Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Style Is Blue Collar.. Detroit and Pittsburgh once were..........

Spiritual warfare is going down... I'm behind enemy lines.. but maintaining my work ethic.

The style is blue collar...whose sad and blue chasing a dollar?... disrespected.

Whose a scholar? Said I was incoherent...they didnt know how to read between the lines.

Whose fair in it love or war? this brotha is to read these peoples minds.

The style is blue collar... in these hard times....but not down with those paying the wages of sin.

The foul will play you for a mind to recognize the pattern.

Didn't just play like a scholar...I a resident of Saturn and Pluto.

Plus I chilled on Mars.. now conducting should know how it go.

You should know how the stream of consciousness will flow... it's like the Nile.

I already know how it will go...everyone won't like the style.

Won't like the file when they pull it...realizing a brotha is on some other other.

Profiling still in affect..crime on the rise...Michael Jackson's stereotypical....they played me like some other brother.

Stereo types were pivotal; listened to rock, hip-hop, jazz, house and even funk.

Stereos hype the chosen ones....meanwhile fast breaks are finished like Lebron's with the dunk

Louisville resident in the A-Town...home of crunk..but the brotha O-Dog will rock ya..

Whose benevolent?..they'll move on you like Typhoon Morakot..where are your people? they'll walk out like Fatah..

Whose benevolent? they'll make it Los Zetas..Rcognize The test patterns like Betas..

Work is put in Blue Collar style...Hard Hat With The Lantern On the darkness we confront haters..

Flowing down the stream of consciousness...haters try to pollute it like the Pacific Garbage Patch..

Work is put aid to Somalia?..we've got the funk for ya...Coming Out Fresh With A Brand New Batch..

While others hatch up plots and schemes...we've got the arts and sciences..

Having to admit we're out there...Intergalactic..check out how my mind gets..

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