Saturday, February 27, 2010

All Up In The Spot PT. 10

The Louisville mack game seeps through the black ink hitting this loose leaf.

Transfers take place..tapping on HP keyboards..kept track of game ..recognized it..soaked in ham hocks with the collard green leaf.

Kept track of my game? some said that I'm greasy like Church's Fried Chicken.

Or maybe even Popeye's Louisiana style...some might say me and my peeps are foul..but it's BreakBeat Science I'm pitching.

Oh yeah!!! It's of a breakbeat variety!! stop lying to me!! stop talking crazy!! I wanna tell a politician.

No break for a brotha!! earthquake in Chile? another? that's why work is put in..spiritual significance in this operation.

No snake allowed on the premises!!!ran away like the Taliban in Marjah!! or operations will end up getting sabotaged.

No fake allowed like Chalabi in these operations!! "got to keep it real compared to what."

That's what Les McCann said!! ignored what the damned said!! the story they fabricated was a Deliberate Falsehood.

Please!!! my folk have been hated!!! some were snitching..All Up In Spot!! some were acting false in the hood.

The Proclamation for freedom is back dated!! retroactive like my style but also futuristic..but the Liberation will be Progressive.

From the backwoods and backwaters of South Carolina to ghetto streets of Atlanta, Louisville...Jacksonville.. my peeps have been hated!!! like Blackwater was stressing us.

Street merchants seen!! theyre blessing us with backwoods, ice , rocks, plus product straight from poppy fields in Afghanistan.

Offensive with it!!! ear shattering gunshots justice no peace for a black man..

...knowledge I'm still soaking....All Up In The Spot...down here in the A-Town..

Good mileage I get on the Mothership...Moving Straight Ahead...Intergalactic..will I stay around?

Friday, February 26, 2010

All Up In The Spot....PT.9

All up in the spot!!! the concentration camp? inmates are running it..holding up progress like Jim they're happy!!!

I'm all about Progressive Liberation..but nobody was checking for me..they didn't holla at me.

Blessing or a curse? throwing a dollar at me and you!! whales kill at Sea World but the show goes on..whose getting played like Gary Coleman on Insider??..some chase it.

Stressing this mysterious universal traveler!!! didn't send a signal like the frozen Mars Lander..with fast cars like Tracy Chapman..but I didn't race it.

Stressing me? who said I didn't face it?..I fought back with the percussions.

Any rest for me and others? sometimes morale is low....some are even worried about a step we go for what we know...we bring these discussions..straight outta concentration camps.

Any rest for me? previous episodes play out...guns blast under the street lamps.

Ear shattering gunshots exploded!! now a brotha is rolling in discrete camps.

Scattering around the universe..the mode? rolling down the street in the hooptie..pumping amps.

Crowd scattering due to the drama..some were running..catching cramps..out of shape?

What's mattering? the funkarama is going down..O-Dog pulled out a tape.

What's mattering? Progressive Liberation..going all out..escaping from the madness.

All up in the spot!! caught up in an unpleasant situation? they had us.

All up in the spot...the apparatus had us..up in concentration camps.

From the hoods of Louisville, Atlanta to drama that's Pakistan and Afghanistan's.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Drama..

The drama is minimized like you do windows on the computer.

Panaramic views are in the eye of the beholder?

Global warming? the world seems colder..morale is low..whatcha know?...some search for happiness...I even see some lash out.

Knowing about the warning..from ground zero to Generation older cat...holding chips like Las Vegas or Atlantic City..I'm ready to cash out.

All up in the lab..I pull the stash out..breakbeat science is in full effect.

It's the Sonic Assault!!! a sonic smash and grab..similar to an Atlanta Smash and grab by 30 Deep!! .. retaliation for those that disrespect.

I'm on it!! but they weren't checking for me...sometimes a good thing.

There's something there to remind me and them that it's a hood thing.

What's good? that's what dude asked Brian Westbrook..pranked by Captain Janks.. told him the script had flipped.

"Something just aint right" like Keith Sweat said!! spirits aren't right!! so I dipped.

"Something aint tight" work put in by shadetree mechanics now things there's recalls like Toyotas.

