Monday, March 6, 2023

Critical Stages / In The Meantime Or Between Time PT. 4

 Check us out, we're back to the business at hand per another Monday morning rolling up on us, actually its a blessing to be here! it's a bonus!

These are critical stages of development; the details? the devil will be up in them so we do our due diligence knowing that in the meantime or between time the Lord will bless us!

During these critical stages? we put the sound out as digital crate digging continues plus I'm writing this like it's just a love song.

But during these critical stages? it's funny,  as we reflected on Bloody Sunday we found out its the adversity where our poetry grows!

Plus we found out that reality is unkind, but Brotha O was trying to stay positive!  I foolishly hoped I was wrong!

I bear witness to the dark side of beauty like its a spiritual warfare version of Call Of Duty Warzone; once again it's on!!  feeling the pain like we're in Bakhmut Ukraine?  damn! is this how it goes? 

That's what it seems like during these critical stages as we turn pages trying to move forward!

In the meantime or between time we try to enjoy the present because it's a gift along with being retro futuristic as priorities shift; we're exercising power like a forward!

In the meantime or between no rose colored glasses are worn, we know its rough out here! the perception of reality? oh! it was disturbing!

Plus during these critical stages of development we had to back away from the buffet, painful memories led to appetite curbing!

Plus that wicked-edged tongue utilized by the devil and his advocates? it didn't help matters!

Plus some kicked knowledge like they had all the answers but now they're on the edge trying to determine what really matters!

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