Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Hot Mess Chronicles..

............word from the hot messenger............

They're trying to clean up the mess they've made...where's the janitor? but I had to warn ya...the damage is already done...

Observing the scene..all up in the place..support crews up in the spot like FEMA ready to deal with Hurricane Earl ...will the drama unfurl? we're doing damage with the drum

Another hot mess? not so fresh and clean like OutKast.. ...not the one...had to admit this brotha's hands are dirty..

It's seen and heard...now coming out fresh with a brand new batch..so who'll work with me?

Not on the scene...never heard of me? not high profile like Edgar "Le Barbie" Valdez.. but knowing how foul it gets..so what's the real deal?

I was usually laying in the cut..what's up? like the gospel song..trying to make peace be still. A Hot Messenger..usually saying what's up..the word on the curb...as we exit this long hot summer!! Chicago bears witness..knowing what the deal is...no need to make appointments..

No imaginations to stretch for ya...like a rubber band..they ask me what's up man? told them I'm on a Rendezvous With Destiny...that's the whole point of this...

Rocking this funky joint is the mission...that's word from The Poor Righteous Teachers...

Who's rocking hustles? dude had a monkey on his back..money was made off of the poor..but homie was supposed to be a righteous preacher!!

Knocking hustles? O-Dog had a funky track...O-Zone had this good word..check the collaboration..

Knocking hustles? whose waiting in the dark..maybe this light will reach ya..just because the situation in Iraq winds down is no cause for celebration..

What's up with us? shining flashlights like security with keys rattling..meanwhile authorities in Crown Victorias were waiting in park..observing the scene...

Parliament's Flashligh plays in the background..but in the game? no purity..it's dirty..whose got those kilos? snitches were tattling..now the DEA is on the scene...

Who plays a part in it? the conspiracy..the Dutch are holding some....what were they believing? slack moves were exposed...

The hot mess? we're in the heart of it...wearing a Hard Hat With A Lantern On Top like miners in Chile..what's the deally? no time to"pass the dutchie to the left hand side" trying to chill...remain composed...

The Hot Messenger tries to awake those who dosed off to sleep during the class..

Once again it's on....tried to find peace...like Keith Sweat..tried to make it last.. But guns blast...roadsides bombs explode..what's the mode..it's just a Hot Mess..

Where's the janitor? will he take out the trash..or sweep up that mess?

NBA Star Carmelo Anthony Threatens Kat Stacks on Twitter and Later Claims His Page Was Hacked

NBA Star Carmelo Anthony Threatens Kat Stacks on Twitter and Later Claims His Page Was Hacked

Ron Isley Is Back!!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thrown Under The Bus....Or Thrown To The Wolves?

They'll either throw you under the bus or throw you to wolves..

What's up with us? please!! I spotted folks in sheep's clothing..you know they were wolves!!

No justice no peace is the cry from Rev. Al!! meanwhile across town Glenn Beck disrespects..meanwhile O-Zone checks them all out..some wearing Timberland's.. ..Rockport's ...Stacy Adams..honeys had on stilettos..

What's the deal? whose stalking us from Afghanistan to Chicago Land? please!! check the drama from Caucasians...Asians..Latinos and even Fly Negroes..

Peeping the steelo of Arabs and Africans..soon realizing that it's one world..

Whose sleeping in the lab? or in rehab? soon out leaving vapor trails like Paris Hilton in Las Vegas... meanwhile I was chilling at The Hilton down here in Orlando....some had the story twisted...now the drama will unfurl...

What occurred? the drama is revisited..but Lady Gaga told Alejandro to let it go!! he played it like it was a family reunion...

I checked the steelo...jackers wanted some to break bread like it was a baptist church..first of the month communion..

That's the style!! the state of the union..whatcha knowing? wolves were at the front door!!

That's foul!! drama was brought to your doorstep..Atlanta Braves respond by winning..The AJC will give you the score..

Dramatics sing whatcha see is what you get..but now some don't want it..

Some will take it and then some..blowing up like Hurricane Earl..they fronted and flaunted..

Soon authorities hunted..there's an all point bulletin..Dragnet..One Adam Twelves..

O-Zone? telling these stories after I hunted and gathered..brought back more math for ya..plus O-Dog pulled funk off the shelves..

Who made wishes..consulted with elves, leprechauns, warlocks and witches? old girl said you can't trust to luck...

What it do? please!! I was hip to plots,schemes, ploys and cons implemented by gamblers out for a fast buck..

Nick Cannon: Mariah Carey Would Be 'the Best Mom"

Nick Cannon: Mariah Carey Would Be 'the Best Mom"

Rev. Al Sharpton in DC Today..


Kanye West Unleashes A “Monster” With Jay-Z, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj

Kanye West Unleashes A “Monster” With Jay-Z, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj