Tuesday, July 14, 2020

We're Not Quitting / Stopping!! (Part Ten)

Y'all heard the expression attributed to Winston Churchill; he mentioned "If You're Going Through Hell Keep Going"

I heard y'all are stressing, not disputed because the struggle is real but we're trying to make it to the other side!! take our word, we're not quitting / stopping...

With the music? we're blessing y'all; jazz funking / housing / rocking or hip hopping the masses conducting seminars and classes.

Amused by it all? not O-Zone as he goes into a zone typing this good word after cashing reality checks / taking classes..

...enrolled at adversity university plus the faculty or staff wouldn't wok with me; they want to see my kind dropping...

The worst version of me and my kind was emphasized!! now from Atlanta to Louisville to Minneapolis and all points in between my people felt the pain; but check the uprising, my people aren't quitting / stopping..

By the way, when are Breonna Taylor's murderers going to face justice? so what's up with us? we're hanging in here even though it seems the madness isn't stopping..

By the way, coping strategies will fail ya as my people try to deal with Covid 19 and systemic racism; I thought I told you the madness isn't stopping!!

Whats up with us? please!!! we're not quitting / stopping we're putting it down for real!!  but like Trump trying to reopen the country in the midst of this pandemic with a PPE shortage and no vaccine I hear some talk a good game in the hood!

...said they weren't quitting / stopping but the plan they had was negative; then they get caught out there making bad business decisions like Ron DeSantis down in Florida!! now on TV still trying to say their game is  good! 

...supposedly the game was good;  mentioned they weren't quitting / stopping but now the collateral damage is dropping,  there's a shadow of doubt!

Supposedly / usually? me and my people caught the blame; but  we knew it's all game!! we're not quitting / stopping /  were going all out!

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