Monday, October 31, 2016

Out There: Standing Alone Against The World PT. 10 (The Concept Finale)

 We mentioned earlier, that we were out here, standing alone against the world; after suddenly feeling like a giant..

Now we have work to do, we have a mess to clean up like Clinton e-mails after we were accused of not being compliant..

I heard you!! they say I lied about it!! excuse me but   Parliament / George Clinton type Mothership Connections made the train of thought roll of the rails!!  

What's the word? what it do? who started it? now out here, standing alone against the world after the coping strategy fails..

What's the word on the curb?  the hooptie still dips down I-20 in Atlanta cruising through West Peachtree Street in Midtown where it seems all the money is, even though I didn't have any!! still moving forward never backwards............

...just like the old hip hop cliche, you heard me? word from a Warrior of Peace like Azar Lawrence in a world full of war and rumours of war per  Matthew 24:6-8  but we should know how that works!!

Out there, standing alone against the world!! on the road again like Willie Nelson as winds of change are blowing!!  per Scorpio Season? I'm ready to blast off!!  I spotted a portal to slide through.

Out there, standing alone against the world!! down with the homies!! the street code followed whether it's Louisville, Oakland, The A-Town or Charlotte!! I'm on it, it's like Iraqi soilders rolling up on Mosul when I ride through.

Discrete mode, avoiding FBI investigations per James Comey; will your folk hide you? somebody's even watching me, like Michael Jackson and Rockwell.

This Is It? investigations indicate that the drought wasn't over!! I see waters are depleted like Lake Lanier and Lake Hartwell.

"It ain't hard to tell".. like Nas said...  check out how Hunger Games Peacekeepers alt / shift / deleted!! the block is hot from Louisville, Oakland, the A-Town to Charlotte.

From Jax on the First Coast to the West Coast out in LA. / The Bay Area!!  we're trying to take it to the bridge, Out There: Standing Alone Against The World!! this is the concept finale but the not the final conflict when we're *All Up In The Spot*

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Joe Farrell - Too High

Sunday Jazz Continues....this song here is so funky!!! it's a rendition of Stevie Wonder's Too High by Joe Farrell a saxophonist from Chicago who recorded on CTI was a former member of Return To Forever with Chick Corea

...on Too High Herbie Hancock helps out with the piano...Herb Bushler on bass..Steve Gadd on drums....and Joe Beck on funky!! Check it out!!

Mongo Santamaria "Afro Blue" 1984

Sunday Jazz Continues!! We're checking out some latin jazz / soul jazz from Mongo Santamaria with a track called  "Afro Blue" .Check out the players and the track...

Bobby Sanabria -- Drums

Sal Santamaria -- Percussion

E.J. Allen -- Trumpet

Sam Furnace -- Alto Saxophone

Tony Hinson --Tenor Saxophone

Bob Quaranta -- Piano

Eddie Resto - Bass

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Danger Doom feat. Ghostface Killah - The Mask

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Saturday Night Fever; checking out this true school hip hop from  Danger Doom feat. Ghostface Killah - with a track called The Mask.


Friday, October 28, 2016

Out There: Standing Alone Against The World PT.9

I was caught out there, but I suddenly felt like a giant even though I'm only 5-8.

I'm standing alone against the world, this concept has unfurled but they didn't hear me!!  no need to have a debate. 

...Like Trump or Clinton,  when corporate interests will be hindering progress. 

Beats thump and this good word is dropped!!  not pimping like Trump or Clinton foundations!!  please!! not even like Chevron clocking profits while my people stress..

Vagrants / street prophets  stand in front of the Chevron over on Glenwood Road in Decatur humming and bumming

.. back in the Wild Wild West days?  the stagecoach got robbed,  now Wells Fargo is robbing consumers, acting brand new with us!! that's why we're good word dropping and funky drumming!!

Listening to Wild Wild West by Kool Moe Dee while riding down I-20 in Atlanta!!  sounds pumped by baby boomers, while new school ATLiens listen to ABC raps..

ATL? it's like the Wild Wild West, please!! loot pursuits led to Fourth of July fireworks / gun claps....

Out there, standing alone against the world but these are not trivial pursuits, there's spiritual significance in this operation..

Out there!! O-Zone is in conflict with this world as jokers play the truth game!! thought and fashion police / evil spirits won't me to abort my operation... 

Out there where the system is vote flipping!! contradicting let freedom ring?  

Out there!! the boat is flipping like the Titanic but we had life jackets, suddenly feeling like a giant!! against the world we're standing...

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 126 (Varien Takeover)

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! for the latest in electro, trap music, house music and other flavors we're checking out The Monstercat Podcast Ep. 126 (Varien Takeover). Check out the playlist and the mix..