...Or even Hondas....the response to us? no love was shown ....realizing that it's on us.

The response to us? Freaknic coming back? they said we were felonious!!! and we might pull capers.

But we certified the funk like Thelonius Monk...just pull the papers.

Heard those that lied..Ecological Ignorance altered the fate..pulled their papers..erroneus information is listed.

Heard burps after they drunk and ate up everything..the drama is revisited.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Train of Thought..Collecting These & Those..

All up in lockdown situations!!! what it do? act like you knew!!security heightens...terrorist get prosecuted...truth disputed like Old Otis on the Martin Lawrence Show.. whose rattling the keys?

Whose rolling? train of thought still running off the rails!! once scattering..but I collected these!!

Plus I collected those!! like Scott Brown breaking the filibuster.. to the occasion? some rose...knowing the devil will oppose...word from the old school baptist preacher.

Chilling..drinking coffee at White Castle 7th and Broadway in Louisville...but made to feel like a buster..old dude from the old school will teach ya.

Asked him what's up pops??? he went off on me!!! told me speak when spoken to..come when called !!! then he'll reach ya.

No killing me softly like Roberta Flack!!! or Lauren Hill..what's the deal? but I'm back..trying to beseech ya.

Killing fields back in Louisville...Beecher Terrace..Park Hill..similar to Somalia, Sudan or Afghanistan.

Any yields from the drama thats manufactured? no justice and no peace for a black man.

Who builds anything in America? man please!!! everything is made elsewhere.

Except drama!!! shady deals go down!! some will land at Grady in Atlanta, St. Johns in Detroit..Shands in Jacksonville..out in LA it's St Elsewhere.

Shadetree mechanics put work in; but closing of auto plants in Flint or Detroit is hurting!! do chef's up in hell's kitchen.

All up in the game..whose on the mound? it's curve balls and sliders they're pitching.

It's all we play the sound usually of the breakbeat variety.

Actually not playing games..not playing around with them!! realized we have diplomatic immunity.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back With It!!!

My body was trapped behind enemy lines; my mind was a million miles away.

What it do? intergalactic; out beyond Pluto!! streaking through the galaxy like a NASA's not new though! I've been feeling this way.

Back with it!! from Space Age to parking lot pimping..playing it either way.

...Plus all spectrums in between..any sanctions for these memos? not associated with Bush era lawyers..not always seen or heard..that's how I play.

Plus some will respect the drum as it plays..did they catch the message?

Maybe some will!!! old girl said everybody's not able as I try to stretch this.

Is it a stretch of his imagination or is the Brotha O-Zone paranoid?

As I catch hell down here on Terra Firma; no apologies heard like Tiger Woods, Plaxico Burress or Mike Vick while I worked to fill the void.

As I catch hell like Obama; who'll work with a bro? as I go for what I's tight in these the thick of this..I batch up something fresh for those that feel the void;

All about Progressive Liberation; check it out.. Beck mad about it? what's the situation? as I notice the climate change..paranormal activity? please! negativity I avoid.

O-Dog is not devoid of funk..he'll ratchet up the process; wrenchs and screwdrivers used; Mechanical Engineering used!!

O-Zone; I stayed on top of this...train of thought is the Endeavour undocking from the International Space Station..we'll cruise..

Going through the healing process; flowing down the stream of consciousness; avoiding pirates.

.....From off the coast of the streets of Atlanta..I see how how foul it gets.

Getting foul with ya!! the style gets that way!! in response to the others.

Arriving on the mothership; Intergalactic with it; brought the funk stored in Iceland?..the sound is based on the percussions.

Train of thought is still rolling!!! dealing with karmic repercussions.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ecological Ignorance? Do The Knowledge

Ecological ignorance altered the fate; some didn't peep out the landscape.

Heard the belligerence; some are full of hate..but I creep out; this man will escape.

Heard the difference; some knowing what it do...meanwhile tapes with funk on them blast up in the hooptie.

Who'll work with this? some don't know what it do; didn't act like they know me.

Whose getting hurt by this and that? dirty business of the frontline spiritual warfare variety.

Trying to merge with this? a degree of righteousness is the priority.

