Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Micranots ‎– So Deep I Never Fell

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some of favorites from back in the day..who still hold it down ..the Micranots ‎– with So Deep I Never Fell...


DJ GIFTED SoN, Best Of 2013 (double Cd)

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out  this mixtape from DJ GIFTED SoN, son with  Best Of 2013. 

This double CD features the best of the year in hip hop from French Montana, Jay-Z, Drake, Meek Mill, Wale, Macklemore, Robin Thicke & many more. This mixtape is courtesy of  DatPiff

Monday, December 30, 2013

Big K.R.I.T. – Shine On Featuring – Bun B

Digital Crate Digging Continues...chilling out y'all!! trying to shine on per Big K.R.I.T. with Shine On featuring – Bun B


We're Focused Man!!

2013 comes to a close...2014 is here...its going down like this and like that!! damn!!  were focused man! 

How is it working? what goes around comes around!! please!!  it's like the  5 NFL coaches fired on this so called Black Monday...some will get whats coing to them...check the karma..word to the bogus man! 

As we approach this man!! like Mike Shanahan..it's hard to coach this man!! some will get kicked off the team like Chane Behanan! things are kind of crazy!  life is hectic! 

What's happening? astrologists blame it on the Uranus Pluto Square activated by the New Moon in Capricorn on New Years Day;  how will the system play?  you'll be disrespected!

 What's happening? these mixologists had the gist of this!! so beats are broken! so is the English! 

The brand new funk and good word is dropped!!  more than duct tape for spirits broken by the pain and anguish! 

Man please!!  the kool aid was not drunk!!  plus I backed away from the buffet!!  strange was how the chef was acting! 

....employed by Hells Kitchen?  along with other devil's advocates!!  the arch nemesis is on the premises!!  they're back up in this thing! 

Sonic weapons are deployed!! with the masses? the system toyed!  knowing NSA tracked that and this thing!!  Google and Yahoo cooperated!

 Sonic weapons show were not devoid of funk like Sir Nose!!  were focused man!!  bumping heads with those that hated!

Jokers skated on thin ice due to global warming!! meanwhile were focused man!!

We span the globe brainstorming...actually the universe....its going to be rough on the bogus man!! 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dayton – The Sound Of Music [Rare X-Tended Remix]

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out this classic disco / jazz / funk  from Dayton with a track called The Sound Of Music [Rare X-Tended Remix] 

Don Blackman – Heart's Desire

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out this live footage / smooth track from jazz-funk pianist   Don Blackman  called Heart's Desire... 

Fuse One / Just Funkin' Around

Sunday Jazz Continues...your dude is just chilling out...Just Funkin Around per Fuse One...check out the players and the track...

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Nightmares On Wax – 70's, 80's (Feat. Roots Manuva).

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out Nightmares On Wax Feat. Roots Manuva....with their interpretation of the 70's, 80's....funky y'all!!

The Outback Chronicles / I Had A Moment Or Two

Whats the deal? what's really going on? questions I'm asking...while I had a moment or two...

Sitting outback chilling out!! ...on my deck...your dude is multi-tasking...but jumping and recognizing ..realizing that evil is an opponent of me and you..

Going all out for that? no respect from the apparatus as long term unemployment benefits expire!!  its on me and you to take things to the next level...

Going all out for that? please..I'm doing what I do...but out on the fringe with no benefits...every now and then dealing with the next devil..

In 2014? I'll be chilling...dealing with it...not letting the next devil cause technical difficulties..If I use my intuition I can spot them...

Check out what we bring...breakbeat scientific with it....these clearance rack epiphanies will shed light on the ongoing schemes ..as haters plot them...

Check out what they bring..they'll bring the drama like its South Sudan....that's whats up man!! lame ducks try to establish a Duck Dynasty..

Check out what they bring...soon stuck like that ship in the Antarctic...why did they start it? please!! those  gamblers out for a fast buck even lied to me!!

Check out what they bring...soon your suspended like Andrew Bynum.. pops always told me somebody was lying...just look at how things go down...

Soon we're caught up in this thing...what? the system / matrix; victimized by those that fake it...just look at how things go down!