▼ Tracklist
00:00:41 Going Quantum x Psychic Type - Rare [Monstercat Spotlight]
00:04:58 Aero Chord - Kid’s Play
00:07:55 Muzzy - Children of Hell
00:12:55 Feint - Words (ft. Laura Brehm)
00:16:34 Tut Tut Child - The Evidence
00:19:45 7 Minutes Dead - Sidewinder [Monstercat Throwback]

00:26:18 Karma Fields - Sweat [Monstercat Exclusive]
00:31:28 Karma Fields - Sweat (Soulji Remix)
00:33:40 Karma Fields - Sweat (Bixel Boys Remix)

[Varien’s Takeover]
00:36:20 Varien - Lest We Resign to Oblivion
00:38:32 Varien - Dawn Will Bring Us Death
00:42:02 Varien - TEVA833
00:46:16 Varien - My Prayers Have Become Ghosts
00:50:40 Varien - The Pink Killing Floor
00:57:24 Varien - Hear, Smith of Heavens

Out There: Standing Alone Against The World PT.8

We're caught out there like it's ATL traffic!!  this is truth or reality as we know it.

Standing alone against the world, but performing magic after suddenly feeling like a giant; now going for it. 

Moving forward but it's easy to blow it!!   gatekeepers and naysayers collaborate!!  check the intricate plot or scheme. 

Hunger Games Peacekeepers sweep the perimeter!!  they're mad because you're not on the team. 

Your supposed to be with other clones monitored by drones and security cameras. 

The devil is opposed!!  O-Zone is putting work in showing earthlings what stamina is.

 Blue collar style!!  white collar criminals were foul,  as they loot the treasury like Wells Fargo types:  then damned us if we did or didn't. 

The daughter of chaos seduced the so called player / pimp; now in love, he was smitten.

She was chastised, like Newt Gingrich did Megyn Kelly: can you smell me? that's per E-40 or maybe can you smell what The Rock is cooking / Dwayne Johnson. 

Playing Scorpion King, ignored the grinch,  jokers can't tell me when to go per Scorpio Season

Doing my thing, in the midst of matrix glitches and technical difficulties!  standing alone against the world after suddenly feeling like a giant.

God is good!!  trying to stay on the one,  but Human like The Human League mentioned;  not always compliant.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Out There; Standing Alone Against The World PT. 7

 I was caught out there; but I suddenly feel like a giant, standing alone against the world!!

Now I'm ready to take it there!! it's Scorpio Season!! , but knowing in this sport there will be treason, that keeps me in conflict with this world...

The drama will unfurl as seasons / reasons change: some will change their minds like Colin Powell supporting Hillary Clinton...

The drama will unfurl as seasons / reasons change; San Francisco 49er fans abandon ship saying Colin Kaepernick is foul, meanwhile I turned the dial while rolling in the hooptie down I-20 in Atlanta looking for some George Clinton 

A brotha may have mentioned this before but that's how I'm working it bro!!  madness methods were developed while standing alone against this world!!

Your dude is actually intergalactic like the Cassini Spacecraft out by Saturn!!  playing Yamaha and Casio keyboards when I bring this math, recognize the pattern!!   but not spaced out  in a Dreamworld

Not falling off rides like in Australia, I ride for freedom but coping strategies will fail ya! had to tell some to stop trying to front on this mystic!! O-Zone?  a brotha is multi-dimensional.

They said I was falling off, just out there!! I had to tell them a brotha is ghetto, country , alley, plus a black urban professional.

Who's calling off the battle as good and evil clash at the confessional?  during the storm?  lightning struck the temple.

Light was shed on the Smoke and Mirrors show!! back in the day? old dude  in Louisville tried to correct a bro,  show me what a pimp will do.

Told to act like I knew, so I suddenly feel like a giant, standing alone against the world!! but you know the saga / struggle continues!! the simple was made complex by flagrant agents.

Everybody has a story to tell!!  the word is heard from Aleppo in Syria to word from Atlanta., with the Five Points Marta Station vagrants.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The B.B. & Q. Band - On The Beat

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! I was checking out Atlanta's  89.3 WRFG's Soul Rhapsody program / they played this cut by The Brooklyn Bronx and Queens Band...aka BB and Q Band / check out this classic cut On The Beat...

The Outback Chronicles (Scorpio Season Edition)

Once again it's on!!  seasons / reasons change!!  it's going down, as the wind blows leaves from the trees.

Outback raking,  others out of it faking the funk,  like Obama reading Donald Trump mean tweets?  sick like the Zika virus or some disease? 

Out of it?  please!!  Scorpio Season is here!! leaves are falling from trees as winds of change are blowing!!  I feel it in the air like Phil Collins. 

Doubts about it? reason for the treason? damn!  Scorpio King or the King of Pain per the Police?  I'm trying to block shots like Tree Rollins.

