Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Chronicles Revisited..Back In Business!!

Back on the grind like Nitt Pitino!! coaching like Rick Pitino!! Tom Izzo..or maybe Phil Jackson.

Tried to mind and tend..but you know how it goes!! I'm back in the action.

Predators's like dealing with loan sharks..the Mafioso.

New Type Gangsters now running things...from the U.S to Afghanistan..Whatcha up in here for they ask Obama..they even ask this bruh? told them..I'm going for what I know.

Reality will show us a few things!! as hopes and dreams get shattered.

Just like hearts do!! but I wasn't trying to start with you!! my thoughts were scattered.

In the meantime and between time!! egos were bruised and battered!! roughed up.

...whose seen with mine? others were told man up!!! or toughen up.

So what's up with sensitive ones? innocent bystanders become collateral damage.

Classified or sensitive information discussed? who'll control the damage?

Media spins like Toyota's or Honda's!! pumping brakes? changing directions?

Impeded by the apparatus!! dealing with fakes who accent our indiscretions.

Dealing with jakes and other wannabe authorities!! sessions disturbed.

Dealing with ones who say cake or the paper is the mission!!!...just gamblers out for a fast buck!! these bad land territories; sections; appetites not curbed.

Plus I observed the sideways glances and skeptical looks on their face.

Plus I observed the score!!! hard to advance!! spotted politicians, business, newscasters and clergy..too many crooks up in the place!!

O-Dog has his own beats, bars, and hooks up in the place!! our response.

Taking it to the streets like Doobie Brothers!! It's the Sonic Assault!! once again it's on.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Information Overload PT.3

Feeling like I was racked up!! running the ball against Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens.

Knowledge done; stayed on the one..never slacked Information Overload..packing weapons...with the Sword..will the Truth be told?? nevermore Edgar Allen Poe..the Ravens.

The mothership backed up!!! beep beep!! points scored like Lebron or maybe D Wade.

Or maybe like Kobe!! championship robe will be worn like Muhammed Ali..after the game is played.

Act like you know me!!! some roll up on me after I strayed off the path..but I came back home.

Act like you know me!! what can they show me? some can't control me!! as I stayed off their math..check the path..the train of thought was rolling!! my mind roams.

They were acting like they had something for me!!..but I couldn't use it.

Please!! it's about Progressive Liberation!! not trying to lose it.

The assignment? I choose it!! especially if it's about liberation or freedom.

The alignment? the collaboration wasn't a good one!! I see them wouldn't want to be them.

The alignment helped the hooptie!! it's rolling smooth down I-85.

The solitary confinement helped me!! the loops were funky!! we're Transmitting Live.

As I transcend and survival mode!! but Dekalb County police were rolling...the block is hot.

Messages I send in the songs!! after I fell back!! check out the breakbeats..the funk..this is the by product.

What was the conduct? they said familiarity breeds contempt though.

What's the conduct? the judge said contempt of court!! who else will circumvent?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Information Overload PT.2

it's like Google vs. China..glitches in the matrix prevented info from flowing through the grid.

The snitches that fake it get flabberghasted!! guns blasted!! what's up with it? Information Overload? some drop the F-Bomb like Joe Biden!! ready to flip their lid!!

Pitches weren't caught by the catcher!! I slid into home base after stealing it.

Bringing a fresh batch for ya!! so what's up with ya? it's hot like the hottest chile in the world..using bass, treble and tone!! to rebuke the mass konfusion we're dealing with.

Plots and schemes? haters will hatch them on ya!! even nuclear facilities were built.

Polluted rivers; streams; bad dreams!!! check the cards that are dealt.

Givers and takers!! haves and have nots!! everybody felt the pressure.

Fakers have plots to increase the cash flow!! gamblers out for a fast one.

From Somalia to Atlanta...they'll blast on one!! or maybe the whole crew.

Al Roker gave the weather forecast!! so what's up with it? what it do? Al Gore told about global warming!! act like you know.

A foul joker forged documents!! but the podcast will blast!! O-Dog is rocking it.

Security heightens due to terrorist...the window of opportunity? they're locking it.

O-Zone enlightens!!! but the hustle they're knocking it!! but diplomatic immunity is issued.

Hostile takeovers are rebuked!! back with it!! the weapons? the funk is used.

Hot styles? please!! a brotha cruised down I-20 in the hooptie.

Flowing through glitches in the system..but trying to stay off the grid...act like you know me.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Collections..Like Accounts That Defaulted..

I collected thoughts that were Hurricane Katrina victims.