Trying to merge with this? Progressive Liberation is involved..scary for some; it's way too real.

Ecological Ignorance will alter the fate; where you at? what's the environment from Oakland to NYC..from Miami, Atlanta to Louisville.

It's real; some wake up out of the fog...remember the way to deal ..the tricks of the trade.

Plan Z executed in the smoke and fog; enhanced by's easy to get tricked in the charade.

Games played; enhanced by horrors and terrors along with false alarms and bomb scares that become the real deal like Holyfield.

Fools were crying wolf!! Ecological Ignorance altered the fate for those part of the conspiracy; caught out there playing the field.

Dancing with wolves and devils in left field feeling karmic repercussions.

Let them know what it do with the good word and discussions.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Acting Funny???.... Pt. 2

They were acting funny; some didn't wanna work with us..what it do? now others wanna smoke peace pipes.

Olive branches were extended; but it's after some joke about stereotypes.

I Holla at branches of the family!! worldwide..actually intergalactic..back with it..the stereo hypes the Sonic Assault up.

Other branches of the conglomerate reach out to those that are caught up.

Information highway branches off; I-10...I-75..I-65.what it do? were Transmitting Live...from Pluto & Mars..from up in the spot to out there.

Transformation? my way!! lessons learned after I was left out there.

Transportation? the Mothership!! sounds are funky....cosmic slop is like cosmic rays...superfast protons...brought back from out there.

Translation from aliens? breakbeat science put down..seems like this Good Word is from out there.

Transitioning from foul situations? I'm outta there!! going there!! Moving Straight Ahead.

They were acting funny; but said it's all love..but showing hatred instead.

What it do? karmic repercussions? said I was acting funny instead!! when I went for what I know.

Others didn't stay off the thin ice; choosing to skate instead!! they went for what they know.

Voices inside their head!! like that song by the Police...was it the devil calling them?

Other choices instead for this bro; they were acting funny so it's all on them.

Choosing not to call on them!!! called on the Lord instead!! Lord Have Mercy is the battle cry.

Mountains too tall for them? streams of consciousness too deep? as I creep..but they say I'm acting funny!!!

All up in the on player!! the punishment glutton is spotted.

Acting funny!!! due to the corporal punishment..the fabric has rotted.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Story Was Twisted!!!! Ecological Ignorance?

............what's the environment...any change to the climate?

Nosy ones have the story misconstrued!! you know they have it twisted!!

Rosy ones with the positive outlook? soon have their number unlisted.

Eviction notices issued; authorities call out a crook..the drama is visited once again.

Defensive linemen pressured quarterbacks; they'll be shook like Peyton Manning.

Offensive with mine? man please!! deceptive practices are what we faced.

Now I'm going off with this!! no Ecological Ignorance..calculated the cost of this..might raid the office!! after the joint was cased.

All about Progressive Liberation..knowing the history of those who were anointed are erased from the books.

Misery for all time slots? punishment gluttons are appointed!! now it's like Taliban snipers.. were all chased by the crooks.

What else is faced? sideways glances and looks paint the picture.

Back in the days? shady deals went sideways!! so they taint this scripture.

Da Vinci type picture!!! with the code..but paint spilled during the process!! the mixture is contaminated.

Security heightens; a brotha they stress!! even though my I.D. Card is laminated.

Diplomatic immunity enlightens a brotha; the damn hated, but that's what they do.

Dipped back to the community; Atlanta, up in Louisville or wherever..some were scammed, injured; they know what it do.

Another has the story twisted; next thing you know? they're caught up.

I ran off the drama when it revisited!! based on how I was brought up.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Karmic Repercussions Revisited...

Karmic repercussions; getting what we deserved? is that it?

Arguments and discussions were heard; observed; some will get belligerent..some will fight for it.

Whose part of the conspiracy? said we didn't have a right to justice no peace.

It comes with the territory? drama in the hood; Atlanta, Louisville on out in Oakland...all points in no peace in the Middle East.

To say the least!!! as I tell this story..a brotha uses intricate wordplay.

Raised up in Kentucky with Jed I'm knowing how a herb will play!!!

