Sunday, September 25, 2011


They said it didn't make sense; there was a lack of understanding! 

Artificial turf identified on the other side of fence; I checked the it's respect were demanding!

Israel vs The Palestine Authority type circumstances arise..turf wars are fought worldwide!! out good and evil  collide..producing energy! 

It's way too real!! whose subject to the authority? earthlings far and wide are  affected by Hadron Collider type techniques also know as the big bang theory! 

...Combining with the chaos theory;  I told some acting chaotic not to come near me!! please!! who felt the pressure?  there's usually a misunderstanding! 

Its easy to take a loss in this hostile territory; I dipped..the Mothership is like a Boeing 787 Dreamliner..but I told some to miss me with the drama; jet setters are like satellites crash landing! 

Corporate masters of the universe were stream lining so they could maximize profits parked offshore..subjects to drama royalty are soon understanding their fate!

They're subject to the authority!!  drama kings and queens expected loyalty; but ecological ignorance will alter the fate! 

Where you at?  worldwide..from Afghanistan to Libya these earthlings show hate; but I'm understanding what the deal is! 

Where you at? what's the deal with ya? caught up when good and evil collide? I noticed how some will work things due to their conditioning; at the critical stage of development some find out what the real is!

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