Friday, August 31, 2018

Oscar Sulley And The Uhuru Dance Band - Bukom Mashie (Quantic Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Flashback Friday in conjunction with our Friday Night Fever segment..

The saga / struggle continues; let the music play!! that's our function, frightening a non - believer that's  ineligible for it...

Enlightening those eligible to play the game, it's like the start of college football coinciding with this Labor Day Weekend...

Exciting to some, others were caught up in the game; some acknowledging they made a fool of y'all; the argument was a weak one...

The streak? it was a losing or winning one!! I let it go!! Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian as I get breakbeat scientific..

It's the weekend baby!! I'm acting like I was in Ghana listening to Oscar Sulley And The Uhuru Dance Band with  Bukom Mashie (Quantic Mix)

Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian PT.6

I'm chilling like a villain / Louisvillian but not immune to the shady dealing; like Trump vs the Justice Department the drama is unfolding as we speak..

I'm chilling like a villain / Louisvillian!! diplomatic immunity exercised as O-Dog''s beats thump as we enhance lab techniques..

The havoc wreaks as the dollar chase has folks distracted, saw how they acted!! some will catch hell right after they were talking greasy!!

We're back on the case; "Holla atcha boy" ;  I'm back with it like this was Sunday Morning; I'm trying to be easy..

Word from the Commodores!! as we proceed and continue please believe me!! scorn is what some brought through the door..

Drama shows up at your doorstep;  damn!! they're even bombing school buses in Yemen!!   you know gluttons wanted more..

Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian; buttons are pushed to doors and windows of opportunity!! Louisville will try to tell the Alabama Crimson Tide this is not a world premiere!!

Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian; up in Louisville rolling down Broadway, Cadillac doors closed like OutKast!!  up in Detroit pink ones roll out in honor of Aretha!! rock with me, as I roll down I-20 in Atlanta  up in the hooptie listening to DJ Premier...

We're back up in this!! per Flashback Friday?  Clear by Cybotron plays in the background, next up?  probably some Afrika Bambaataa!!

We're back up in this!! what's the deal?   danger zones were full of fear!! strangers like the US military will bring drones to Africa that'll spot ya!!

We're back up in this!! feeling the pain implemented by dangerous ones;  was Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian but now rebuking those tracking us with transponders..

Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian but what's up with this? had the American dream but like P'Taah I told some Don't Let Me Dream Like That Again!!  now I'm cooling out, no nightmares for this trainspotter!!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian PT.5

It's going down on a Throwback Thursday; your dude is still Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian..

My attitude goes back and moves forward; has 1968 ways and means morphed into 2018? check the shady dealing..

Oh Yeah!! per Throwback Thursday? it's hot like the 60's / 70's / 80's with temperatures in the 90's like here in Atlanta!! also per Throwback Thursday were strobe lights in the disco warning us that the roof is on fire? damn!! that's what it is? 

I'm chilling like a villain / Louisvillian while Robert Mueller type probes are undertaken!!  blue ribbon committees and task forces stay busy!! proof provided? like dude up at the old Checker Cab stand in Louisville liked to say; it is what it is!!

The Rudy Giuliani and Alan Dershowitz  shady media blitz will exhibit ecological ignorance that will alter the fate!! soon limelight baskers get caught out there...

Psychological problems led to the belligerence?  some are just hired guns that will contribute to the madness; who else is caught out there?

Sociological and economical factors have us tripping!! they even  had me dipping!! a bruh is intergalactic,  rolling on the Mars Venus Express.

Soon I'm back down on earth  rolling down Candler Road in Decatur Georgia listening to Con Funk Shun per Throwback Thursday, but who'll work with me? please, we're struggling!! damn!!  it looks like my people can't handle the stress

Lord Help!!  Lord Help!! that's the Battle Cry!! now we're dipping at a high velocity with the speed you need..

These days? this good word is introduced plus the brand new funk is dropped....can we get down like Craig Mack? true indeed...

True indeed!! we're Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian, for inquiring minds that wanted to know this is what it do!! 

