Saturday, June 25, 2011

Plutonian Intergalactic Maneuvers

What it do a bruh? is making Plutonian Intergalactic Maneuvers; doing what behooves us..we're even stomping through lunar paths!

.....tripping on these earthlings...please..we might be on Mars or Earth rocking Nike Boots; exposing Undisputed Truths about Smiling Faces..a lunatic with this math?

Who else is on this path due to the deception?  it caused some to drive reckless..running into Amtrak with eighteen wheelers..told you Summer Madness is ongoing..they had us caught out there!

Who else is on this math? jumped to this conclusion due to untruths during the reception; word is born!! during the conception? we find out in love or war  nothing was fair!

Who else provided proof during the math class?....soon last to first and first to last? if we keep living we'll see role reversal...what it do? act like you knew!! those on top need to go to the rehearsal..what will the dirty work do? during the inception? they'll be like residents from Missouri the show me state; soon providing evidence..

......Uncouth behavior is what we get from...rolling like jokers from LulzSec?  much respect..skills shown..but from others... from them? no benevolence!!

....Truth provided by the Decatur Georgia resident? the devil is a liar was the word old girl gave us!

Gluttons for punishment were happy!! they said they love what enslaves us!

Another runs from it...scrappy..misbehaving with us when we bombard the enemy position!

Now roofs are on fire from the disco inferno;fires are fully involved using fireman lingo; so how you living?

The time frame for burdens of proof expire; whose forgiving a gringo for trespassing?

Mind games some are playing; working it!!! the scan sheet multiple choice test is given;  whose failing or passing?

The O-Dog Podcast is blasting!!  Summer Madness had us dipping out to were back...check out our response to all of this; what did they expect?

We clashed with so called Titans all over the galaxy...why did they disrespect?

We slashed our way through the Babylon wilderness on the mothership with a sonic machete!

We cashed our reality checks; knowing what the deal is knowing what the real is;  knowing the deally!

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