Random thoughts enemy positions are bombarded!!is this the Day Of Wrath? it's based on being in the heart of it..unpleasant situations.

Dealing with Federations and Confederations and their rules regulations and procedures.

The daughter of chaos is ignored..not like the Chi-Lites singing "Have You Seen You."

Left out there on the the gray between a rock and a hard place.

I felt the pressure...authorities will stress they're trying to crack a hard case.

Dude down in Jamaica had the screw or hard face..said down there is no paradise!!

Tourists don't see the big picture!! "it aint nothing nice."

A brotha had to think twice about a lot of these things!! three sides to every story.

Your side! my side! plus the truth! will it be told in this territory?

As we ride..history is in the's the Sword of Truth I carry..but the blades have to be sharpened.

One thing is evident; "no justice no peace"...that's word from Al Sharpton.

Whatcha starting? now trying to do damage control!! no runaway Toyota Prius?

Whatcha starting? pump those brakes!! "whatcha talking about Willis?" Gary Coleman would say..dont even try this!

Reality will jump the fakes.."oops upside the head" like The Gap Band..but a lie is considered the law!! part of the doctrine.

As we get with you!!! carrying the Sword of Truth...we rock them.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Information Overload?

contribute to the confusion of the world

My aura was under attack from all sides!!! Information Overload? the devil is a liar.

Horror and terror is introduced!!!.or reintroduced!!...because I expressed Random Thoughts? like the town crier.

Strands of information coming in too fast? Spiritual warfare frontline business going down!! the sword of truth is carried as a weapon... once again its on.

Karmic repercussions tabulated? called number ones get knocked many points were we scoring?

Percussions were calculated..programmed..but boring to jet setters?

Discussions heard...what's the word? always something there to remind folk are hated because we were go getters.

Discussions heard...strawberry letters like the Steve Harvey Morning Show or like the Brothers Johnson?

Percussions I wrote letters to myself like Chi-Lites ...but whose responding?

Scientific!! transponding!! transcending transforming..the metamorphis.

Mathematics dropped!!! plus beat blending!! up in the matrix like Morpheus.

Fanatics stay busy!!! but I know how the sport is!! now sending messages.

What will the business be? what it do? were taking care of it..check these passages.

Feeling the spirits of middle passage descendants...royalty from back in the day.

Back with this breakbeat science business!! but played like were back in the way.

Back and forth like Cameo!!! from the streets to the church pulpit corporate offices.

As we go forth!! going for what we know!! rebuking the corporal punishment.

....Administered by a punishment glutton..misery loves company.

Cycles like menstrual..but this minister of information has diplomatic immunity.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Catch Me While You Can...

for a limited time only

Catch me now..while you can..soon blasting off into the galaxy.

What we're we coming with? Batched up something fresh!! brink of disaster off in this piece? haters get foul with me!!

Drama ratchets up to another level!! shadetree mechanics with the tools? now palaces are under attack..from Atlanta to Pakistan.

Dealing with another devil..From NYC to MIA..whose mia?..there missing in action.

Feel me!! all up in the middle of the action!! but the climate has changed.

Feel me Al Gore said!! it was warming up!! meanwhile O-Dog percussions banged.

Dealing me a bad hand!! cosmos warning me? karmic repercussions? things rearranged.

Real with me? a bad land resident? all up in the spot where heavy artillery banged.
Real with me? a benevolent stranger? in Babylon/ not how the deal will be!! man please!!

What it do? hell is caught!! morale is low!! whose really at ease?

Catch me while you can!! soon I'll ease on down the road..just like the wiz.

The Sonic Assault will be the vehicle!! see a brotha handle his biz.

Lesson taught; wrong place at the wrong time? that's why I handle my business before it handles me!! recognize.

Sho you right!! like Barry White!! for real though!! I break it down to size.

Corporations down size!! or jobs go to other what it do?

Abort these operations? please!!! there's spiritual significance!! act like you knew.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

....They Said It's All Love!!!

They said it was all love!!! next thing I knew...we were in a storm like the Northeast...they were jamming me up!!!

No love shown fron coast to coast..pushing and shoving like in the low post...Dwight Howard vs. in a box..cramming me up.

O-Zone...I'm Outside The Box...that's whatsup...meanwhile O-Dog grooved..jammed up in this piece!! it's the Sonic Assault. mind moved to higher ground like Stevie Wonder talked about!! based on lessons that are taught.

Not playing around with those trying to deceive me!! many weapons at their market..they'll take me under!! all up in this spot!!