Reflecting on how its going down while sitting outside on the deck....as the rain starts falling...

Haters were inspecting like this was the Syrian Chemical Weapons Disposal...I even heard a proposal...but I noticed the reign was falling...

Didn't debate this...disconnecting...now check the steady bombardment...sonic weapons were at my disposal...some were considered hazardous..

Right on time..after I had a moment or two...I wasn't late with this...check out these Outback Chronicles...were back with this...

Friday, December 27, 2013

I'll Be Chilling PT.1

As We Proceed and Continue!! 2014 is here!! We're About To Put It Down Like This!! 

What Will I Do?  I'll be Chilling!! I'm Not Trying To Get Caught Up In The Drama!! 

Of course details are provided at my blogs at http://omanxl1.blogspot.com/ 

..it's also going down at http://www.thebrothaomanxl1.blogspot.com/ 

..and also at http://omanxl1.wordpress.com/ ...it's going down y'all !! but I'll Be Chilling...

I'll Be Chilling PT.1

Jahlil Beats / Legend Era 3

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out this mixtape by producer Jahlil Beats called Legend Era 3. 

This features appearances from Smoke DZA, Skyzoo, French Montana, Uncle Murda , Joey Badass and others...check it out!!

The Outback Chronicles / 2013 Wrap -Up

Chilling out!!  I'm outside in the backyard sitting on my deck!

Had to throw a fresh coat of paint on it!! the drama?  some call themselves going hard but I'm showing restraint..I didn't vote on it!!  society will disrespect! 

Maintaining high standards and expectations!! but  unlike the NSA and telephone data collection I couldn't take advantage of some  situations...due to 2013 reflections I have to "bring them down"  a thousand! 

Maintaining!! rolling like  like Dallas Cowboys  without Tony Romo ..we'll play on!! ready for 2014...still keeping it one hundred!!  rolling solo..but sometimes running with a caste of thousands! 

Straining / struggling?  boy please!!  had to admit I am!! playing a lousy one!! this hand dealt by the system aka gamblers out for a fast buck! 

Boardwalk Empire or Las Vegas style!! on up to Victory Park in Louisville!! until it was hit up by the empire..that's whats up!

From school houses and boards with chalk on them to shady corporate board meeting rooms!! I reflect on victories and losses while sitting outback! 

Louisville plays Kentucky this weekend..a bleak one due to so called real deal Holyfield episodes?  I tweak them!! damn!!  was eating ramen noodles instead of chilling at Outback! 

Its real like that!! so whats up with me?  I refuse to stop or yield!!  these Outback Chronicles should be a reflection! 

Its real like that!!  going all out for that / these; those that hate said I was like tour buses in California...I failed the inspection!

 Chilling out!!  sitting on the deck...at the intersection!!  I can go North,  South,  East, or West! 

I guess its good to have options as we continue to rock them!! 
check these Outback Chronicles!! the response to them and those? letting them know that in 2013 and beyond the Lord blessed!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Train Of Thought Derailed..But We Prevailed PT.2

2013 comes to a close...the train of thought was rolling!! but due to circumstances beyond our control...it derailed...

...running off the tracks...our system was like Target..a hater hacks the mainframe..but we maintained...we prevailed..

The train of thought was running off the rails...who started it? like the Al Qaeda resurgence in Iraq? we bring it back...they had us down for a minute...

The Sonic Assault is unleashed...secret enemies hope this brotha fails...but I'm in it to win it...

Hell was caught from secret entities.. like it was South Sudan...Kenya and Ethiopia help with the negotiations..peace my brother..peace!!

Hell was caught...I'm down south in the ATL man!! its rough out here...a brotha can't be at ease...

I have to stay on point...its easy to get evicted like Greenpeace activists from Russia...please!! this brotha felt the pressure...

I wasn't the one they'll anoint...almost like a New York state of bind!! both the Knicks and The Nets are losing...reality will test ya...

The train of thought was rolling off the rails...but a brotha prevails...2014? through the galaxies the mothership is cruising...as we proceed and continue...

2013? ...pain was felt...gamblers out for a fast buck dealt marked cards!! packages weren't delivered per UPS and FedEx...so what's next on the menu?

