Sunday, June 26, 2011

Plutonian Intergalactic Maneuvers PT.3 ......

They left for a minute; I saw them out there while I was taking Plutonian Intergalactic journeys.. then they came back thinking they could get the same spot they had!

Plutonium or uranium stockpiled by a fanatic?...Stuxnet will render the supply useless? some said they're in it to win it;  but soon they became a target ...seeing how hot it can get!

Yellow caking...wannabe good fellas were like Sara Lee...cake baking;...what's up with it? ..soon seeing how hot the spot can get; now like the Herbie Hancocksong they'll come running to me!

....looking for answers...even waiting for I drop this good word on them; while O-Dizzle is drumming for me!

Justice and peace running from me? I chased it through the galaxy...damn!! it got away just as I was about to catch it!

Whats up with us? I guess if its something fresh I'll batch it!

Can't blame it on them some respect!!..please!! .it was these shadetree mechanics that made the vehicle retched or my people call it!t

Ratchets, screwdrivers and wrenches used to make adjustments; some people will fall for it!

Some will now call for it!! The Messenger  like Ramsey Lewis!

Others said they're all of it and then some!! rolling like Michele Bachmann!!  but the word from this hot messenger?  we found out they're clueless!

Not acting brand new with this; they said I was a hot mess with wonders how a brotha copes!!!  so joints get cased!

A hater acting like they knew this hits alt shift delete; so dreams and hopes are erased!

Plots and schemes were exposed after known issues were raised to the so called powers that be!

PE said Fight The Powerface the fire shower; who knows when the last hour will be?

A coward said they epitomized what real would be; but at the end of the day we found out otherwise!

....Said he was posted up like Dwight Howard but really out there with the wise and otherwise; so intergalactic journeys were to the occasion these brothas had to rise!

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