Playing the sound!!! dropping the Good Word!! who'll believe me when I told them its hot?

Told about global Al Gore..believe it or not.

Spanning the globe!! brain storming!!! dropping funk that stanks!! the structure rots.

Strobe lights from the disco inferno were illuminating the spot!! once again it's on.

Probed the nights..the darkness....where did you spot me?...had to stay one step ahead of illuminatti..they haven't stopped hating!! time has been allotted ..while were in the discovery zone.

Insights provided!!! others plotted and there was wishful thinking.

O-Zone writes..confided in himself..floating down the stream of consciousness!!! in the water fishing and drinking.

In a zone!! not wishing or hoping...but thinking of a master plan.

....Like Eric B and Rakim and nem...but please believe me!! I'm praying following the Masters Plan!!

.....Spiritual Significance in this operation..frontline warfare business!! haters blast like Kandahar..Afghanistan.

They said it's all love!!! but how did I end up in this jam?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Collateral Damage...Once Again It's On!!

...................doing damage!!..............

Listening to some old hip hop..dude said he was a microphone damager!!

But recognize the pattern..micro or macro economics? all up in the spot!! dealing or chilling with a micro manager?

It don't stop!!! I was up in the 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme back in the day..had to Come Clean..Jeru the Damaja was blasting!!

It don't stop!! no justice from Supreme Courts!! so I stay a step ahead!! in Babylon? peace isnt everlasting.

Especially in the drama kingdom!! ruled by drama royalty!! they've got us fasting and praying!!

Similar to the wild kingdom? the jungle? you know predators were preying!!

Predatory lenders? fighting a Predator like Arnold? is the hood a terrorist stronghold..with jackers and smash and grabbers?

Rumble in the jungle like Muhammed Ali and George Foreman!!! right hooks and left jabbers!!

Bass rumbles in the lab; work put in like Dr Frankenstein..but George Clinton Dr. Funkenstien type results.

Or maybe Darrell Griffith Dr. Dunkenstein Louisville type business!! the funk stanks!! Sonic Assault on these cults!!

Feel the results!! for a limited time only like fast food spots.

Real deal Holyfield!!..word from Atlanta..playing the field!! in Pakistan some will yield..collateral damage..drama not limited to fast ones..up in the hood spots.

Real deal!! when we connect the dots from NYC to Los Angeles.

Worldwide they feel this and that..from Haiti to Afghanistan Pakistan..even in the hood old dude was armed and dangerous!!

All up in the spot!!! fumbled to get to the 38!! a stranger is scrutinized.

All up in the spot!! the apparatus corrupted us...not surprised

Friday, March 12, 2010

Might Be Moving Too Fast!!

......dipping through Babylon like Usain Bolt!!! what it do? the brotha is rolling at a High Velocity With The Speed You Need!!
but some can't catch what they can't understand!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

All Up In The Spot PT. 11

All up in the spot! all up in the game!! coming back like Tiger Woods.. a brotha had to draw a conclusion.

Things have gotten hot!! the climate change!! global warming? some acted false up in the institution.

I carry a sword of truth in the midst of so many falsehoods!!

Not on one accord with some!! they were acting false up in these hoods!

False advertising led to the consumption of goods and services..found out methods and means were fraudulent.

Of course it'll be a bit messy!! what was the function? some were swerving caught up in it.

My diplomatic immunity was challenged!! haters stressing me!! but I was brought up in it!! a hood representative.

It's in my chromosones!! all up in danger zones!! seeped through in the O-Dog sound!! it's a good representative.

Rolling through the hoods of Babylon!! no benevolence shown!! as I carry the sword of truth.

Society tries to trump up charges!! stacking the evidence!! while some were sipping on sizzurp..nodding..I was low key, low profile!! haters said Im arrogant and aloof.

Told them to look around!! proof is provided..were on the frontlines of spiritual warfare.

Running through the Babylon wilderness with the sword of truth when I go there.

Spiritual significance in this operation!! as we go there!! it's about Progressive Liberation.

As we proceed and continue to Transcend and Transform..leaving the negative situation.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All Up In The Spot PT.10

All up in spot..morale was low..seems minds were troubled.

Things got hot!! some went for what they know!! now the stress doubled.

Some tried to be all they can be!! like the army!! that's what love will do!! who holds the straw that broke the camels back?

Push and shove you for a dollar!! then chill out smoking Camel's or Salem's...brown or green pack.

Can we groove? what it do? brought the sound back!! O-Dog had the breakbeats.