We kept working at it...now the train of thought is rolling...please!! wishing it was simple when its complex was the lesson for a lot of us...

The train of thought derailed but we prevailed...like the GOP vs Obamacare our hustle was knocked!! but  haters take a loss...they failed when they tried to scheme and plot on us...


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Deep House Mix 2014 - Dj XS Funky & Deep 2014

Digital Crate Digging Continues..still on the DJ mixes...this time checking out this Deep House Mix 2014 - Dj XS Funky & Deep 2014....courtesy of DJXS110....Check out the playlist and the mix...

Deep House Mix 2014 - Dj XS Funky & Deep 2014 Tracklisting

1. Earth Wind & Fire Sing a Song ft Mark Dorricott (A dIETZ Beatz Jazzy Goodness Groove)
2. Mass Production - Cosmic Lust (Joey Negro 7 Minutes of Jazz Funk Mix)
3. Antonello Ferrari feat Jennifer Wallace- Make Room For Me (Micky More Super Jazz Funk mix)
4. Sylvester - Mighty Real (Sixth Avenue Express Sax Remake)
5. Deeplomatik - Sensations (Original)
6. Chris Malinchak - If U Got It (Joe Hertz remix)
7. Detroit Swindle - Unfinished Business
8. Leigh D Oliver - I Dont Bite
9. Rotciv - We still Clix

Liquicity Yearmix 2013 (Mixed by Maduk)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...on this Christmas Day...the theme from yesterday continues. We're checking out DJ Mixes

..a little background music to vibe on. Well...more than that...this stuff is slamming!! We're checking out the Liquicity Yearmix 2013 (Mixed by Maduk)...a little drum and bass y'all !! Check out the playlist and the mix...

00:00 Feint - Promises

00:23 DJ Fresh - Louder (Fliwo Remix)

01:05 Maduk - Feel Good

02:50 Submatik & Dualistic - Let me Feel

03:28 NERVO vs Hook N Sing - Reason (Fliwo Rmx)

04:23 Maduk - Kings & Queens

05:29 Fox Stevenson - Turn it Up (Higher)

06:35 Maduk - Believe (ft Hebe Vrijhof)

08:01 S.P.Y - By Your Side (Keeno & Whiney Remix)
(Link Not Available)

09:30 Snow Ghosts- And the World Was Gone (Calibre Remix)

09:52 Feint - Homebound

10:57 Livewire - Fading Light

12:26 Maduk & Nymfo - Crossroads

13:31 Hybrid Minds - Lost VIP

15:21 Madface - Many Lies

17:11 Skrillex - Summit (Mediks Remix)

18:16 Seismix - Tranquil

19:22 Hugh Hardie - Tearing me Apart

20:27 Disclosure - You & Me (Flume Remix) (Nymfo Bootleg)

20:48 Nymfo - Whenever You Need Me

21:31 Hybrid Minds - Meant to Be

22:40 L Plus - Faces (Club Mix)

23:57 Mr Probz - Waves (Sektor Remix)

25:03 Hosta - All This Time

25:47 Rameses B - I Need You (Keeno Remix)

27:14 Koncept - Your Eyes

27:58 Rameses B - Timeless (ft Veela)

28:53 Seba - Under the Sun

29:59 Stan SB - Anyone Out There (Maduk Remix)

Stan SB - Anyone Out There (Original Mix)

31:05 Maduk - Life

32:10 Fliwo - So Strong

33:16 Metrik - Freefall VIP

34:22 Elles De Graaf - Fallen (Echo Inada Remix)

35:28 John Mayer - Free Fallin' (NCT Remix)

36:12 Indiana - Mess Around (Etherwood Remix)

38:01 Parachute Youth - Can't Get Better Than This (Sigma Remix)

38:45 Rhye - Open (Keeno Remix)

39:51 Shock One - Home (ft Reija Lee)

41:19 Woody - Revelate

42:25 Smooth - Yesterday

43:41 Matrix & Futurebound - Control

44:36 Avizura - Memories

45:39 Rameses B - Hope (ft Charlotte Haining)

