Sunday, August 2, 2009


............part of the conglomerate........ even Intergalactic.

Sliding through the portal.....back roads...alleys..walking down city streets..rolling down interstates....even spatial.. undetected.

How did the sport go? fees uncollected..blame it on the salary cap.

How did the sport go? now the league proposes imposing a luxury tax.

How did the sport go? Recognize The Pattern.. some were intrigued ...interupted me when I came back with this.

How did the sport go? some were bruised and battered..tried to run off tackle ..others tried to hack this bro... I became suspicious.

But now I'm taking care of business.. back with ya... Random Thoughts are collected.. we relocated.

Flowing down the Stream of Consciousness.. it's the Conglomerate ..resources are allocated.

Comimg back with this ...rolling in the hooptie..the mothership gets good no cash for a clunker.

Dealing with the madness..sometimes I have to lay low in my bunker..

O-Dog is in the lab... how will the loop be?.. please..he's got more funk for ya.

The mothership has landed back on earth.. on the fast break he'll dunk for ya.

Like Lebron or Kobe... but taken for granted... most they hunt for a bro.

What are they on?...I'm operating in different realms...multi-dimensional..

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