Sunday, July 26, 2020

What's That Noise? (Part Six)

Lightning was seen / spotted, then someone asked what's that noise? the ground was shaking due to the thunder..

Enlightening; those that scheme / plotted? they  made to much noise like Trump's Secret Police when they entered the spot, plus they drew too much attention with their uniforms; from Lafayette Square to Portland up in the sport again trying to take us under

Even Lt. Gen. Russell Honore calls out Trump for abuse of power,  recognizing the pattern concerning no honor among thieves..

Well, their appears to be some honor as GOP keeps quiet as it all falls apart; meanwhile we're making a new start; a dude achieves ..

A naysayer is heard asking,  what's that noise? thought and fashion police said we're rude with these, plus they spotted us rocking Louisville Cardinal gear..

A player is trying not to lose his poise, Breonna Taylor's murderers still run free, now the NFAC pulled up on the Ville trying see what's there..

What's that noise?  heard what a con was trying to tell ya!! they said it's the right time, but whats the real  deal?  I don't know maybe Attorney General Daniel Cameron wasn't  looking in the right place!

What's that noise?  sonic assaults will blast per this Sunday Jazz, we're trying to get our minds right like,  whats the deal? we're we  looking for the right space?

What's that noise?  lessons are taught by reality;  some will spaz; Damn! Damn! Damn! like Florida from Good Times is heard!! we're trying to get our mind right like true players for real!! O-Zone drops this good word,  .meanwhile O-Dizzle will get down!! were these brothas making the right moves?

What's that noise? soon falling into place; Right Place Right Time? whats the by product;? soon falling in the right groove?

Right Space...Right Frame of Mind!!  the train of thought keeps rolling even on this Sunday morning, did we have the right to prove that we were worthy?

Whats that noise? tapping on Roland / Yamaha and HP keyboards like typing on calculators doing the mathematics; doe's it qualify us for sanctification? we're  pulling up, fast breaking like old school LA Lakers!! Magic Johnson and James Worthy

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