46:05 Fliwo - In The Rain

46:59 Avizura - Lucky Star

48:16 NCT - Frozen in Time

49:22 Woody - Bandit

50:28 Mind Vortex - Alive

51:33 Emile Sande - Lifted (Loadstar Remix)

52:38 Tantrum Desire - Guided Rhythm

54:07 Spectrem & Spillage - Trust

55:08 Andreas Ort - Seasons (ft. Submatik & Charline)

55:57 Fracus & Darwin - Succeed (ft Mark Slammer)

56:41 Strife II - How Do I (Maduk Remix)

57:24 Cahb - Secrets VIP

58:19 Flite - Blue Sparks

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tall Black Guy Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues...chilling out on this Christmas Eve...checking out these smooth DJ mixes...Right about now were checking out this Tall Black Guy Mix courtesy of  DJ Raphael

He covers all aspects...jazz, funk , hip hop, breakbeat, electro etc...check out the playlist and the mix...

 1. 00:00 / Sweet Europe - Tall Black Guy
2. 03:00 / Al Green's Dream - Tall Black Guy
3. 05:05 / Thrill Seeker (Thriller) - Tall Black Guy
4. 09:43 / Rain Into The Nite - Tall Black Guy
5. 12:25 / Mon amie de'troit (feat. Ozay Moore) - Tall Black Guy
6. 15:58 / Love To The World - Tall Black Guy
7. 20:15 / On A Better Day I'm Dreamin' (Tall Black Guy Remix) - Colman Brothers
8. 24:15 / Let It Go (Tall Black Guy Remix) - Temika Moore
9. 27:26 / With you - Tall Black Guy
10. 29:30 / Water No Enemy - Tall Black Guy
11. 33:50 / Golden Sun (Tribute to Blackalicious) - Tall Black Guy

DJ Krush - Nova Radio - Mixtape

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this DJ Krush - Nova Radio - Mixtape. Searched everywhere for a playlist but there's none. It's just DJ Krush going off with supreme turntablism with elements of jazz, funk , hip hop, breakbeats ..whatever.  Check it out y'all !!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Galaxy 2 Galaxy ‎– Hi Tech Jazz

Digital Crate Digging Continues...Detroit is in the house!! We're checking out some of this   Galaxy 2 Galaxy ‎– playing us some Hi Tech Jazz...from their Galaxy 2 Galaxy  project.  

 Mike Banks  is the primary member of Galaxy 2 Galaxy ..with members of the   Underground Resistance  label / movement helping him out!! They included  Robert Hood & Jeff Mills, along with Agent Chaos, Andre Holland and others. Check this out!!


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Smooth Soulful House Music DJ Mix by JaBig (2013 HD Deep Vocal Playlist) - DEEP & DOPE 216

Sunday Jazz Continues..blending the genres a litttle ..checking out some jazzy house music ..with the Smooth Soulful House Music DJ Mix by JaBig (2013 HD Deep Vocal Playlist) - DEEP & DOPE 216...check out the playlist and the mix...

DEEP & DOPE 216 Playlist Tracklisting:

Take Me with You (feat. Rachel Fraser) Tony Lionni
The Blast (feat. Rob Harvey) [Flow & Zeo Remix] X-Press 2
Take A Stand Marissa Guzman
My Heart Belongs to You (Distant Music Mix) Melba Moore
Try Me (Grand Masters Re-Groove) Sweet X Sour
Smile (Shur-i-kan Future Vox) Mistura, Joey Negro, Kendra Cash
Warning (Rhemi Main Mix) Rhemi, Lynn Lockamy
Mysterious (Richard Earnshaw Vocal) Random Soul
Fizzy Steve Mill
I Wonder Nathan Adams
Only You [feat. Lucy Randell] Guy Robin
Paradise (Gianluca Pighi & Massimo Paramour Rework) Mustafa, Oscar P, Marcus Pearson
About Love (Sean McCabe Alt Vocal Dubbed) Groove Assassin, Kenny Bobien
Truth (I Know You Are Beautiful) [DJ Man-X & ReelSoul "Sunset Nights" Mix] Sterling Ensemble
So Clear (Future Dub) Spiritchaser
Moment (Atjazz Re-Fix) Musaria feat. Saturna
Rocker (Spiritchaser Remix) Erin Leah and N'Dinga Gaba
Time to Go (Black Coffee Remix) Marissa Guzman
This Is How it Goes (Black Coffee Remix) Goldfish
Twice (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Mix) Little Dragon
Midnight Solaris Heights
New Jersey Deep (SWAG Edit) Black Science Orchestra

They Don't Give A Flip About You!! PT.3

The saga / struggle continues!! please!! these folk don't give a flip about you! 

