Friday, July 24, 2020

1 Hour Boom Bap Hip Hop Jazz Chill Beats

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday, that's the kind of vibe exhibited can you dig it?

Also recognizing it's a Fabulous Friday, it's a blessing to be here so we'll put it down like this, can you dig it?

Jokers not surprising me, they'll "holla at us" with the madness!! the outcome? they'll try to rig it "so I'm staying on point"

....using that old school hip hop catch phrase, catch me these days listening to that 90's hip hop, just posted some at my satellite station; thought and fashion police interrogate me, they're asking me what's your point?  

Catch me these days Afternoon Jazzing / jazz hopping listening to 1 Hour Boom Bap Hip Hop Jazz Chill Beats per Nicola Armellin

O-Dog Day Partying? another fashion displayed check the playlist and the good music played to see how we're living!!

0:00 Kunfu - Boom
02:45 90sFlav - Moongirl
05:41 Mr. Käfer - Scarabeus
08:49 AK420 - Scorpion Style
12:06 Beatmaschine - Underground's My Style
15:29 Remulak - New Cone
18:43 Mvnitou - 3000 Long
21:47 Devaloop - Headnod Ish
25:28 JoDu - Rawness
28:10 Funki Flava - I Got Tha Goods
31:19 Philanthrope - Time Goes By
33:33 90sFlav - Seven Of Nine
35:41 Beatmaschine - Back To Reality
38:59 AK420 - Wake'N'Bake
41:53 Snares - Passt
44:45 Mr. Käfer - Blastin
46:50 Devaloop - About Jazz
49:23 Spaze Windu - Reality
51:43 12Vince - I'm Leaving
54:07 Beatmaschine - Steady
56:43 AK420 - I'm Like

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