Back with it, knowing how the sport will go, not living outback  where the wild things are fighting for survival!! but sometimes I wonder as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta one step ahead of the police like brothas worldwide!! taking a look around?  parallel dimensions coincided..

Back with it!! not pimping like  squirrels outback hiding nuts as the weather cools off!! similar to Wells Fargo types snatching the money and trying to hide it?

A fanatic tried it....another gets bold...they tried to roll up on the spot.

Big white vans like Joey Greco from Cheaters? damn!  damn!  damn! like Florida from Good Times!!  Al Gore said it would get hot.

O-Dog will jam like Teddy Riley and Guy and them or Chic with Good Times!! all up in the spot with funk from the 70's or disco from the 80's.

Hip hop style from the 90's on up until today!! let the music play!! in the meantime and between time I'm raking these leaves outback!! the style is futuristic when we play these.

Check the style; I don't play around with these and those faking / deceiving the masses...

 Check the style; I play the sound and drop this good word; maybe somebody's receiving something from these funk seminars and classes..


Monday, October 24, 2016

C & C Music Factory feat Q-Unique & D.Cooper - Keep It Comin [C & C House Anthem]

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! what it do? damn!! Music Monday is the venue...

So we get with ya!! some are digging the sounds put down!! oh!! they relate, knowing the saga / struggle will continue...

Music is the weapon used to get through the madness!! I guess some can use it for Monday Motivation..

Lose it? what? the plan or methods to the madness created to bring stress!! I had to tell that to those hating...

Good word dropping and funky drumming!! C & C Music Factory feat Q-Unique & D.Cooper said Keep It Comin' [C & C House Anthem] 

 Good word dropping and funky drumming!! check us out, it's breakbeat science that we kick!! it's big world, somebody's understanding.. Let's Go!!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Rafi:ki // mix(tape) 017 // chill instrumental trip-hop hip-hop lofi & bass

Sunday Jazz Continues!! I'm in the lab hunting and gathering; check out the breabeat science / math we bring..

The saga / struggle continues, as I keep telling ya because it's perpetual!! plus we're on a different path as we do our thing...

Jazz, house music, hip hop, funk, soul music on these menus sometimes blended like those smoothies everybody likes to make...

All up in the house with this!!  moves made are conducive!! we unleash sonic assaults on the fake...

Breakbeat science is in full effect! check this mix, you can use it!! listening to Rafi:ki with // mix(tape) 017 // chill instrumental trip-hop hip-hop lofi & bass

 Breakbeat science is in full effect! check the playlist and the mix!! chill out, this is not detrimental!! step back from the rat race!!

[00:00] 1. devaloop. - be yourself
[02:50] 2. flitz&suppe - keep you dreamin
[04:37] 3. kupla - grapes
[06:28] 4. guts - rage against my computer
[10:07] 5. ours samplus x grandhuit - obscur pa!!!!!!!!!
[13:00] 6. mononome - every end is a new beginning
[17:51] 7. borealism x [ocean jams] - kill-it
[19:43] 8. robi - the legacy
[22:17] 9. beatmachinearon - drifting
[24:10] 10. flitz&suppe - what will I find
[27:22] 11. borealism - alone at last
[29:01] 12. mono_massive & philanthrope - live I!!!!!!!!!
[31:38] 13. damu the fudgemunk - overthrone
[37:09] 14. borealism x knghts - drips [rafi-ki edit]
[39:00] 15. kupla - lonli
[40:26] 16. james cole pablo - cristofori's theme
[43:11] 17. jim - like a dream
[45:38] 18. ours samplus x grandHuit - rooftop o!!!!!
[48:33] 19. kovsh - dope90 (snippet)
[49:59] 20. a sol mechanic - 1992

Bah Samba - Reach Inside (Restless Soul Peaktime Mix)

Oh yes!! once again it's on!  Sunday Jazz Continues!! we're chilling out on a Sunday Night!!

O-Zone? oh yes!! the saga / struggle continues!! shady dealing is going down, but we're trying to get it right...

Clones operate drones manipulating bass, treble and tones on the soundtrack, now everybody is trying to dance with the devil..

Danger zones we're overpopulated, Lou Rawls mentioned a world of trouble; we had to double down!! we're trying to take things to the next level..

Of course we'll deal with the next devil, stress will double!! per Bah Samba  we Reach Inside (Restless Soul Soul Peaktime Mix)

That's the way of the world per Earth Wind and Fire!! we strike back against the empire!! we ride for freedom!! breakbeat science we kick... 


Saturday, October 22, 2016

"Autumn Prose" ~ Liquid Drum & Bass Mix.

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Saturday Night Fever!! We're checking out  "Autumn Prose" ~ Liquid Drum & Bass Mix courtesy of  Oskar Koch. Check out the playlist and the mix! 