Jokers were heard singing;  "I Did It My Way" ...like Frank Sinatra!   they said they did it without you! 

Earlier you said it was all about you!!  in the ATL rolling as a Mafioso / Cosa Nostra type!!  or maybe the Teflon Don! 

Earlier you said you could predict the future like Nostradamus! so whats really going on? 

Check out what I kick to you!! like in South Sudan the drama is full blown!!  plus we deal with it from all aspects! 

Local / national / international;  and even like the ISS spacewalk?   it's intergalactic!!  you know a hater disrespects! 

Acting irrational?  they don't give a flip about you!! so this brotha disconnects from the mainframe!

I kept it moving!!  might have to dip without you!! otherwise I'm just trying to maintain! 

Realizing that its all game!! but even the veterans get gaffled by those ego tripping! 

Others were on the injured reserve like Kobe Bryant!! but Brotha O will remaim defiant!! not a baffled Negro / black man!! but I know some won't give a flip about this thing!

Others trip out on this thing!! some curse and pray at the same time...it depends on where there soul is...

Please!! these people don't give a flip about you...issues? everybody is going through them!! enhanced by Venus retrograde and the Winter Solstice? 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Actual Proof – The Grit (Disco Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this nice house music from Opolopo aka Actual Proof with a track called The Grit (Disco Mix)

UKF Drum & Bass 2013 (Album Megamix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this UKF Drum & Bass 2013 (Album Megamix) 

This is a megamix of a CD released by UKF featuring the best in drum and bass from 2013..Check out the playlist of artists featured and the mix....

 UKF Drum & Bass 2013 tracklist:
1. Sub Focus - Endorphins (Fred V & Grafix Remix)
2. Hamilton - You Had It
3. Brookes Brothers - Carry Me On feat. Chrome
4. John Newman - Love Me Again (Kove Remix)
5. Dimension - All I Need
6. Rollz - Burn Up
7. Sid Batham - All Lies (Brookes Brothers Remix)
8. Friction - Long Gone Memories
9. Shock One - Lazerbeam
10. Kove - Searching
11. Camo & Krooked - All Night
12. Hybrid Minds - Halycon
13. Pedestrian - Hoyle Road (Spectrasoul Remix)
14. BCee - Lost & Found
15. Ivy Lab - Afterthought
16. The Upbeats - Alone
17. Emperor - She Said
18. Rockwell - Detroit
19. DC Breaks - Swag
20. Black Sun Empire - Arrakis (Noisia Remix)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Lone Catalysts - Renaissance

Digital Crate Digging Continues..excuse me while I have another old school hip hop...were checking out the classic track Renaissance  from  Lone Catalysts - (  J. Rawls, and J Sands aka  Jermaine Sanders)

They also had some help from  All Natural

Thursday, December 19, 2013

All Up In The Spot / Staying On Point..

Once again its on!! damn!! here we are...were all up in the spot! 

Once again its on!!  like talking to Iran about their nuclear program in Geneva...were staying on point...peeping game...its easy to get victimized by the scheme or plot! 

Are you rolling with the team or not? we're schooling jokers like  Lebron James vs Mario Chalmers...what's the response from us?

All up in the spot...thought and fashion police thought they were ruling..playing games...even thought they were on to us...

We stay on point...we noticed  the fabric is not smooth...it has a knot in it!! damn!!  it looks kind of ragged! 

I wasn't the one they'll anoint..I was cut from a different cloth anyway!!  smooth but the edges are jagged! 

The corrupt agenda similar to the Target Credit Card breach?  I had to deal with it!! please!!  they have us coming and going! 