When the pressure is felt,  two questions are asked; What would Jesus do? plus what would a Louisville brotha do? 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

P'Taah - Don't Let Me Dream Like That Again

Digital Crate Digging Continues per The HumpDay Extravaganza; once again it's on!!

The saga / struggle continues; so what's up? who'll understand this good word dropped by O-Zone?

O-Dizzle will drop this sound on these zones; check us out, this is what we do!!

We already knew how these Rep. Ron Desantis types would act, trying to front on Andrew Gillum; that shady Trump type dealing is on!! we see how they do!!

The American dream will geek some up, making them think they're trump tight like a game of spades until they're victimized by the charades..

They'll be like P'Taah with  Don't Let Me Dream Like That Again; check out the players and the track!! science is dropped when the sound is played..

Baritone Saxophone, Flute – Dave Bass
Other [Sample Interpolation] – Karl Injex
Piano – Julius Speed
Saxophone – Kebbi Williams
Written-By – Chris BrannJohn Camp

Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian PT.4

Per this  Humpday Extravaganza? you can catch a dude chilling like a villain / Louisvillian..

Trying to get over the hump was mentioned by this brotha in the mix,  bumping heads against society's wrongs / shady dealing..

Meanwhile I tried to stay strong but what's wrong? per Rudy Giuliani truth isn't truth? I heard what was said!! I knew the doctrine was bogus!!

They had me all up in the spot due to the uncouth scheme / plot but I didn't stay long!! what it do? once again it's on!!! I'm acting like I knew, chilling like a villain / Louisvillian!! This Is Part Of A Bigger Plan!! check how I approach this!!

It's hot in Atlanta, is it due global warming / climate change? it's hot in more ways than one,  this is a warning from this veteran now coaching this, per Trump letting you know that the overall climate has changed!! but I may have lost ya!!

Somebody will understand a brotha that's moving forward; earlier in the summer? dipping towards Miami on I-75 /  I-95 south, passing through Valdosta..

What will it cost ya? what's the price of freedom? damn!! damn!! damn!! some will say Oh My Gosh!! like Will I Am and Usher!!

Some will enter the mode of least resistance,  while others are "neva scared"  like Bonecrusher!!

Per the HumpDay Extravaganza?  the remix featured Cam'ron, Jadakiss and Busta Rhymes from previous times; meanwhile at the Baptist church the usher passed the plate..

Offerings bought that pimp / preacher I saw over on Glenwood Road in Decatur blasting Issac Carrie a tricked out Chrysler 300 and that pimp outfit from South Dekalb Mall? what's up y'all? my peeps told me don't hate..

It wasn't too late, I'm chilling like a villain / Louisvillian; prayers for the Jacksonville Landing shooting victims!! chilled in Jacksonville for a while, spotted  little homie chased by the  JSO over on the Arlington Expressway by Regency Square Mall!! hip to the drama down on The First Coast...

I'm chilling like a villain / Louisvillian!  earlier your dude was heavy in the game but things changed / they aren't the same:  even though I heard some brag and boast..

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Deeper & Deeper | Deep House Set | 2018 Mixed By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast

Digital Crate Digging Continues per my Terrible / Terrific Tuesday programming...

Positive or negative vibes? sometimes both, as we provide the soundtrack; we're jamming!!

Cramming to understand? tribes drunk the broth or elixir,  now they'll have a hazy picture..

Visions were blunted due to what the interior of the blunt hid!! it's a crazy mixture...

We're listening to this mixture; checking out Deeper & Deeper | Deep House Set | 2018 Mixed By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast

Check the mixture and the playlist, they're not playing with this!! the sounds will blast!!

01. David Crops - Deeplights (Original Mix) 00:00 02. Coca District - Love Me (Original Mix) 04:48 03. Williams & Townley - Name (Flyhigher Remix) 11:11 04. Sebastian Chocano - Several Mind (Original Mix) 17:41 05. Javier Orduna, Wish & Consyn - El Cierzo Del Desierto (Original Mix) 24:34 06. Jonny Bee - Take It Easy (Original Mix) 30:07 07. Alex Ferrer & Raye - Money (Horatio Remix) 35:31 08. Frank Hellmond - Diamonds Pt.1 (BDTom Remix) 42:50 09. Stefano Estremadoyro - Cold Nights (Original Mix) 47:58 10. Olderic & Alex Piccini - Armonium (El Mundo & Satori Mix) 54:32

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Outback Chronicles (Let's Get Busy Edition)

We're trying to handle business before it handles us; per Music Monday?  like Freeway and Just Blaze we were Early..

Jokers ask, what's the business? while they asked that question we were already busy; who'll work with me?

At the moment?  bringing these Outback Chronicles, who'll work with me? we're doing the damn thing! 

At the moment? I told you we're bringing these Outback Chronicles!!  I already asked, who'll work with me? we're doing the damn thing! 

Usually bringing those I-20 Chronicles, but at the moment we're catching up on our pimping aka yard work;  it's hard work,  but somebody has to do it.

It's the response to these and those but it's not a simple thing!! yard work was delayed by heavy rainfall; the yard was in pain y'all /  going through it.

Rest in peace / power to John McCain; I didn't like all his politics but I loved how he stood up to Trump!! meanwhile citizens are "down in the dumps; it's heavy,  some are in pain y'all /  they're going through it! 

The drizzle led to a heavy reign y'all;  now like Anti-Trump citizens we have the resistance movement; some refused to go through it. 

We're trying to maintain / acting like we knew it!! usually good word dropping and beat bumping but on this Monday Morning? we were cutting grass and sweeping up. 

We're trying to maintain / acting like we knew it!! not caught up in Kasim Reed subpoenas; staying on point for the snake in the grass creeping up. more ways than one; it's going down from the Jacksonville Landing to supposedly in  Johannesburg  / South Africa per Trump..

Outback business is handled per these chronicles, maybe somebody is understanding us as we respond to these and those!! this Louisville / Newburg brotha will "holla atcha" with this good word and beats that bump..

Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Herbaliser - A Mother (For Your Mind)

Sunday Jazz Continues, in conjunction with Digital Crate Digging!! I mentioned earlier that we hit the ground running, now the sound is bumping!!

We've lifted off into the galaxy, the runway was down here on I-20 in Atlanta!! excuse us we're still coming from left field so diplomatic immunity is exercised but this is not a Trump thing!!

Immunity granted to his associates? we know how the host can get,  they won't extend a warm welcome...

Community of associates are granted limited knowledge; if they get in a jam they'll "run and tell it / them"

Acting brand new with me? that great philosopher Johnny Guitar Watson mentioned it can be a "real mother for ya" ;  you dig?

That concept was endorsed in a jazzhop / trip hop fashion  by my man The Herbaliser with  A Mother (For Your Mind) ;  you dig? 

Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian PT.3

As I mentioned previously, on this Sunday morning? we're chilling out / letting it do what it do..

Acting devious with these? Full Moon in Pisces repercussions or Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian discussions? so what's up / what it do?

Some fronted like they were heavy in the game like Tupac Shakur, yeah sure!! at least they said they were!! heavyweights like George Foreman and Joe Frazier?

Or maybe the Louisville representative Muhammad Ali, who'll know the deally? Katina Powell types had the city messed up bruh, so what's up with ya? Biz Markie said nothing can save ya!!

Now Omarosa will tell Trump the game is over; check the behavior from a scorned black woman..

Is the game over? he should have peeped game from Tyler Perry movies and plays about the scorned black woman,,

Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian after I peeped game, so what's up with ya? authorities monitor the behavior!! after they enslave ya?  some are bar coded and microchip implanted..

Others kept that cell phone on succumbing to the tracking!! others called themselves macking, territories claimed during turf wars like Israel over in Syria!!  per the MSM was coded information slanted?

...or was Information Overloaded? now during the mass hysteria some are distracted, ready to ride because of pride..

Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian? that's the mode, checked history and how some acted!! corners? they're backed in, there's no where to run or hide!!

Some still ride that way!! this Louisvillian spotted them cruising like Smoky Robinson down Beatties Ford Rd up in Charlotte, North Carolina on over to International Blvd in Oakland! meanwhile per this Sunday morning that was once my prime time for this good word?  I Fly Away like the old school gospel song..

