Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Critical Stages / In The Meantime Or Between Time PT. 5

 Caught in a moment of time, we're trying to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza collecting these scattered thoughts for the business at hand.

In the meantime or between time realizing these are critical stages, that I understand!

Somebody will understand when I say life is hectic during these critical stages of development, at the moment all I can do is write about it. 

Those that misrule act a fool, they're launching attacks like Russia on Ukraine in Bakhmut trying to pillage the village / rob / loot enhancing the situation!  now due to the instigation I'm ready to fight about it!

But I stayed cool, stayed strong exercising supreme courage and maximum strength knowing that life? it's a  winding path, and it's easy to get lost. 

But I stayed cool, due to faith? knowing timeless dreams will be fulfilled, so I'll pay the price  / pay the cost. 

Determined not to have my fate decided when the coin is tossed implying that it's all a big game...

...where the rules are changed to benefit the league and team owners; reflecting on matters staring out the window at remnants of the Virgo Full Moon shifting into Libra soon so who can we blame? 

Hopefully? maybe fools will get changed during these critical stages by the sound dropped due to digital crate digging  accompanied by these good words; the embodiment of poetry?

Hopefully? maybe rules will get changed during these critical stages or these words will be a description of timeless dreams unfulfilled. 

My lab where techniques are enhanced during these critical stages? full trash cans,  dry ink pens and phrases on scrap paper! worthless like broken roses would be?

Rehab? during these critical stages digital crate digging continues as sonic therapy is going down "in the meantime or between" plus this good word is still dropped concerning the ongoing madness, all I can do is write about it. 

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