 ≣ Tracklist:
00:00 ~ Pola & Bryson - Run From You (feat. Sammie Bella)
04:29 ~ Satl - Ayo
07:58 ~ Ownglow - Angels Sing
11:35 ~ Chromatic - Smile
14:51 ~ Satl & Malaky - Sleepless Nights
18:08 ~ ALB feat. Nexus & Tight - City Blues
22:00 ~ Synox & Psyko Konceptor - The Sky
23:45 ~ Dave Owen - Our Little Secret (feat. Dorsh)
26:57 ~ Dawn Wall - I See You
28:07 ~ Lenzman ft. Martyna Baker - Paper Faces (Ivy Lab Remix)
29:58 ~ Moby - In This World (Kubix Remix)
33:07 ~ Dawn Wall - You Remember
34:05 ~ Ivy Lab, Hydro - Make It Clear (ft. Frank Carter III & Lucy Annika)
37:00 ~ Artemis - Elysian Fields
41:00 ~ LTJ Bukem - Atlantis
44:24 ~ Daze - Grevillia

Friday, October 21, 2016

Soul Deeper Vol. 7 (Deep & Soulful House Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Flashback / Freaky Friday; you can do it any way you wanna per Peoples Choice...

Whatcha know?  the saga / struggle continues, my mind flashes back to victories and defeats that made me who I am today, but not the people's choice...

Some are caught up with those more flashy, then if they have a question they wanna ask me!! maybe I should start charging penalties and fees..

Chilling out in the lab will be the move after Outback Chronicles were the move yesterday; outback raking leaves and trimming trees...

Sonic smash and grabs are initiated; peace!! it's all good!! we just go deeper into the sound, breakbeat science we kick..

Listening to  Soul Deeper Vol. 7 (Deep & Soulful House Mix)  courtesy of eXogroove : check out the playlist and the mix...

Yousef feat. Alexander East - Think Twice (Fred Everything Lazy Vox Remix)

Carl Creme - My Lovin (Speedboats, Big Explosions Remix)

Polyphonics, Hasina Sheik - Nitelites (Seamus Haji Remix)

Dennis Ferrer feat. Danil Wright - Church Lady (Original Mix)

Harrison Crump feat. Tierra Nevaeh - No More Lies (Sonny Fodera Vocal)

Deep City Groove - My Mind (Original Mix)

Ziggy Funk, Tess Leah - Thankful (Main Mix)

Camouflage - Groovin' Fate (Original Mix)

Leftwing & Kody - You Were (Original Mix)

Michele McCain - Keep On Reachin (Rik-Art, Twisted Mind, Mix)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 125 (Jauz’s Road To ADE Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! For some of the best electro, house music, trap music and drum and bass we're listening to Monstercat Podcast Ep. 125 (Jauz’s Road To ADE Mix). Check out the playlist and the mix.

 ▼ Tracklist
00:42 Rogue - Nemesis
05:02 Aero Chord x Tylor Maurer - Gone
08:11 Stephen Walking - Hey [Monstercat Exclusive]
11:25 Tokyo Machine - FIGHT [Monstercat Spotlight]

[Jauz’s Road To ADE Mix]
14:38 Jauz & Pegboard Nerds - Get On Up
16:38 Tokyo Machine - PARTY
20:01 Stephen Walking - Motions
23:08 Slushii - Emptiness
26:36 Jauz x San Holo - OK!
30:02 Going Quantum & Stephen Walking - Full Grizzly
33:34 Varien & SirensCeol - Moonlight (feat. Aloma Steele) [Monstercat Throwback]
37:30 Tut Tut Child - Don’t Push Me
42:05 Pegboard Nerds & NGHTMRE - Superstar (feat. Krewella)
45:16 Droptek - Vice
49:13 Tristam & Stephen Walking - Too Simple
53:52 DotEXE - Hipster Cutthroat
57:49 Marshmello - Alone

The Outback Chronicles (The Back At Home Edition)

Check out these Outback Chronicles, it's based on being outback raking leaves. 

Posted up, back at home!! I was on Wordpress,  you heard this? I'm not out of it!!  a fake one deceives. 

Posted up like Donald Trump? stop the press!! he's talking about rigged elections!!  I pumped brakes at these intersections. 

...From Atlanta on I-20 and Candler Road to Charlotte, I-85 and Beatties Ford Road!! me and the #badhombres spark insurrections. 

No time for Trump and a nasty woman, I'm in survival mode!! I'm  outback in a section of my yard, where as soon as I rake leaves more will fall. 

Reality thumps us upside the head like the Gap Band; out of it?  no cousin!!  I still go hard,  even though a fake one believes I'll take a fall. 

Chilling out,  I took a break from y'all;  especially after I hit the wall, so let the healing process begin

Outback reflecting while raking leaves; it's the last week of the Sun in Libra, soon it'll be Scorpio season!! it'll be time to win!!