Pops told me somebody lied!!! rolling like Michael Cohen and Manafort in the sport!!  some are still mesmerized, but was the Trump  gospel wrong?

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Jazzanova - I Human feat. Paul Randolph (Soul Clap Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! the Saturday Night Fever segment is underway..

The saga / struggle continues!! "holla at me"  if you feel alright, but I know how an under achiever will play.. 

All I can say is it's rough out here!!  rest in peace to John McCain, didn't agree with all his politics but he tried to work with everybody..

All I can say is it's rough out here!! my people feel the pain, they're out here trying to maintain!! who's going through it? everybody!!

The game's not over, listening to Jazzanova with I Human feat. Paul Randolph (Soul Clap Remix)..

The game's not over, mistakes are made because we're human but we'll keep it moving!! we'll get breakbeat scientific..

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince - A Touch Of Jazz

Digital Crate Digging Continues per my Afternoon Jazz segment...

The saga / struggle continues!! per the ongoing spiritual warfare? I'll have to call in a platoon or regiment..

Jokers out here are negligent!! soon they're caught up in a so called rigged witch hunt like Trump!!

We're out here dealing with it, dropping this good word and beats that bump...

We're out here dealing with it!! responding with two of my favorite genres, hip hop and jazz..

..checking out this supreme turntablism from DJ Jazzy Jeff  joined by the Fresh Prince with A Touch Of Jazz...

Friday, August 24, 2018

Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian PT.2

I'm chilling like a villain / Louisvillian; the saga / struggle continues as you've heard me say from time to time!

Rocking a black Louisville hat and red and black t-shirt;  Atlanta hustlers and players rocked the t-shirt that say it's all about that trap life!!  soon some are trapped for life /  dead or doing time.

Lindsey Graham type of hustle knocking continues while trapped in this toil / strife, but like Jeff Sessions I'm going on with mine!! not endorsing either of those clowns!!

O-Dizzle will jam, a Louisville hustler that kept rocking!! during the ongoing toil and strife check out these sessions, messages are put in the sounds!!

Per Flashback Friday? it's like the Kool and The Gang jam!! we utilized the drum while authorities will try to drum up or trump up charges; to the game? some will charge this,  but I mentioned minding and tending in previous episodes. 

I'm chilling like a villain / Louisvillian but usually work is put in;  it's all good not dealing with McGruff crime prevention operating in devious modes. 

I'm chilling like a villain / Louisvillian!! work is put in,  it's all hood or it can be intergalactic baffling a fanatic!! 

Work is put in spiritual warfare is ongoing I'm gaffling jokers with these mathematics. 

Erratic is how the flow is!!  jokers will get caught up in the sport like Paul Manafort

Or caught out there like Michael Cohen trying to get open,  but David Pecker will have him realizing it's a complex sport.

 Missions?  they'll abort, like Brian Kemp endorsed voter suppression in Randolph County?  soon sounding like me,  talking about it's rough out there. 

Missions?  we didn't abort!! chilling like a villain / Louisvillian!!  check the sound and the good word as we take it there.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

"Summer Oasis" (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey

Digital Crate Digging Continues, we've got a Throwback Thursday type of vibe going...

If it's not reflected in the music it's reflected in a feeling that goes back to the future!! forward? that's where the tribe is going...

Missions for taking things back to the past are exposed, like Trump stirring things up in South Africa ..

....about land seizures; here in Atlanta? our constituents beseech us to get breakbeat scientific so we "holla atcha" 

Those that deceive us? we "holla atcha" like Jeff Sessions clapping back at Trump! this good word is dropped and beats will bump!!

We're listening to "Summer Oasis" (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey, as summer draws to a close as the Sun moves into Virgo; whatcha know? check the playlist and the mix! it'll be a summer oasis as the sound bumps!

Summer Oasis: 0:00:00 You My Sunshine (Mark Francis Remix) by Sexture, Beaucy Nkosi, Mark Francis 0:05:54 Freedom & Fire by Angel-A 0:11:26 Let It Fall (Harlum Mix) by Lady Alma & The Rainmakers 0:18:12 House Is (Mike Dunn Blackball Housemental Mixx) by Black Widow 0:23:38 I Need To Dance (Honeycomb House Instrumental Mix) by Janine Lyons 0:29:16 Personal Jesus (MKTL &amp, POLYRHYTHM BOOTLEG) by Depeeche Mode 0:36:09 Superman (Neuvikal Soule's Remix) by Black Coffee Feat. Bucie 0:42:20 Deep Love (Original Mix) by PS King and Tankie-DJ 0:49:01 Soweto by Jihad Muhammad 0:55:47 Spanish Harlem (Afro Congo Mix) by Aretha Franklin, DJ Punch and Dj Curt 1:01:06 Renaissance (Serious-Man Remix) by Jean Luc Ponty 1:08:00 This Masquerade (Alek Soltirov Edit) by George Benson 1:13:55 Sax Pleasure (Souldynamic Remix) by Luca Lala feat. Tiziano Di Sansa

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Chilling Like A Villain or Louisvillian? PT.1

What's the deal? per the HumpDay Extravaganza I'm back with this!! what's the prognosis?  / what's the the level it works on? it's multi-dimensional.

What's the deal? leaves of absence from lethal doses of trouble? not really!! the devil and his advocates stay busy, they'll get their work on!! that's why O-Zone has this good word and  O-Dog has these instrumentals.

A dude achieves / advances!! some say chilling like a villain / Louisvillian even though I'm down here in Atlanta!! peeping game, playing Weather Report  instrumentals!!  weather reports from Al Roker were not needed.

Knowing how the apparatus will deceive us!!  how did they play? villains felt geeked up /  entitled  like Michael Cohen or Paul Manafort!!  modes or methods? progress? a foul joker impeded.

Check the status as Quincy Jones type secret gardens are seeded!! a super hero or super villain? either way? please believe us,  as we go into funk mode based on the spirits of old Louisville hole in the wall nightclubs and  juke joints.
Who calls on Jesus or Jehovah Jira as devil's advocates act like Iran or North Korea? they threaten to nuke are joints!

Rudy Giuliani types said truth isn't truth, but they saw we were carrying a sword of truth in the midst of so many falsehoods, while another acted false in these hoods!  anointed by idols and false gods? 

Chilling like a villain or Louisvillian!!  previously? admitting I was even distracted by deliberate falsehoods!! out there rolling with the gamblers out for a fast buck, in the dice game they played the even and the odds.

Chilling out, letting it do what it do was mentioned at my satellite station!!  though we're not out of the woods yet, nothing nice about the game!  I even broadcast from a remote outpost off of I-20 in Atlanta..

Chilling like a villain or Louisvillian? we're not out of these hoods yet!! it's going down from Louisville / Newburg to Stonecrest / Lithonia and Decatur Georgia..

We're not out of these hoods yet!! it's going down from Charlotte /Mecklenburg County to Oakland / Alameda County on over to Johannesburg!! we're even  intergalactic with it from Pluto to Mars; why did they start with a brotha? 

In the meantime and between time we bring these breakbeat scientific goods and services, swerving with this!!  it's part of the HumpDay Extravaganza!! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

What's The Business PT. 10

What's the business? we're out here doing the knowledge but opposition is met like it was Fancy Bear;  Microsoft mentioning Russian hacking..

What's the business? it's rough out here!!  I acknowledge that I felt the pressure but I put in the work,  I wasn't slacking..

A dude was just chilling like a villian or Louisvillain but I got pulled back into the game;  like Trump vs Mueller the compound is under attack. jokers like Rudy Giuliani were running off at the mouth with the Deliberate Falsehood!!  I peeped game,  he's trying to school another but this brotha sees what the dizzle is, I have the knack.

What's the business? we're back but the reign / downpour started with a drizzle!! some sleep in the game,  might have been surprised by the outcome...

What's the business? we're trying to maintain, even as plans fizzle!! damn!! O-Dizzle surprised some by pulling out the drum..

What's the business?  hip to the plan!! jokers we're telling us about sunshine and blue skies but we're up in a storm.