So whats up? a moving target is hard to hit but tires screech as I pump brakes; ..now chilling in the lab...the blender is running!! broken beats and English are in the mix...soon I'll be going for what I'm knowing! 

Thought and fashion police were showing their hand;  running off at the mouth like dude from Duck Dynasty ...contributing to the pain and anguish!!...now check the set up...like Crawford Lewis in Dekalb County? ...they'll try to railroad you! 

Sonic Assaults are unleashed after I hear the train rolling down the track!! I see some are trying to act brand new with us...others didn't have the knack!! what's up jack? I see  coping strategies failed you! 

Nobody bailed you out like banks or Wall Street!!  please!! now  your caught up in the system / matrix! 

The ship came in for some like Mega Million winners!! then it sailed out to sea!! unlike Deutsche Bank with the uranium business minus mortgage fraud charges!!  were dealing with those that fake it!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

They Didn't Understand

They were acting like Republicans that didn't understand the budget plan!!! damn!!  even when I tried to explain it to them! 

Whats up man? the mothership has landed down here with these earthlings...but scientific is how I work things!! like spacewalking to  fix the cooler on the International Space Station..please!! ..I'm just trying to maintain as I go through them! 

What? episodes!!  act like you knew about them...what? the information overloads!!  please! I'm intergalactic ...so I know about the drama out there! 

Plus....its local national and international!!  fanatics were acting irrational!! damn!!  like Edward Snowden some will even give up the codes...its rough out there! 

Some were vocal! said I was acting irrational when I was in breakbeat scientific modes...I'm  just getting open..please!! I'm just Doing What I Do!

At the end of the day?  like Chinese moon voyages I'm just going for what I know!!  breaking it down like this!!  letting folk know what it do! 

Some didn't understand these!!  check the supreme courage...but earlier I mentioned everybody ain't able! 

Some didn't understand these!! a hater will try to discourage..earlier I mentioned everybody ain't stable!

It even gets stereotypical!! like Indian envoys gaffled by NYPD; others rock the label like NYPD stop and frisk victims..so called powers that be were sick ones...plus there's a lot of wannabes! 

Word to the macks and divas in the ATL on another end of the spectrum...after coping strategies fail them? maybe they'll understand these!

Working it like Mack Brown stepping down in Texas before the smackdown after cashing reality checks...

Working it like Aaron Alexis with the ELF... or dipping down I-20 in Atlanta in the Lexus taking a picture of themselves..similar to selfies at the Nelson Mandela memorial..who'll understand these editorials concerning the ongoing train wrecks?


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The JB's / You Can Have Watergate Just Gimme Some Bucks And I'll Be Straight

Digital Crate Digging Continues...Fox News...CBS News...NBC News..CNN....they'll all talk about the latest so called issue, talking point.  But I'm like James Brown and the JB's back in the 1970'S...You Can Have Watergate / Just Gimme Some Bucks And I'll Be Straight!! Check them out y'all !!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Deep House Lounge Music 2013 Mix by JaBig - DEEP & DOPE 214

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out this Deep House Lounge Music Playlist 2013 Mix by JaBig - DEEP & DOPE 214...nice and smooth...check out the playlist and the mix...

Niagadina Rodriguez Jr.
People Come Running (Needs Remix) Taxi
Midnight Solaris Heights
Lovesong 28 Jullian Gomes
Le Huitieme Arrondissement Bas Amro
Crazy Legs Demarkus Lewis
Dead Flame Rising (Shur-I-Kan Vocal Remix) The Steals
The Sad Piano Justin Martin
Love Hangover (DiFrankz Chill Remix) Diana Ross
Move Closer Spirit Chaser

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Roy Ayers & Wayne Henderson / Heat Of The Beat

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out some disco jazz / funk  with a cut called Heat Of The Beat  by   Roy Ayers & Wayne Henderson  

This is from their Step In To Our Life  project they had out in 1978..check out the all star players they had rolling with them plus the track..

