Tuesday, July 28, 2020

What's That Noise? (Part Seven)

What's that noise? Oh!! O-Zone has that music turned up, that's how he makes it through a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday...

...so named because things cam play out either way so he'll just let the music play and drop this good word, you heard? "somebody will see what I say"

...like I can see what they're saying so we're coming through with no delaying "it's going down like this"

Not losing my poise I'll keep praying even utilizing The Battle Cry; Lord Help!! Lord Help!! borrowed from the old school preacher up in Louisville who knows what the deal is..

Cruising; what's that noise? damn!! sirens heard while up on I-64 in Louisville as Kentucky State Troopers pull a black man over for driving a nice looking Buick Lacrosse..

Bruising  the ego, reminded of the noise heard back in the day as Narcs up in Louisville  trashed the Oldsmobile Delta 88 looking for contraband but I wasn't that kind of man, not ready to tale a loss..

Negro please!! that's the noise heard as I told myself  "I'm really gonna have to get up out of Louisville"; reminded of the decision after Narcs up in Louisville shot up Breonna Taylors spot..

Not at ease, trying not to lose my poise, trying to see what's up with Trump's Secret Police up in Seattle and Portland, making it hot!!

What's that noise? oh!! they're back in the sport again, already making it hot for South Americans at the border and  post 9 / 11 Muslims

What's that noise? oh!! we're back in the sport again making it hot, scrapping / scraping / hustling..

What's that noise? it's all falling apart  / falling down but we're falling through with the sound,  we're breaking beats and the so called Kings English; who will work with me? its a rough job but somebody's got to do it!

A hater brings pain and anguish; ingredients to an meal like some kind of chef from Hells Kitchen!! so act like you knew it!

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