What's the score? in the Mideast car bombs roll up!! on the city streets automatic gunfire is heard!!  what's the deal?  things aren't the norm.

What's the score? Corporate America is raking in the profits, but are the circumstances debatable?

Being built or torn down? who fair with ya? a lot of faking from these so called prophets? evangelicals will still hate on a bro!!

It's not the scorn shown? please!! out here in Babylon? like Trump contemplating removing Obama's security clearance a fanatic stays busy doing the devil's work.

What's the business? in the midst of the madness happiness is shown by some!! applause is heard!! some are impressed by what the devil hurts.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Soul Exploration | 2018 Deep Progressive House Set | By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast

Digital Crate Digging Continues; Music Monday is the platform after I Sunday Jazzed it!!

The saga / struggle continues / let the music play are my mottos!! the scheme / plot? a bro razzed it!!

A dude spazzed about it after Rudy Giuliani mentioned truth isn't truth; dude is playing the truth game; truth or reality as we know it..

Some were razzed about alternative facts  like Kellyanne Conway, how will a con play? we already know it...

We already know it? well , not everything we're on a soul exploration / expedition!! the runway is out on I-20 in Atlanta, into the galaxy we'll blast!!

Coming through with the soundtrack!! check the playlist and the mix per this Soul Exploration | 2018 Deep Progressive House Set | By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast

Tracklist: 01. Ricardo Piedra - Indian Summer (Original Mix) 00:00 02. Plu-Ton - Space Crusaders (Montw Remix) 06:49 03. DP-6 - Synesthesia (Ronfoller Remix) 13:22 04. Space Motion - Muse (Original Mix) 18:37 05. Analog Jungs - Mirfak (Original Mix) 23:52 06. Nichols - Timeslide (Original Mix) 29:02 07. Rick Pier O'Neil - Phlunderphonics (Original Mix) 35:01 08. Techno Frühstück & Modest Crow – Maasai (Original Mix) 40:29 09. Abe Van Dam - System Jam (Original Mix) 45:57 10. Nishan Lee - Modano (Greenage Remix) 52:19

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Bajka - True (Bahama Soul Club Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues!! we're putting it down, might as well say we're  all in..

The saga / struggle continues!! getting down but staying on point, not wondering about the rabbit hole we'll fall in..

Soon calling for back up, meanwhile we'll turn the track up!! we're not listening to these Rudy Giuliani types talking about the truth isn't the truth..

Check the style as O-Dizzle gets breakbeat scientific; one of his mixes mentioned the Deliberate Falsehood, turn the track up!! we're talking about the system's attempt to keep us from the truth...

Jokers we're acting false in the hood like Trump calling John Dean a rat, but the truth will set you free...

Meanwhile we're listening to Bajka with a track called  True (Bahama Soul Club Remix); check it out to see what the deal will be..

Da One Away ft. Bembe Segue - The Mind

Sunday Jazz Continues!! the saga / struggle continues!! you don't quit / you don't stop!!

We keep moving / grooving / show and proving!! might as well since the madness didn't stop..

We cosmic slop!! this soul , jazz, funk, broken beat fusion is amusing!! uplifting while cruising through the universe!! 

We keep it moving like Elon Musk said he would!!  these days? rocking Gucci Guilty but back in the day? I rocked the Musk because I could, based on my works...

..of the low income / blue collar variety until I "got my mind right"; Da One Away ft. Bembe Segue even mentioned The Mind

Da One Away? a collaboration of  Dennis McFarlane aka Dego,  Ian Grant aka IG Culture , plus Kaidi Tatham ; a sonic calibration, uplifiting the culture!! these cats are playing, so what's on your mind?

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Flying High | Deep House & Techno Set | 2018 Mixed By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon; earlier? we were Afternoon Jazzing it...

Switched over to the O-Dog Party; who'll start with me?  I've got work to do!! but unlike Trump vs John Brennan I'm not spazzing about it...

Those that snitched aren't invited to the party!!  some are razzing those out there like blacks that support Trump..

Some bitched and moaned about censorship on social media like Trump and Candace Owens; meanwhile others were mad because we politicized  / weaponized this movement! we get open with this good word and beats that thump..