Jupiter will still be in Libra, so I see ya!!  it's also the adversity anniversary. 

Acting brand new with ya?  naw!! still the same old dude, trying to get somebody to work with me. 

...They can join me outback raking leaves  / trimming trees, but I had to tell dude it's not the kind you smoke

They didn't anoint me!! they said I'm out of it,  but still funky drumming!! but excuse me because the beats and this English will be broke. 

Reflecting broken spirits / pain and anguish? this is no joke!! these breakbeat scientific principles are serious. 

Going for broke,  after these Outback Chronicles let my folk know what the deal is. 

Going for the inside joke? you'll get gaffled that way like the squirrel jacked by the crow in my backyard...

Going for the inside joke? some were left baffled, they got played!! now they want to come back hard!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Out There: Standing Alone Against The World PT.6

Like I've mentioned before per this concept,  I'm standing alone against the world. 

I paid attention even though I'm broke, no profits from being slick like Haliburton; my kind are hurting!!  it's like I'm in Mosul against ISIS,  where the drama unfurled. 

Dipping!! running curl and wheel routes like Julio Jones,  but Richard Sherman types were in the way.

 "Go fast and Sherm hypes" weren't needed!!  rolling like Usain Bolt or a liar struck by a lightning bolt;  ready to roll, we're on our way. 

Pimping with a perm / gators and polyester suit with that Detroit style? no, that's the wrong dial!! I'm on my own like Michael McDonald and Patti LaBelle. 

Big Worm?  naw!!  but lessons learned when everything's not working!! blocked like Wikileaks  Julian Assange's internet access!! stressed, so we can fail?

Doing our thing,  working it all out!!  dealing with losing and winning streaks per this danger zone business. 

Suddenly felt like a giant standing alone against the world!! that's what the deal is. 

Breakbeat scientific business is handled!! rebuking fast buck schemers who gambled. 

Fake ones in these streets vandalized the structure with fake incoherent graffiti / hieroglyphics;  like Donald Trump vs Condoleezza Rice they just rambled. 

Take one and call us in the morning was what the corrupt doctor said, perpetrating in this zone...

Shaking one off, it's all on us, standing alone against the world!! word from O-Zone..

Monday, October 17, 2016

Out There: Standing Alone Against The World PT.5

 It's rough out here in these zones!! The brotha O-Zone is not going to lie about it!! 

But once again it's on!!  we're winning games at the last minute like Russell Wilson  / "I Suddenly Feel Like A Giant" 

....Standing Against The World, but Atlanta Falcons cry about it after the drama unfurled... 

But once again it's on!! like rolling down I-85 caught in traffic after Clemson barely beat NC State!!   please!! these jokers show hate like Russell Westbrook feeling the shade hurled...

The chief rocker O-Dog will adjust the bass, treble and tone!! O-Zone drops this good word per standing alone against the world!! business will get handled up in the lab.

Who's sick with it, a hustle knocker? or per Donald Trump and rigged elections they just might be slick with it!!  the habit? they try to kick it, but they can't be trusted!! even up in rehab.

Were scientific with it, standing alone against the world trying to get over the hump!! taking a stab at it like dude did up in Louisville, at the Mel Waiters mentioned hole in the wall club.

Like others, he even mentioned having his whiskey now the situation will get tricky, but O-Dog will kick it to you!!  what? the hip-hop soul for y'all /  plus funk, house, drum and bass, plus dub.

Ecological Ignorance will alter the fate, so where you at? any Diplomatic Immunity? Al Roker will tell you the weather in your neck of the woods...

Forensic rheroric or belligerence?  Out There: Standing Alone Against The World!! just trying to make a difference!!  even left the Eastside with the Jeffersons, I dipped back to the community; any respect in these hoods?...

Macking like Tom Brady?  the return of the Mack?  meanwhile I stay on track rolling down I-20 in Atlanta,  just left I-75 in Macon this past Sunday. 

Home of Otis Redding,  spotted the statue!!  now back in the ATL to "holla atcha"  still rolling down I-20.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ronnie Foster - Night Life + Festival Do Brasil

Sunday Jazz Continues!! We're listening to some jazz funk from keyboardist  Ronnie Foster with Night Life + Festival Do Brasil. He gets help on the drums from Harvey Mason. These are two tracks from his album The Racer. Check it out!! 


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 124 (Going Quantum’s Road To ADE Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Saturday Night Fever!! For the best of electro, house music, trap music plus drum and bass we're checking out Monstercat Podcast Ep. 124 (Going Quantum’s Road To ADE Mix). Check out the playlist and the mix.