Can we move? what it do? Taking Care of business!! no jacks are faked in the streets.

Noticed that the fiery lake is getting full!! others dive in!! never learned to swim like Sir Nose.

...."everybody plays a fool sometimes" like Main Ingredient the Parliament Funkadelic told them how it goes!!!

So what's the word on the curb? how it goes? anybody know what time it is?

Like that song from Chicago!! asking Flavor Flav..he had the clock I heard what the rhyme was or is.

So whatcha know? some can tell me what the grime!! it's dirty!! life is messy.

So whatcha know? seeing what time it is!! knowing God will bless me.

Wasn't odd that a hater confessed to me..talking out the side of their neck.

The sideways glances let me know I didn't have their respect.

I still ride!! making advances!! going for what I know!! on to the next.

I still ride!! taking chances..leaving this's on to the next!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

parallel dimension dwella..still putting it down

actually multi-dimensional

A college professor..addressing students..or preacher dropping the word on the congregation?

Or standing on the block cursing!! holla like Marvin Gaye!!.."the way they do my life" what you facing?

In hoopties racing down Candler Road in Decatur, Georgia;or sliding through realms or portals ;reachimg Mars in forty days...multi-dimensional.

Chilling with bloods, crips, disciples, or Latin Kings..all knowing how the sport will go.

Adam soon in court?... I don't know maybe not!! ...meanwhile up in District Court..some are knowing how it go!! with prosecutors and district attorneys.

No justice no peace!!! no corporate expense accounts to pay for defense attorneys.

No justice no peace!! shootouts at Wal-Mart in Texas..gurneys at Shands in Jax, Grady in the ATL, or University up in the Ville deliver collateral damage.

Chinese try to control other gamblers are out for a fast buck!! Corporate CEO's..pastors, and government officials!! out in Las Vegas trying to do damage.

How do we manage...a nosy one asks? then refer the information to drama kings and queens.

The struggle continues!! can't even get stimulated!! as we scrimmage with them and those!! can we stay composed? ear shattering gunshots exploded!! when we're observing these scenes.

Gangster leans up in hoopties!! from Los Angeles to Atlanta!!! from Louisville to Oakland.

From Afghanistan to Chi-Town..even in Nigeria...troopers didn't front...they tried to get open.

.....Alt shift deleting!! the brotha man soon extinct? who cares.

Caught defeating the sense of purpose? on the brink of disaster? who'll try to dare us?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Sword Of Truth............

sword of truth in the midst of so many falsehoods

Some didn't know what it do; I roll up with the Sword Of I can school them.

Otherwise? I was minding and tending...a negative vibe they were sending..a brotha usually didn't fool with them.

Time was being wasted...trying to light a Waka Flocka Flame..auras were cut and Walter's..caught up in the game...caught up in no win situations..going in circles.

But this product is also cut and pasted..moving forward..some wonder how I work those.

Ill conduct tasted..devil will oppose..we're getting hurt by these and those policies.

That's why Obama is trying to turn up the heat on healthcare we're in the kitchen..funk is soaked and were exposing fallacies.

Foul with these? carrying a Sword Of Truth..getting crunk in Atlanta!!! not an O-Jay's backstabber with the dagger..others were cloak and dagger..smash and grabs..home invasions..palaces were under attack.

In other realms dude even tried to attack the Pentagon..smoked out due to being bi-polar? meanwhile I turned on my cloak of invisibility..the intergalactic swagger..out there in the universe..but now were back.

Back down on earth..carrying a Sword of Truth..all about Progressive Liberation..acting down to earth...some act like they don't see me!!! that could be a good thing!!

What's it all worth? at the end of the day? recognize that it's a hood thing.

What would work? what would a brotha bring? it's The Sword Of Truth when I slide through the portal.

What will hurt? feeling the pain and anguish!!! recognize how the sport will go.

Short dog will go for what he knows!! peeped game!!hip to the stereotypes.

What's the status? the apparatus is slick!!! tokens of appreciation it hypes.

Check the status!! dont believe the hype was the word from Flavor was hot like Red Hot Chile Peppers...

Before he started pimping..these folks wont behave!! shaking things up like Chile...or the Chicago Bears signing Julius Peppers..

Bringing the Sword of Truth when we step up with the midst of so many falsehoods..

Draw your own conclusions..I've drawn mine..after being victimized by Deliberate Falsehoods..

Friday, March 5, 2010

So What's The Next Move??

What it do? it seems like secret squirrels made it harder than it had to be!!!

