Wednesday, July 22, 2020

What's That Noise? (Part Five)

What's that noise? trunks were rattling in the old hooptie, that 808 was booming!! it sounded like a Baghdad truck bomb..

Baghdad and bombs was mentioned previously by Outkast as sounds blast, that's what these ATLiens were on..

Years later?  once again it's on!! per Trump's Secret Police? bombs over Portland, Chicago or a city near you? what it do? so what's that noise?

A hater is ignored as we get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza!! "all up in the sport again"  going for what we know!!  trying not to lose our poise...

What's that noise? up in Louisville my constituents still raise their voice, no justice no peace is heard regarding Breonna Taylor; even Tobias Harris will speak up plus O-Zone will continue to tell ya about the summer madness as it continues.....

What's that noise? was it the constitution being ripped up by Bill Barr? they're already not fair with us as the saga / struggle continues..

What's that noise?  during the ongoing illusion these so "partners in crime"  O-Zone and O-Dog were stepping out on faith with these breakbeat scientific principles; naysayers were like damn!! were they sliding into the abyss together?

What's that noise? my constituents were asking for help, drowning / swimming in deep waters that weren't  still like the Four Tops talked about? but some say whatever!

What's that noise? money machines running? PPP recipients /  companies skimming profits? .cunning and clever ones pulled out all stops so streams could flow!

What's that noise? jokers were gasping for their breath not in a mask or PPE so what's the deally? they were  running with mothers and fathers of chaos and confusion; even their daughter  "went for what she know"

O-Zone? losing my poise because I can't go with the flow I'm busy  "going for what I know" ; getting  breakbeat scientific..

Danger zone residents? voices are heard per dealing with Covid 19 and systemic racism and they're being specific..

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