 ▼ Tracklist
[Going Quantum’s Road To ADE Mix]
00:00:42 Going Quantum - Raw
00:01:27 Going Quantum vs Excision x Pegboard Nerds - Raw Madness (feat. Mayor Apeshit)
00:02:13 Stonebank - Soldier
00:04:59 Dirty Audio - Gorilla Glue
00:07:07 Grabbitz - Don’t Stop
00:08:49 Pegboard Nerds - Downhearted (ft. Jonny Rose) (Topi Remix)
00:09:28 Dion Timmer - Panic
00:13:11 Kuuro - Aamon
00:16:23 Marshmello - Alone (DISKORD Remix)
00:19:09 Slips & Slurs x Mihka! - WiFi Tears
00:22:31 Pegboard Nerds & MIU - Weaponize
00:26:35 Pegboard Nerds - BAMF
00:30:23 Aero Chord x Fractal - Until The End (ft. Q’AILA) [Monstercat Exclusive]
00:35:18 Rogue - Nemesis [Monstercat Exclusive]

00:37:51 Varien - My Prayers Have Become Ghosts
00:42:08 SAVOY - Pump It Up
00:45:51 Pegboard Nerds x MisterWives - Coffins
00:49:33 Muzzy - Endgame [Monstercat Throwback]
00:55:22 Puppet - To Be Alive (ft. Aaron Richards) [Monstercat Spotlight]

Liquid & Beyond #32 [Liquid DnB Mix] (Zazu Guest Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Saturday Night Fever!! We're checking out Liquid & Beyond #32 [Liquid DnB Mix] (Zazu Guest Mix) courtesy of Kasger . Check out the playlist and the mix.

► Liquid & Beyond Mix:
00:00:00 Fishy & Fluid Form - The Secret Garden
00:02:56 Zyphen - Time Flies
00:04:04 Kasger - Strangest Things
00:06:39 Mojoman - Nosa
00:07:46 Dorian, Skore and Nayz - Alfred (Lost & Broken)
00:08:53 Dodge & Fuski - Your Love (Mob Tactics Remix)
00:10:44 WRLD - By Design
00:12:55 GLXY - Kinesis (Data 3 Remix)
00:14:23 FlashbackFm - Never Fall Again
00:15:52 Flite - Blue Spark VIP
00:19:14 Fox Stevenson - Flash
00:21:05 Zyphen - Lavender Shores
00:21:49 Bert H & High N Sick - Tides
00:22:34 Metrik ft. Namgawd - Life/Thrills
00:25:09 Brookes Brothers - Beautiful
00:27:53 Nostre - Arise
00:29:23 S.P.Y - A Cold Harsh Air (ft. Total Science & Grimm)

► Zazu Guest Mix:
00:32:14 Noisia - Motion Blur
00:33:04 Phaeleh - Afterglow (Zazu Bootleg)
00:34:10 Brookes Brothers - Paperchase (ft. Danny Byrd)
00:36:06 Fred V & Grafix - Stay Here
00:37:12 Spectrasoul - Hearts
00:38:40 Netsky - Porcelain
00:40:08 Fred V & Grafix - Recognise
00:42:21 Anile - Your Way
00:43:27 Spectrasoul - Glimpse (Ivy Lab Remix)
00:44:56 L Plus - Raindrops
00:46:46 Arpxp - Winter In Sardinia
00:48:36 Joe Ford - Time Is Limited
00:49:20 T & Sugah x Zazu - Lost On My Own
00:50:48 Tantrum Desire - Tesoro
00:51:54 Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Sunset Boulevard (Don’t Make Me Wait)
00:54:07 Technimatic - Perseverance
00:55:13 Dualistic x Zazu - Beauty
00:56:41 Hugh Hardie - Kyoto City
00:58:11 Silence Groove x Satl - Move On
00:59:39 Makoto - YGMYC
01:01:07 Camo & Krooked - Natural Desire

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Out There; Standing Alone Against The World PT.4

 The hits keep coming!! damn! even Samsung can tell you it's rough out there! especially when you're standing alone against the world!!

The hits keep coming!! damn!! what else can go wrong? but now we're  good word dropping and funky drumming per suddenly feeling like a giant!! the Lord will bless us and keep us as the drama unfurled!
The hits keep coming,  like it was the American Top 40 radio program. 

Per Casey Kasem or Ryan Seacrest,  in the midst of the madness? the Lord will bless, so whatcha know man? 

On the case again!! standing alone against the wordl!!  no rest for the weary,  some are spaced out like Timothy Leary

They're on that stuff, sniffing like Donald Trump while we try to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza!! we raced out ahead of the game,  but we hit the wall trying to survive in a hostile territory. 

...Using a hot style to tell this story,  as we get breakbeat scientific. 

Mile markers were passed per the DMV Showcase on the Atlantic to West Coasting out on the Pacific.

Hurricane Matthew showed out in the Atlantic and Caribbean, to be specific my folk in Haiti caught the brunt of it.

