!! flying through the galaxy above it! 

What?  the negativity.....not trying to hear that noise in these zones!! It Wasn't Natural...I was cut from a different cloth! 

Whats the deal with me?  O-Dizzle is in the lab cooking a different broth! 

Whats the dizzle?  O-Zone uncouth?  please!!  I had to laugh at that! 

The reign began with a drizzle!!  now its storming !! its rough out here like Cyclone Phailin ...but I had the math for that! 

God reigns supreme!! but like Kwame Kilpatrick in Detroit...the plot or scheme didn't work... its like weapons formed that don't work! 

God blessed us!!  like Detroit Tigers  my team is going all out!!  putting in work!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Black Science Orchestra - Philadelphia

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out the  Black Science Orchestra - dropping a funky house track called Philadelphia. It even has that funky Philly / MFSB sound to it!! check it out..

The Outback Chronicles (Concepts Are Revisited )

We were rolling!! all over on Candler Rd in Decatur!! aka the "Dec"  part of the I-20 Chronicles!

 Now were back at the we get down!! chilling outside on the deck.....check these Outback Chronicles! 

Concepts are government shutdown jokers act like a clown.... like Ted we come with the sound / the this good word is on deck!! its the response / repercussions for these and those that bring the drama! 

Jokers come around on all fronts!!  they want us to lose!! check the local national international and intergalactic drama! 

The economy broke us...losing money like JP Morgan?  not one who fronts or flexes!! but I maintain!! not in my pajamas out in public like some of these clowns! 

The economy broke us!!  but a bruh gathers and hunts!! even though Koch Brothers and Republican types fronts on us!!  they'll shut it down!!  just a bunch of clowns! 

Its on me to put it down!!  as I reflect on past episodes!! sitting out back on the deck! 

Its on me!! thinking of a master plan per Eric B and Rakim...soon rocking them!!  but not expecting any respect!

Still moving on to the next after sitting outside on the deck!!  check these chronicles! 

Based on being up on I-85 in Charlotte....out on  I-80 / 580 / 880 in up on I-65 in Louisville;  now back in the ATL we chill ....fuel  was provided for these Outback Chronicles!

From Johannesburg to Newburg..from Pluto to Uranus...seeing what the angle is...out back on the deck..mind traveling...reflecting 

Still refusing to merge with the apparatus...out here in danger zones..drones and clones were disrespecting...

Friday, October 11, 2013

BB & Q Band - Imagination

Digging In The Crates Continues....digging deep in the crates for this one...checking out the Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens Band aka the B.B. & Q. Band  ..with a cut called Imagination...funky funky funky!! check it out...

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Funktionality - Deep Funky Jazz Beats

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out this jazz / funk mix from DJ Dimsa..called Funktionality - Deep Funky Jazz Beats....check out the playlist and the mix...

 Play List:
01 00:00 Barabass and the Happy Few - Luca Rossi
02 03:43 Hacienda - Electric Diva
03 09:01 The Fort Knox Five - Blowing Up The Barrio
04 14:27 All Good Funk Alliance - Party Over Here
05 17:50 unknown - Dont need a band
07 25:36 Uptown Funk Empire - Boogie
08 30:34 Jersey Street - Burnin'
09 34:30 Saine - Donny
10 37:44 Terrasse Tranquille - Affinitées
11 39:43 jt donaldson - leave your world
12 43:32 Journeyman - Dj Journeyman Blues
13 48:31 De Phazz - Boogie Philosophy
14 50:37 Red Astaire - Come Down
15 54:16 Bar Kays - Give It Up

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

RUN DMC - Pete Rock - Return Of The Kings Megamix.

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out the RUN DMC - Pete Rock - Return Of The Kings Megamix.......Pete Rock paying homage to the Kings!!

Dj XS Funk & Nu Disco Mix 2013

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this funky mix from Dj XS  called the Funk & Nu Disco Mix 2013. Its funky y'all!! Check out the playlist and the mix...


