Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Jury..........

The jury of my peers is still out deliberating; confirmation of my fears... some are still hating... but that's how they do.

Learning and healing process underway....dual degrees given... too real for some; now they act like they knew..

We're burning roofs with the disco inferno...getting real with the

Out There..finding where the proof is..it's lonely Out There..but we continue to run..

Hoping this is the real one...the big one... but not like Fred Sanford.

What's the deal with this one? Dropping knowledge like Harvard or Stanford.

Not pimping like Mark Sanford..dropping knowledge like Yale.. refusing to fail....can't stand for it.... thats a no no.

Admitting a brotha did fail on some things....bearing witness... knowing how it go.

Players from the Himalayas keep playing; hybrid...mutants..new species....Play On Player..go for what you know!!!

Ice cold....but global warning causes glaciers to melt..rain from the snow...

One hating will show their hand in the card game....so whats up?

At the end of the day? some of us will get thrown under the bus.

No justice no peace... that's the old school slogan.

It don't matter if your in flannels, khakis, oxford shirt with Chuck Taylors or Stacy Adams brogans.

Check the status...on these channels? no slow jams played...not how it works ..O-Dog is jamming.

Check the status... charges can get trumped up...to the pavement bodies are slamming.

Check the status.. trouble will holla at us.. jamming frequencies.

Recognized ..that we were Transmitting Live...Visualizing sequences.

Freaking this..sometimes bleak with this..rain keeps falling like we're in Typhoon Morakot..stranded Out There..But We Kept On Running..

Freaking this....O-Zone has the Good Word...O-Dog keeps drumming..

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