Whats up with me? the package? I put a stamp on it..and return it back to sender.

Then the Sonic Assault is unleashed!!! haters I beseeched!! it's all about Progessive Liberation...O-Dog is the sonic defender.

My objective is freedom and deliverance from evil; there's spiritual significance in this operation.

Disrespected; Karmic Repercussions? some couldnt get it!! even said they were running things!!! but something is missing.

I disconnected; Ecological Ignorance didn't alter the fate..I'm on a different mission..letting the hustlers hustle and the players play.

Wasn't connected with arm chair quarterbacks; putting it down like Drew Brees..passes thrown into the breeze..others were just clones and surrogates like Bruce Willis...running another play.

O-Dog is in the lab working on "Doobie Doo Running Away" like Roy Ayers.

Intergalactic..but The Mothership AKA the hooptie breaks down..I'm like Astronauts at the Space Station..pulling out wrenchs and pliers..

Back with it...just got back from Orlando..rolling down I-95 listening to Pliers, Rick Ross...even threw on some Tallahassee Pain...

Back with it...even pulled out some old school..believing in karma..New Edition...Can You Stand The Rain?

Back with it. ready to do damage.. any Collateral Damage from the offensive? on the other side of the fence is Astro Turf...

Karmic repercussions? in the next episodes ask them what it's worth...


Saturday, February 13, 2010

They Didn't Know...

They didn't know who they were messing with!! royal blood flows through my veins.

But told them..I'm not stressing it...loyalty was shown? during the process? some find out the real deal...after losses and gains.

Time fixes everything..pains heal..but scars are left to remind some of the episodes.

Time fixes everything...but sometimes situations are reactivated ...when a brotha reachs thresholds.

Hood representative; never stressed the street codes...just followed them to the fullest extent.

Moving in discreet modes; one step ahead of Kojak and them!!they'll prosecute you to the fullest extent..

..of the law; what was it that the Marshall saw? Dekalb County Police set up roadblocks.

Martial law in a police state? as some show some spots?...terrorists some assassinate..the street code some will knock..

....along with the hustle; but we use physical and mental muscle ...these brothas will rock.

Blue collar...others down to Plan Z...smash and grabbing..while Wall Street brokers manipulate the stock...

Security heightens...the door some will of opportunity also close...

Plus booby traps are set up..slick like The Taliban...please!! what are you on? the devil will oppose..

Some rose to the occasion...winds of change blow like Cyclone Rene... in the American Samoa...

Others caught up in the situation...Ecological Ignorance Alter The Fate? influenced by the environment? but still royalty..they should act like they know a bro...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ecological Ignorance Revisited...

ecological ignorance will alter the fate...

So what's the good word? this brotha is just minding and tending.

Putting the good work in; O-Dog is up in the lab, beat blending.

Ecological Ignorance Will Not Alter The Fate..told you earlier; message sending; putting them in the songs.

Knew the game was shady like grady from the get go...straight out of the gate..who will work with ya? it's a monstrosity!! family reunions like King Kong's.

Wholl work with ya? it's a what's up? secret society's wrongs will continue.

What's repeating? it's history if we let it..Ecological Ignorance Revisited?...took a look at the menu.

Whose defeating the purpose? they have the gist of it!!! misery loves company.... even on college campuses...whatcha been through?

Bear witness to how we work this; breakbeat science the songs? messages we send you.

Enemy collaboraters try to bend you; break you; are you flexible?

This entity underwent calibrations; Mechanical Engneering.. not bent out of shape; adjustable.

A foul one hates!! not trusting a bro!! shadetree mechanics try to tighten screws.

They said I was a slick one!! they watched my brothas going down on the news.

What it do? what it does? From Hunters Point out in the Bay Area...Compton & LA...Edgewood in Jacksonville...College Park and Decatur in the Atlanta area...

Cruising in Newburg and West End Louisville, Charlotte, Nashville..all points in between...check the scenario..

The mothership is on cruise control;...out there like the Shuttle..Endeavour..check the behavour...realizing I have diplomatic immunity.

Ecological Ignorance Will Alter The Fate...remember I was influenced by my environment when I dipped back to the community

Act like you knew me!! a brotha gets funky!! Intergalactic style!!beat blending.