1. Akshin Alizadeh - Woman
2. Poldoore - First Aid Kid
3. Gramatik - Tearin It Up
4. Capitan Futuro - -Like We Use To Say
5. Deluxe - Pony
6. Poldoore - Give Em What They Want
7. 2Black - Waves Of Luv (Soulstatic Radio Mix)
8. Krystian Shek - Swing Da Ding
9. All Good Funk Alliance - Throw Down (Instrumental)
10. Mr President - Left Right
11. Uptown Funk Empire - Boogie (Gemini Bros Sweet Mix)
12. System Of Survival - Crash What
13. Grand Public - Dreamer_Original Mix
14. Gypsy Brown - Life Is A Trip (Mo Horizons Mix)
15. Kolombo - Whatever U Like
16. Zamali - Afro Night (Afternoons in Stereo remix)
17. 6ix Toys - Sisters Of Soul Brothers Of Funk (Greg Wilson Version)
18. Black Van - Inside (Oliver Remix)
19. MixHell - Exit Wound feat Greg Puciato (Aeroplane Remix)

I Didn't Like How It Was Going Down

So whats up?  I was peeping game with a fresh view / fresh vision!

 I didn't like how it was going down! now check out how I respond!! I'm going to do what I do...breakbeat scientific with it..similar to finding the God Particle like Higgs Boson....I was on a mission!

Jokers try to shut us down like Republicans!! trying to have us on standby... but I'm on some "other other" they don't know how to take me! 

Please!! we shut it down like Public Enemy talked about!! as we make a preemptive strike against those that try to fake me! 

....trying to see where this Mystic Voyage will take me!! the Lord will order my steps! 

Intergalactic like the Voyager!! this futuristic mystic is doing his due diligence! 

Intergalactic drama  interrupts me..but I'm trying to make a difference..facing interference!!  I didn't like how it was going down! 

These epiphanies are put on the clearance rack!! as we fight back ..this is how its going down!

As we deal with these and those;  knowing the devil will the GOP opposing Obama... 

Were real with these!! but dealing with next level dramatics introduced by fanatics who just love the drama...

We move on to the next like the Red Sox and Dodgers..while an ATLien says damn!! Falcons fans or Braves fans ask..why does success continue to dodge us? 

....not liking how its going down...but a bruh continues to put it down..meanwhile  "shawty" rocks..over on Candler Rd in Decatur...weed smoke blows out the window while they're dipping in Dodge Chargers....

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

NEXT Collective / Fly Or Die

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out the NEXT Collective as they perform Fly Or Die (originally by N*E*R*D) 

I had a previous episode where they performed Kanye West's No Church In The Wild....Check out the players and the track..... 

They Had Us On Standby PT.3 (At Least They Thought They Did)

I see whats going down; plus I heard what was said!! now jokers have us on standby!

 Or at least they think they do!! I took time to think through the scenario..realizing the joker told a damn lie! 

That joker will blink too!! when staring into the eyes of a tiger! 

A Detroit one?  hopefully having the Oakland A's on the run!! but running into a fighter! 

A null and void one?  oh yeah!!  the wasn't right y'all !! now we have a government shutdown...facilitators told a damn lie! 

A fool?  I avoid one...I dipped on them..refusing to make contact ....that hater wants to put us on standby!

I flipped knowledge to we school them..but will they understand why or why not? 

Louisville / Newburg native...I was cut from a different cloth or fabric;  down here in the ATL..the cloth or fabric they're cut from will dry rot! 

Falcons and the Braves come up short...all up in the sport..similar to other sports where fanatics lie...they plot and scheme; some were even  trying to put us on standby!

Foul ones misbehave..drama is local, national, international or even intergalactic..but these mathematics are the brand new funk;  as we rebuke the damn lie!

.....told by John Boehner types...rebuked by Harry Reid types..meanwhile in the lab O-Zone reads and writes...O-Dizzle is breaking down beats like God Particle studies.... 

Public Enemy told us don't believe hypes..danger zone strategies are enhanced..that's the dizzle as we keep it moving..God is with us...