Saturday, July 28, 2012

We're Still Hanging Out / All Up In The Spot

Were all up in the spot; we didn't play it like the Down To The Bone song; we didn't cut and run! 

Like old girl over in Decatur says; we stick and stay...we're not falling off like Michael Phelps...we're refusing to come undone!

This is like the Battle Of Aleppo in Syria...refusing to be the one to take a loss..even though its happened before!

 Like Charlie Sheen I let go and move on...using this breakbeat science as a vehicle to slide through the portal; the door! 

At our front door? there was the drama... so you know the spot was fortified / reinforced! 

What did they front for? they let things go to their head...authority figures tried to flex laws...and by- laws were enforced!

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta I was forced out of the left lane by Dekalb Police...rolling in the Chevy Suburban! 

Whats up money?  I see you were forced to change your swag / steelo by the thought and fashion police; they caught you out there swerving! 

G8 and G20 got it all messed up....being built or torn down? circumstances were debatable...observing the scene always reminds me! 

Those that hate have the money tied up plus somebody lied up in this piece so trouble finds me!

...Heard the debate as the Lunar Eclipse and Venus Transit had an influence! 

All up in the spot...others blame it on Mercury was the game played? I heard some we're late due to mass transit; but I know where the conduit is! 

Doing it fluid per the Blackbyrds is the business;  as we put it down like this! 

Acting like we knew it; breakbeat science is what the deal is..check the good word and the funky sound; its like this!

It's like this and like that and a...we're all up in the spot still hanging out....still hanging in here...

Just trying to maintain..we even went through the storm..rain was there was thunder and lightning...but soon there was sunshine and blue skies...its clear...

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