Saturday, August 29, 2009

Moving Forward

Moving forward...sometimes asking myself... am I moving in the right direction?

It go lonely out there...but we kept on running..proving to a coward that you can still demand perfection.

Power forward type moves are made....old school like Rick Mahorn or Karl Malone.

Humble though.... prayed...that's how we made it to another zone.

The brotha O-Zone is on his own... like Patti Labelle...Mike McDonald...why did it end this way?

This is not how it's supposed to be... who wants me to fail? devil opposed to me... but I still run the play.

It got lonely out there... but we kept on running ..but saw the storm approaching like Katrina.

It's on me ....not running the game like the Chi-Lites... coaching...not singing have you seen her.

But you might have caught me dreaming.... a dream New Birth.

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta...listening to Co Co Brother on 102.5..playing music with sermons from Bishop Eddie Long from New Birth..

..Baptist spotted others..caught plotting and scheming... part of the conspiracy... to do damage on this earth.

What's it all worth? I peeped game..first one to jump off the Titanic.

Now operating in a spiritual nature more than you can shake a stick at.

Can't fool mother nature....that's why Mike Vick is back..

Spotted big homie..acted a fool..said the style is's all gravy baby..even Swagga Surfin..but storms will make him get back..

Others are operating shady like grady...waiting for the kickback..but none is coming.

O-Dog is operating like Dr Funkenstein...funk is dropped..he kept drumming.

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