The masses are enriched with these mothership stylings; listening to Flying High | Deep House & Techno Set | 2018 Mixed By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast

Check the playlist and the mix as we continue flying high in the universe dropping these beats and a verse!! sounds will blast..

1. Vandal M - Confused Admiration (Original Mix) 00:00 02. Dave Marian - Echoes (Redub) 07:06 03. Twin Peetz - City Lights (Traffic Dub) 12:35 04. Narcotic 303 - Sound Of Cologne (Original Mix) 18:05 05. Kuba Sojka - Running Away Time (Original Mix) 24:49 06. Franky Carbon-e - Pills Of Landing (Original Mix) 29:47 07. Diego - Trip (Original Mix) 36:29 08. Pan Sancho - Termin 5 (Pablo Denegri Remix) 46:06 09. Dave Pad & Anjei - Consequence (Original Mix) 52:27 10. Doubtingthomas - Snooze Operator (Original Mix) 58:45

Friday, August 17, 2018

What's The Business PT.9

What's the business?  what's the deal with this? those questions are asked on this Flashback Friday as I write this...

First things first; rest in peace / power to Detroit's  Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul;  her music? the masses were enlightened by that and his!!

What's the business, how did we roll? I found my way back home, chilled up in Detroit on Grand Avenue for a minute or two; stopped in Louisville on the way back, I was able to find the reset button.

What's the business, how did we roll? admitting that the stress was on my dome!! paranoid? naw, but I was ducking and diving!! I refused to be a punishment glutton.

What's the business, how did we roll? refusing to be a lab rat or crash test dummy with studies being conducted.

What's the business, how did we roll? we weren't vindictive like Omarosa, for some the game is over!! I can already here Fred Sanford calling Lamont a big dummy!! so what's up with me? seminars are conducted.

The mothership landed back on earth after  floating in cosmic clouds!! we're trying to get over, funk is dropped in sound clouds!! but staying low key, avoiding these ill crowds!! refused to be corrupted by Babylon.

Chilling in Atlanta, hoe of  chemtrails / clouds from Hartsfield Jackson Airport polluting the mind?  a bruhs hands were already dirty due to Louisville / Newburg living!! guilt by association? some that "other other"  stuff? I'm off and  I'm on!!

A dude prevails, now breakbeat science is dropped!! we're in this sport with the  good word, plus adjustments of bass, treble and tone..

What's the business? like Trump vs John Brennan dangerous minds flip flipped on issues!! check these shady politicians!! what were they on?

What's the business? I'm not a clone, standing in line with others!!  I broke to the left and to the right.

O-Zone might have broke north on them!! that's whats up with him!! he's like a zombie satellite; intergalactic!! staying in flight.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Hospital Records Podcast #371 With Urbandawn

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; those principles are followed, somewhat..

As I've told you a dude is retro-futuristic with it, you heard me? can I get a what, what!!

I'm just tripping, the pages of my mind I'm flipping through, dipping through past episodes seeing how hey relate to the future...

I'm just tripping!! pardon me as I pay respect to the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin!! she rocked previous episodes but now she's gone home; she'll still be felt in the future..

As I've told you a dude is retro-futuristic with it; listening to Hospital Records Podcast #371 With Urbandawn..

Oh yes!! back on that drum and bass, as they play the old and new; check out the playlist and the mix as we act like we knew; once again it's on!!

Tracklist: High Contrast - True Colors Alibi - Morning Glory  Urbandawn - They Told Me (feat. Thomas Oliver) Pat Metheny Group - San Lorenzo (Urbandawn Bootleg) Chase & Status - Take Me Away Concord Dawn - You Don't Have To Run Culture Shock - Rework (Feat Brookes Brothers) Urbandawn - Pavlov's Dog (Album Mix) Urbandawn - Power Scheme Urbandawn X Krakota - Coyote Urbandawn - Vona Urbandawn - Gloria Urbandawn - Prime Expansion Tim Reaper - All Right Total Science - Juicy Fruit (Calibre Remix V2) Dossa & Locuzzed - Synthesizer (feat. Dorian) Beatles - Come Together (Urbandawn Bootleg) Urbandawn - White Canvas Thomas Oliver - If I Move To Mars (Urbandawn Remix) Urbandawn - Sleeping Awake Urbandawn - Like What Urbandawn - Roundabout
Urbandawn - Gothenburg Cluster  L_Side - Spellbound Urbandawn X Krakota - Epigram Urbandawn - Foley Funk Mi:st:cal - Time To Fly Urbandawn - Black Notes (feat. Daniel Baeder)

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Focus - Having Your Fun (4 Hero Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! it's going down like this!!