Might have hid things from themselves!!! haters peep to see what the next move will be.

.....Or even played themselves...incriminating evidence left in the open.

Meanwhile we bring progressive liberating music to get you open.

Others were told to go on with their bad selves!!! that's how they got open!!!

Brothas like me pull breakbeats off the shelve!!! I had to put plans in motion.

I had a notion!! ecological ignorance didn't alter the fate...didn't fool around off the coast of Somalia...I knew the environment.

Lotion needed? for Ash Wednesday? asked they would play the Lent?

Dude had the afro like Questlove of the Roots..Linc Hayes..or Cornel West..but lent was in it..notions are needed..get a clue ..others will circumvent.. like Charles Rangel taking chances? authorities pull phone and internet stake out the crib.

I was taking chances; working an angle like Dilated Peoples..rolling down I-20 in Dekalb County, Georgia..listening to Guilty Simpson and MadLib.

Taking chances..guilty or innocent? OJ Simpson ad libbing on the witness stand?

Taking the Pentagon shooter... meanwhile I'm free styling..O-Dog's tracks play..bear witness man.

From Atlanta to Pakistan...NYC to Iraq.. and all points in between...Gordon Brown holding back....what's the business?

Haters brand ya like Chuck Connors or Marion Jones: stripes? medals? stripping those.

Will Chuck Norris receive honors in these zones for the rescue?

Needing help from Rambo; damn bro!! don't let them get the best of you!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Escape Routes........

In the Babylon Wilderness...where mass konfusion is..looking for escape routes..maybe Gov. Paterson needs to find one...but didn't have GPS.

Recognize how real it is; God will bless this!!! now that's the real business.

Recognize the it goes down..O-Dog continues to throw down..we continue to take care of business..check the sound..

Recognize from Mars to Saturn to Pluto..act like you now..from Newburg to's going down.

From the A-Town to the Oak-Town...from NYC to Baghdad to Kandahar.

Playing around? if you weren't taken out..your left with a scar.

Trying to dip in Tracy Chapmans fast car!! rolling down I-20, I-65, I-95...might even blast off like the Virgin Galactic..shuttle.

Intergalactic..spiritual warfare going down..frontlines everywhere..veteran in the coaching like Phil Jackson ..calling the play in the huddle.

What's a brotha trying to do? actually not playing games!! not playing around!! after haters raised the bar? took a loss!! had to regroup.

What's the alternative? what are we working with? it's not's the brand new we try to recoup.

Working with the's hash..check the loop ..recuperation takes place.

Not playing around!! joking with these fools and fakes...whose raising the stakes? not part of the natural process.

Not playing around!! things have warmed up like the Arctic..the whole climate has changed..spotted escape routes..sliding through portals..they cant stop this.

Moving straight ahead!!! baldy with the personna of a dread ..check out how we rock this.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Times Are Hard On The Boulevard

Times are hard on the boulevard!! not just on Boulevard in Atlanta where the dope boys had ya!! endeavours are circumvented!! even if they just got back from the International Space's rough out there!!

Some try to roll up!! but agendas are not sweated!! please!! it's easy to be left mentally and physically scarred..knocked off your axis like the earth after the Chile earthquake..when they go there.

Whose losing control up in this piece? giving up chairmanship seats like Charles Rangel..frontline spiritual warfare business?

Frontlines can be anywhere.. but some have ecological ignorance.. didn't check the environment..meanwhile we're Taking Care Of Business..

Front on mine in this enviroment? the karmic repercussions are heavy.!!!

Whose gonna take the weight? things can go either way...but G.M couldn't take advantage of Toyota's misforture..whose lifting weights? working out at Golds Gym..are you ready?

Kiss 104 in Atlanta played both versions of Rock the Whispers and by Aretha Franklin..heard them play in the background.

Rolling down I-20..put the West Coast mixtape in Guilty Simpson & Strong Arm Steady plays in the hooptie; MadLib provided that black sound.

Ready to roll!! I'm on my way!!! didn't back down!!! observing the scene.

Some are ready to steal your soul, spirit, or aura...based on what's heard and seen.

As I flow down the stream of's like Guatemala..whose running this? some front..I see some act brand new with me.

They said I was acting brand new!! because I exercised diplomatic immunity.

On the case!!! on my duty!! told them to act like they knew!! and recognize.

Heard what was said; but they were preaching to the choir!! needing to recognize.

Times are hard on the boulevard!!! recognize the pattern.

See how it goes down frpm A-Town to NYC from Pluto to Saturn.