Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So What's Up?

They didn't cut a brotha any slack..like they did Chris Brown..even though I was looking out for them.

Samples, breaks, cuts....on the Brotha O-Dogs tracks....multi-tasking..bad for the brain?...we've got soul food.... like we were cooking out for them.

Examples like Cookout in Charlotte on Sugar Creek..basking in the limelight at Gladys and Ron's or at Smokie Bones in Lithonia.

...At Stonecrest Mall..what's up y'all?...O-Zone gets funky with it... smells like ammonia.

Now it's on ya.... Haz-Mat team called....said its Hazardous Material.

But were a Forensic Team... please...what we have is spiritual.

Out In The Mainstream ..back with this..Spiritual Significance in this operation..as we do this..

Analyze the situation like Castro...What's the prognosis?

As we get with you....proceed and continue..funk is dropped..blowing up like I-Phones..or maybe like a meteor shower...brokens beats and english on the menu.

English teachers and professors are mad at me!! not knowing what I've been through.

This is what it's come down to..but not down to plan z.....but nobody will cut any slack.

But we've got diplomatic immunity... keep doing what we do...can't be held back.

Standing our ground....also going in...slipping through the cracks if we have to.

Standing our ground...taking care of business... haters will stress this....you know they'll try to unravel you.

It's the Babylon wilderness we travel through...the situation is critical..it's all about the petro..but they say there's a security breach.

What's the prognosis? analyze the situation...going through the Smoke and Mirrors..but what did purity teach?

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