Felt the pain, so O-Zone will "holla atcha"  getting scientific like Move and Ramona Afrika not making a stunt of it.

Maintaining!! but per danger zone business, from the ATL to Africa we're still in the hunt for it; what?  freedom!! 

Maintaining!! standing alone against the world!!  you don't quit and you don't stop!! but some front and flex!!  I see them, but wouldn't want to be them.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Chico Hamilton "Thoughts"

Sunday Jazz Continues!! we're on a mission!! lab techniques are enhanced...

The saga / struggle continues!! how were we living? some of us devil danced...

The saga / struggle continues!! some advanced, some fortunes lost /  reversed; sometimes both...

Money made? souls lost!!  no money made?  polar vortex / cold world / frost; some  flooded by the froth...

No sloth during the ongoing charades; Random Thoughts and soul music are expressed per this blog..

Sunday Jazz Continues!! checking out Chico Hamilton  with "Thoughts" check out the players and the track as we navigate through the smoke and mirrors / the fog...


Friday, October 7, 2016

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 123 (Conro’s Road To ADE Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! For the latest in house music, electro, drum and bass and other flavors we're checking out  Monstercat Podcast Ep. 123 (Conro’s Road To ADE Mix). Check out the playlist and the mix.  

 ▼ Tracklist
00:00:42 Subtact - Tunnel Vision [Monstercat Spotlight]
00:05:02 Melano - Traveller
00:08:01 Aero Chord - Wanchu back
00:11:59 Volant - Minty
00:16:33 7 Minutes Dead - Peacock (Haywyre Remix) [Monstercat Throwback]
00:20:36 Draper - On You (ft. Alby Hobbs)
00:24:22 SMLE - Halo (ft. Helen Tess)
00:27:47 Kuuro - Aamon [Monstercat Exclusive]

[Conro’s Road To ADE Mix]
00:29:29 Conro - City Lights (ft. Royal)
00:32:28 Anevo - Electric Heart (ft. Ameria)
00:35:51 Pegboard Nerds - Emoji
00:39:36 Unlike Pluto - Found You (ft. Michelle Buzz)
00:43:49 Grant Bowtie - High Tide
00:46:58 Conro - I Wanna Know
00:50:14 Conro - On My Way Up
00:53:11 Haywyre - Do You Don’t You
00:57:48 WRLD - Chase It (feat. Savoi)

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Out There : Standing Alone Against The World PT.3

 I'm out there, zoning!! man, it's rough out here!! but I'm not frustrated like Odell Beckham Jr.

I'm standing up; standing alone against the world!! please!! you should know these earthlings will act brand new with ya!!

That's how they work things!! let me clue you in on something; this dude is not compliant..

Check out how we work things!! blowing in like Hurricane Matthew, so what it do? I suddenly feel like a giant..
Acting like I knew!! relying on the Lord to see me through!! Oh!!  so this is how it works a naysayer will ask!!  heard saying, Oh! I see its like this!!

I told them they might as well settle in like Russia bombing Aleppo so whatcha know?  the saga / struggle continues!!  oh yes!!  we continue to fight this! 

What?  spiritual warfare!!  we take it there!!  I guess as long you're on earth there'll always be something. 

What it do?  what, you didn't know? earthlings are like  Michael Jackson's  wannabe starting something. 

What it do? sounds were bumping out of the hooptie over on Panola Road in Lithonia, Georgia; damn!!  some more of that basic 1,2,3 / ABC /  ATL so called hiphop. 

What it do? sounds were bumping out of my hooptie, listening to Gangstarr Full Clip plus  Royal Flush's Iced Down Medallions; damn son!!   was I stuck in the 90s?  I'm always listening to some of that hiphop.

Dealing with the same type of madness? damn son!! it didn't stop!!  out there, standing alone against the world? reflected on while walking,  soaking up Libra sun rays.

 Jupiter is in Libra too,  conservative or liberal, so what it do?  out there, standing alone against the world? how will one play?

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Marshall Jefferson, Doorly - Neanderthal (Original Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! We're checking out some house music from Marshall Jefferson and  Doorly  with a track called Neanderthal (Original Mix). Check it out!!


Broken Beat Mixes 6 - Downtempo, Abstract, Future Funk

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! damn!! here we go again!!

The hate? I wasn't digging it!! the saga / struggle continues!! some might understand a brotha!! it's on, once again!!

The debate? per Kaine vs Pence I didn't have time to participate this dude is in survival mode, for those asking about the mood..

Debatable Circumstances? being built or torn down? this is how it's going down as we supply this soul food...

Hate to be rude as we tell you about broken spirits who were issued too many demerits; the soul food prepared by chefs in hells kitchen was just junk..