Arranged By [Strings] – McKinley Jackson Backing Vocals – Barry "Bo" Henderson, Greg Matta*, Michael Young, Reggie Ellis, Vernell Shaw Bass – Ed Reddick Drums – James Gadson Guitar – Darryl "Sugar Bear" Moore* Lead Vocals – Roy Ayers, Vernell Shaw Percussion – Vance "Mad Dog" Tenort* Trombone – Wayne Henderson Vibraphone – Roy Ayers


Masters At Work –Brazilian Beat (Romatt Dub)

Sunday Jazz Continues...check out some latin jazz / house music from Masters At Work with te Brazilian Beat ( Romatt Mix) ..Featuring – Liliana Chachian
Check out the funky track....Big ups to  Mr Bongo Records

They Don't Give A Flip About You! PT.2

So whats the deal? what's really going on?  per my other blog..please!! I spotted the fake condolences for Nelson Mandela.. but these folk don't give a flip about you! 

Danger zone residents concur;  out in the fog? please!!  it was like the GOP vs The Tea Party;  they heard the smoke and mirror doctrine!!  it's not that kind of party!! jokers said they did it without you! 

Jokers said they'll go on without you!!  now your saying;  oh!! its like that huh? 

Broken beats and English is how were playing this!! I'm showing them what a pimp will do! 

Wishing it was a simple thing but its not!!  so we govern ourselves accordingly! 

....Per old school baptist preachers...these folk weren't trying to reach us!! its all love though;  I know where the border or boundary will be! 

It's like bus riding over in Nairobi ...out there where its rough?  that's where you found me!! so I had to enhance the coping strategy! 

Out there where everybody is going through something!! wishing and hoping!! so you know they didn't holla at me!

 Please!! everybody is struggling!! these folk don't give a flip about you! 

But if their ship comes in?  they'll put their mack down!!  they'll dip without you! 

Whats the word on the curb? like Mack Brown stepping down they had their doubts about you!!  jokers were talking sideways! 

Careless whispers  per George Michael?  reality will deliver the smackdown...but we break the cycle..this veteran in the game is now coaching!!  but I even had to hide my plays!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

They Don't Give A Flip About You!!

Please!!  like Kim Jong-un killing his uncle...you should already know those folk don't give a flip about you! 

Its like your the landlord..rent owed? those tenants skip out on you! 

Some understand the Lord is with you;  but others were tentative...out there like Space X launches...they think they're masters of the universe! 

These barren land residents are not on one accord with them and those...like the International Space Sation  O-Dizzle is is the lab hooking up the masters...while O-Zone will hit you up with a verse! 

....or maybe two..as we act like we knew...as we try to reverse the curse / break the cycle;  its a rough job but somebody has to do it! 

Jokers curse and pray at the  same time!!  CIA and Mandela? they don't give a flip about you or the job your trying to do...act like you knew it! 

As we all go through it!!  curse and pray?  I have to admit I've done them both!

As we all go through it!!  manipulated by ALEC or the so called American Legislative Exchange Council..some could care less about what you have to deal with!! now who told the truth? 

Trying to say the truth is told!! Al Gore mentioned global warming but this world is cold...I was hip to the deliberate falsehood! 

Bearing witness to the proof; from Oakland to Decatur...from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg... R.I.P. Nelson Mandela..but  just like the fake interpreter  jokers were acting false in the hood! 

Bearing witness to the false positive test!! please!! these folk don't
really give a flip about you! 

Bearing witness to false prophets trying to test..trying to take you there!!  but actually they'll go on the trip without you!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Pharoahe Monch – Simon Says (Remix) featuring Lady Luck, Pharoahe Monch, Redman, Method Man, Busta Rhymes , Shaabam Shadeeq

Digital Crate Digging Continues....excuse me while I have a hip hop moment..checking out Pharoahe Monch with Simon Says. 

This is the remix featuring  Lady Luck, Pharoahe Monch, Redman, Method Man, Busta Rhymes , Shaabam Shadeeq..check it out!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Yukihiro Fukutomi Feat. Rich Medina – Equality Part 1

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out Yukihiro Fukutomi Feat. Rich Medina with a cut called Equality Part 1. 

 Yukihiro Fukutomi is dropping the beat while Rich Medina drops the mathematics..check it out...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Oh! So It's Like That Huh? PT. 5 (That's What They Meant By Funk)

What it do? we're all up in the spot!! shady deals were made like the so called budget compromise...were checking out the behavior! 

Oh!!  so its like that huh? I'm not surprised.. some are acting brand new!! meanwhile others are all up in the kool aid but don't know the flavor! 

Oh!! so its like that huh?  some were acting like they knew!! like the fake interpreter at the Mandela memorial!! but jokers didn't know half the story! 

I was intergalactic with it!! but the old Cutlass Supreme needed coolant like the International Space Station..but aliens told me what they meant by funk when I was out in that territory! 

ATLiens told me what they meant by crunk when I moved to the ATL..when I was in that territory!! I said alright then! 

Misbehaving when I drop this breakbeat science as I enlighten them? 

I bring the light to them / those waiting in the dark!! as we put it down like this! 

Oh!!  so its like that huh?  my response to the response!!  its going down like this!

We're dropping science like Geminids meteor showers..Gemini change their minds during the last hours....two sides to the game.. 

Aliens told us what they meant by funk..so now we drop it on the earth..before the Full Moon in Gemini..were ready to ride in this game...

No where to run or hide in this game...some are heard saying..oh!! so it's like that huh? 

Aliens schooled us..they told us what they meant by funk..now O-Dizzle is like..oh!! so its like that huh? 


Nightmares on Wax Dj Kicks (Full Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out Nightmares on Wax Dj Kicks (Full Mix)....it's hitting y'all !!

Check out the playlist and the phat mix...

 iK7s Dj Kicks Presents Nightmares on Wax


1. Slow Progress - Type
2. Breakneck - Only Child
3. Ay, Ay Studder - Saukrates
4. Break It Down - DJ Paul Nice
5. Shake Up (Jaddle Remix) - Grand Unified
6. Ease Jimi - Nightmares On Wax
7. Flash $ - Jerry Beeks
8. Thick - D.I.T.C.
9. Burn Me Slow - Nightmares On Wax
10. Play On - Nightmares On Wax
11. Get On Down - Kenny Dope
12. Superkat - Kenny Dope
13. Award Tour - A Tribe Called Quest
14. Swamp Fever - John Cameron
15. Alphabet Aerobics - Blackalicious
16. This Place - DJ Trax
17. It's A Latin Thing - Freddy Fresh
18. Underground Crownholders - Aim
19. Catchwrecka - Deckwrecka
20. Sand Steppin - Martin Brew
21. Overooped - Smokers Blend
22. Pick Me Up - Deadbeats
23. Chocolate - Syrup


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oh!! So Its Like That!! Huh? PT.4

The episode goes down....just trying to put my mack down!! ..but jokers question my moves like Mack Brown in Texas..now I'm asking;  oh!!  so its like that? 

Information overload?  naw!! but seeing how complex it is..wishing this was a simple thing but this was useful; ..timing is crucial as we continue to fight that! 

Transition / transformation modes? oh yeah!! I'm  spotted where the light is at..after it finally came on! 

Messages?  lost in translation!! street codes not interpreted.. some  say they're not down with all that slang!! but I spotted them waiting in the dark!!  they can't get their game on! 

Passages through the middle? oh yeah!! they were part of the riddle!!! it's all game but I'm out here trying to work it!!  society will put the blame on a brotha! 

...Like they do Obama!! problems with shaking Raul Castro's hand? a brotha can't give another brotha dap? so  its like that?  word from a brotha!

But the drama can be local, national, international;  and even

Another will be vocal!! loud!! boisterous!! the definition of
a fanatic! 

Acting erratic! losing their poise like Los Angeles County Deputies; ...in the midst of the chaos and confusion! 

Check these mathematics!! plus we bring the noise in per
Public Enemy... breakbeat science is what were using!

Down I-20 in Atlanta we were cruising..like it was a Mars One mission...out there: ..it got lonely out there..but we kept on running...

Clearance rack epiphanies made me think; Oh!! So It's Like That Huh? ...I didn't quit and didn't stop...like Kobe Bryant coming back..I'll keep gunning!!