Some are digging these "getting over the hump" ways and means exhibited; the good word is introduced and the sound is dropped like this!!!

We cosmic slopped like this, intergalactic type of brothers chilling out down here on earth for a minute or two..

The madness hasn't stopped!! fanatics utilize the scorched earth theory; we're chilling out / letting it do what it do...

We knew how these earthlings would do; what it do? Focus mentioned  Having Your Fun (4 Hero Remix)

We knew how they would work things, so we maintain focus!! check out the track per this HumpDay Extravaganza as we get breakbeat scientific..

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Monstercat Uncaged - Vol. 5 (Album Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I call Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can go either way but don't get me wrong!!

It's a blessing to be here, during the ongoing smoke and mirrors the vision is clear!! we'll just have to stay strong!!

Those stressing the masses stay wrong!! they're flipping out like Trump vs Omarosa; calling a woman a dog? man please!!

Who's passing classes as these seminars are conducted? beats thump, the games not over for O-Dog!! man please!!

Meanwhile O-Zone will update this Captain's Log!! this is all in conjunction with Monstercat Uncaged - Vol. 5 (Album Mix)

Oh yes!! we're back with it after a brief hiatus; electro, drum and bass, house music, drumstep / dubstep? they're a monster with that!!  it's uncaged, it's all here!! check out the playlist and the mix!!

00:00:00 Bossfight - Sovereign 00:03:52 RIOT - The Mob 00:08:04 Dyro - Feel It Coming 00:11:29 Delta Heavy - Exodus 00:15:45 Dirtyphonics - Sayonara 00:18:18 Bear Grillz - Wicked (feat. Sullivan King) 00:21:42 Slippy & Goja - Monster 00:25:06 SOULJI - Murder 00:28:50 Falcon Funk & Bossfight - Comeback 00:31:52 MYRNE & Grant - Fault (feat. McCall) 00:36:06 KUURO - Take Me Down (feat. Bianca) 00:39:57 Bishu - Rituals 00:44:02 Rickyxsan - This Feeling (feat. Kalibwoy) 00:47:05 FWLR - Numb (feat. Che’Nelle) 00:50:24 RIOT - Aiwa 00:54:50 Modestep - Summer 00:57:36 Gammer - Needed U 01:01:01 SLANDER & Crankdat - Kneel Before Me (feat. Asking Alexandria) 01:04:07 Trivecta & Wooli - Falling 01:06:56 Dirty Audio - Racks 01:09:30 KUURO - Knockin’ 01:12:37 Pegboard Nerds & Dion Timmer - Escape 01:16:02 Deorro & Dirty Audio - Dracarys 01:18:34 Knife Party & Pegboard Nerds - Harpoon 01:23:34 Tokyo Machine - Cookies 01:26:19 Stonebank - What’s Going Down 01:30:42 Nitro Fun - Time Goes By 01:33:42 Tisoki - Bring It Back 01:35:57 Reach - Forever
01:38:55 Matroda - Boom Bap 01:43:00 Matroda - Damn Floor 01:46:16 Soulji - Black Mask 01:49:42 Bad Computer - Paradigm (feat. Karra) 01:52:28 Koven - Board Game 01:55:47 Rameses B - Prometheus 02:00:40 Kill Paris - Two Minds (feat. Tim Moyo) 02:03:31 Bossfight - Work 02:07:23 Justin OH - She’s A Killer 02:09:50 Muzzy - In The Night (feat. Sullivan King) 02:14:04 Muzzy - New Age (feat. Celldweller)