Shrewd? Orgone Mike was!! check out the playlist and the mix per Broken Beat Mixes 6 - Downtempo, Abstract, Future Funk 

Vikter Duplaix - Lust for Life

Domu - Repercussions

New Sector Movements - Voonga Vonge

Black Jazz Consortium - More Love Please Pt.1

Aybee - Hidden Treasures

Dego - Celestial Ditton

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sofa Talk ‎– Patchwork Jazz

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!! What's the perspectiive positive / negative? 

Maybe this smooth track from  Sofa Talk ‎ called Patchwork Jazz will help you get your mind right!! Check it out!!


Roger Sanchez: Release Yourself Radio Show #781 Guestmix - The Cube Guys

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we try to determine the perspective on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!!

Positive? negative? what's the determination?  per these Tuesday Thoughts it's still early as I post this, so we realize the situation can go either way..

Positive? negative?  Tuesday Motivation needed? how are some working it as good and evil collide / coincide? 

We're just trying to live, in search of peace!! the calendar moves into October; Julian Assange and WikiLeaks with the surprise?

Roger Sanchez's  Release Yourself Radio Show #781 Guestmix - The Cube Guys plays in the background as we get down..

Roger that? Understand these!! check out the playlist and the mix!! this is how it's going down!! 

Dick Johnson – Make A Record (Play It Down)
Leo Gonnelli – Whaa (Mathias Kaden Work That Straight Remix)
Andrea Oliva – Voices (Knee Deep In Sound)
Marquis Hawkes ft Jocelyn Brown – I’m So Glad (Catz n Dogz Remix)

Hot Release
David Keno – Youth (Mother Recordings)

Roger Sanchez & Carnao Beats ft Gifty – Make Me Wonder (Cocodrills Remix) (Stealth)
Emanuel Satie Vs Roberto Rodriguez ft Mac C – Ride Your Body (Sabb Afterdark Mix)
James Mac – Love Is The Answer

The Spotlight
Made By Pete – Sign Of The Times (Simma Black)

Saytek – It Was Written (Landmark Remix)
S-Man – Dangerous Thoughts (Spencer Zabiela Remix)
Tuff London & Steve Edwards – Front Line (Toolroom)

The Flashback
Ame – Rej (Sonar Kollektiv)

DJ E-Clyps ft Lewis Rocc – Suffocate (BlackLight Music)
Prok & Fitch – Pitch Roll (Suara)
Boris – Make You Do (Toolroom Trax)

The Release Yourself Guest Mix with The Cube Guys
Happy Clappers - I Believe (The Cube Guys Remix 2016) (Cube Recordings)
The Cube Guys - Family Affairs (Pacha Recordings)
Pagano - Need & Want (The Cube Guys Mix) (Cube Recordings)
Cassius - Go Up (Butch Remix)
Hot Since 82 - Yourself (Knee Deep In Sound)
Miami Dub Machine - Moscow Mood (The Cube Guys Mix) (Cube Recordings)
The Cube Guys ft. David Byrne - Psycho Killer (The Cube Guys Mix) (WL)
Robbie Rivera - Bang (The Cube Guys Remix) (Juicy Music)
Yellow Hair - The Rumble (The Cube Guys Mix) (Cube Recordings)

Monday, October 3, 2016

Out There / Standing Alone Against The World PT.2

Please!!  the sport will rearrange ya!!  some count the proceeds like Cabela's / Bass Pro Shops while others penny pinch..

Please!! told to abort that mission due to what the stranger will do!! class in session? it never stops!! shadetree mechanics carry the wrench..

We're caught out there where healers search for lotion, baby powder and oil:  some even mentioned an exorcism!! I heard them saying let the Healing Process begin...

We're out there, standing alone against the world!! but jokers cause a commotion like the Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan

Wells Fargo type shady dealers had a notion!! it worked for a while, now some face karmic repercussions..

How far will we go? we're out there, standing alone against the world!! big time wheeler dealers will face the Sonic Assault per this Good Word and percussions...

How far will they go? oh, they'll have their discussions like the Supreme Court vs Obama's executive order concerning immigration.. 

How far will they go? interruptions from the Supreme Being executing universal orders show some who's really running things...

It's rough out there!! I was trying to tell them!! endorsements and indictments are issued;  I still felt the pressure!!

It's rough out there!! I'm standing alone against the world!! haters will oppose like US elections hacked by Russia...

What's up with ya? some asked me, I told them I suddenly feel like a giant, standing alone against the world...

The world will corrupt ya, so this dude wasn't compliant!! now I'm out here in the danger zone where the drama unfurled...



Sunday, October 2, 2016

Incognito - Never Known a Love Like This

Sunday Jazz Continues!! We're checking out some soul jazz / jazz funk from Incognito with a track called Never Known a Love Like This.Get into it and get involved!! Let's Go!!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fred P - Fly High

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Saturday Night Fever!! We're chilling out listening to some broken beat / future jazz from Fred P with a track called Fly High. Let's Go!!