One step ahead of storm troopers rolling through the street; operating like Afghanistan...or even Iraq....but it's Dekalb County man!! I stay minding and tending.

Plus I'm sending messages in the songs; told you!!a brotha is Taking Care Of Business.

Sliding through portals and passages; fate not altered by ecological ignorance.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

..My Back's Against The Wall

A brotha's back is against the wall; I come up off of it swinging!!

Hitting a lick like George Foreman; authorities try to grill; but I'm like Muhammed Ali..rope a doping.

Hitting a lick back in the day!! cruising up in the Ville down Muhammed Ali Blvd..hoping and wishing.

Checker Cabbing!! but now down here in Atlanta; more drama for ya!!!they're smash and grabbing; lines thrown into the lake of fire

O-Dog is fishing in the stream of consciousness; out of the lab we bring this product.
What it do? breakbeat science is the business!! for those that ask what it is...check the conduct.

What it do? what it does? did we conduct ourselves in an orderly fashion?

I doubt it; like Master P? bout it bout it..survival instincts kicked in; even though Oprah was male bashing...governed myself accordingly; scientific like the Hadron Collider...atom smashing.

Haters say the conduct is disorderly! coming through wreckless with it; the vehicle is crashing.

Now it's submerged in sludge and cosmic slop; hazardous material? some were warned in closed caption.

Karmic Repercussions? meanwhile we're submerged in the stream of consciousness...underwater like mortgages..knowing how the sport is!! the action continues.

Saw evil forces that merged; they had evil intentions..the struggle continues.

Forces converged on different venues, spots, and fronts in spiritual warfare.

Of course chefs in hell's kitchen presented ill menus; you know in love or war nothing is fair!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Damage

Collateral damage was done; what it do? was it like the shuttle? Mechanical Engineering needed to fix it.

Back at you with the drum; what are they on? no need to talk to the hand..that's not how we manage..breakbeat science? we kick it.

Back at home; up in Louisville? actually Intergalactic.rolling up on the International Space Station...we'll kick this from out there.

Down here in the A-Town or Charlotte? maybe Jacksonville; or out in the Bay Area.

Could be anywhere; not up in New York pimping like Patterson..not playing around with these folks! as I go tell them what's up.

Playing around on these sacred grounds? chokeholds for the corrupt.

Playing the sacred sounds; podcasting, alternative broadcasting.. plus seminars are conducted we're holding it down.

Seeing how a fake one gets down; interrupting the tent revival folding it down.

Trying to put a dent in our plans for survival; introducing glitches in the matrix.

Circumvent the arrival of the train of thought; will we make it?

Circumstances have us frozen like the Himalayas; what's up with global warming? can we shake all the ice off?

Circumstances turned some into hustlers and players; putting work in like Lil Wayne.. rolling 30 deep..saying the system didnt break them off.

Circumstances have some pumping brakes; but vehicles accelerate like Toyotas.

....Circumstances have us breaking beats and english..rebuking the apparatus quotas.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

No Glamour..Glitz....

Glamour and glitz was their mission; wannabe American Idol.. the main objective ..they told me they're going all out.

But glitches in the matrix slow them down; weather is bad everywhere..trying to go there..but they can't even blast off like the space shuttle...some are even what's that all about?

All up in the spot!! snitches fake it..things go down...authorities are going all out with warrants.

District attornies issue indictments; see what part of the game it is.

A brotha is kicking it; work with me!! not just Super Bowl Weekend; in the heart of the game things get ugly.

A brotha is kicking it!! work with me on this BreakBeat Science..based on what a brotha knows and sees; things get ugly.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder; but it seems like we're in the Himalayas; but some say it's not getting colder.

Out here in the mainstream of mathematics aka reality? players get bolder.

This dialect will not become extinct like the one in and rhymes in folders are buried deep in secret gardens..away from secret societies.

Otherwise? flowing down the stream of consciousness..straight with my priorities.

Like flowing down the Ohio River up in Louisville a bro is going for what I know..dodging po po as they circle the block.

