Tuesday, July 21, 2020

What's That Noise? (Part Four)

Concepts are revisited unlike family reunions in 2020 because of the coronavirus,  it doesn't surprise us.

Cons visited the White House, moved in!! some tried to warn us like Hillary Clinton , outcomes  proved them right!! damn!! the advice was priceless..

The response? insight dropped "all up in the house / all up in the spot!! thought and fashion police spot us, heard asking what's that noise?

The response? Trump kept tweeting law and order, soon he dropped boots on the ground in Portland, now threatening Chicago! I guess that's "how it go" when you lose your poise..

..among other things but this brotha brings the noise like Public Enemy as digital crate digging continues in conjunction with this good word..

Now naysayers try to slow a players roll, making him lose his poise?   a hostile entity will plot a takeover check the menus as a fool like Trump tries to rule by executive orders and decrees, you heard?

What's that noise? saying prayers? others waiting in the dark? some will reach comatose; about to blackout! 

...others had on white tees for the white out but no fans are allowed in the game due to the coronavirus but cardboard cut outs were spotted!! meanwhile in another game I heard beep! beep! beep!  after others schemed / plotted!!!  soon I heard rubber burn like the Gap Band, the Dodge Ram truck will back out!

What's that noise? meanwhile over in Decatur Georgia some were boisterous,  but I thought the mack game was played  out?   we're in the midst of a pandemic but still seeing players in Stacy Adams kicks and "pimped stripped"  suits!

...with matching masks on even though Brian Kemp is suing Keisha Lance Bottoms saying Georgia residents didn't need them;  power /  rights and privileges stripped because of lawsuits? 

O-Zone multi-tasks on them with the sound and this good word!! making some noise like the announcer advised us to do at the high school football game!! realizing things can go either way on what I call a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday so I dipped in Timberland boots dirty and muddy from the Georgia  / Freddie Hubbard Red Clay; revolutionary, doing the dirty work!!

I dipped in the mothership; now some will ask, what's that noise? after it lands back down on earth, but what's it all worth? peeping an earthlings game, some were gluttons for  punishment!! as long as thy're in power they'll say it didn't hurt!!

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