Thursday, July 30, 2020

The Chambers Brothers - Time Has Come Today

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Throwback Thursday; this is how the work will be...

Retro - futuristic? that's on these menus as we go back to the future, not acting brand new with ya, so who'll work with me?

Check the movement as we get into Good Trouble per John Lewis, following the instructions he left before he went home, eulogized by Barack Obama..

Check the movement implemented by others, catching some brothers out there like Herman Cain; damn!! now he's gone home, Trump will say charge it to the game;  a victim of the ongoing drama? 

..I guess it was their time, so O-Zone will continue to go for mine; spot me out on I-20 in Atlanta rocking an old San Diego Chargers hat..

Realizing time is precious, in a zone cruising passed up by a 100 mph dude in the Dodger Charger, "going on with that"

Chilling!! my time is spent wisely! now checking out this classic jazz / funk / rock tune from the The Chambers Brothers - with The Time Has Come....

Check us out as we rock out!! going off in these chambers! communicating with the drum..

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