Righteous forces team up; that's whatsup!! it's the conglomerate; The Sonic Assault..even The Funk Seminar..folk in my circle will rock.

Lighting the fuse! starting a disco inferno! but some still knock the hustle.

Cruising like Smokie! but some wouldn't work with a glamour and glitz!! as linebackers blitz...I went for what I know.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Typing these HP keyboards..after putting these thoughts down on a crumbled up piece of loose leaf.

O-Dog was tapping on Yamaha keyboards..funk dropped..following street codes..remembering past episodes ...they haunt us..gunfire and bombs rumbled up in the piece!!! justice no whose the chief?

What's the belief? remembered past episodes? stumbled out of the gate..false start?

Where's the relief? the breakthrough? needing to erase hate from their false heart?

Whose true or false? part of the conspiracy! knew tricks of the trade.

Whose down for the cause? in this territory? too many games are played.

Too many times I prayed!! even had a Battle Cry...Lord Have Mercy! God's will is done..time revealed the outcome.

Beats and rhymes played by O-Dog!! couldn't chill! he had to pull out the drum.

In the streets? crime played out in front of me..homies down to plan Z.

Plans went straight through the alphabet!! Gamblers Out For A Fast Buck? Las Vegas or Atlantic City bet? don't front on me!! I knew the deally.

You'll Get Played!! Malcolm X by any means necessary theory taken out of context.

Meanwhile..foul ones on the ways and means committee made the simple complex.

Foul ones on the street committee text or on the celly with the latest.

Foul ones? strikes? what's next? at the will I play this?

The first law of nature is self up is elevation.

Native Americans pushed to the reservation..trail of tears the situation.

Playing these American Adventures like the amusement park..not amused by it.

We were getting played!! noticed a lot of my folk are confused by it.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

So What's Up PT.2

What it do? what it does? what's the prognosis?

....analyzing the information, acting like we knew the proper dosage.

Acting like they do? Please!! they didn't come correct! wasn't acting proper when they approached this!

Word from this veteran in the game! now coaching this.

The train of thought is rolling! trainspotters approaching! like the wild wild it a jack move?

Pain caught while we were out got hot for us! heard the warming? we dipped for minute..but came back with another move.

Going all out!! going there!! can we groove? get in where we fit in?

Civil rights demonstration? civil disorder like the 60's? protest and the sit in?

Tribal Disorder for the world music we recognize it.

Meanwhile, due to circumstances my tribe gets out of order!! due to the new world order...recognize it.

The vibe? it's out of cameras record us on the grid?

Whose liable? credit agencies calling!! dealing with foreclosures.. all up in the spot some hid.

What's viable? trying not to flip my lid! trying to maintain.

What's Viacom, CBS and Fox News up to? contaminating the airwaves and the mainframe?

Out there in the mainstream of mathematics; what it do? what it does?

Out there beyond the stream of consciousness floating; you might here the buzz.

Monday, February 1, 2010

So What's Up?

So what's up? what's going down in your jurisdiction?

So what's up? roadblocks are set up..supposedly it's called drug interdiction.

Corrupt cops take product and cash off the top! pure fiction or reality?

Somali pirates paid off as as usual? the buck stops with the gambler out for a fast one actually.

The Toyota kept going...but the truck stops; pulp fiction? last one getting out was blasting! armed and dangerous!

Dude from the old school fumbled to get to the 38...the luck stops ...good or bad? secret gardens are farmed where danger is.

All up in the spot where the Friend or Stranger is..Ronnie Laws plays in the background.

Karmic repercussions determine the behavior? meanwhile we bring the flavor...percussions and the good word..when we came back with the sound.

Rolling with a small army; authorities try to track us down..but were off the grid like Jason Bourne was.

Once residing in hostile territories; like The Gaza Strip..where pain and scorn was.

But this Scorpion King was rebuking the hostile takeover alternatives and options were studied.

Drama kings and queens introduced the hot style makeover; is the break over? forces combine..but it was a struggle; some are left bruised and bloodied.

But soon the shuttle lifted on its next journey; not many left? but we left this jurisdiction.

Out in gray areas: reality and fantasy; was the grass greener or was it astro turf? is it real or pulp-pure fiction?