Monday, March 20, 2023

Still Collecting Scattered Thoughts (Part Two)

 It's going down on this Monday morning, during these last few hours of winter as we enter Aries Season per the Spring Equinox that arrives this evening!

It's a cold morning, winter said its not ready to leave yet that polar vortex is still achieving!

Is the sport complex? still believing that as we collect these scattered thoughts; they're playing with my mind like a pianist tickling the ivories, those magical keys were played!

So what's next? epiphanies achieved or methods to the madness achieved for drying up those silent tears caused by the charade?

Still collecting scattered thoughts like lifelines taken by  Credit Suisse per UBS or by those extended by the  Feds to Silicone Valley Bank!  hope didn't fade, it's being fueled by persistence. 

We didn't feel like the invisible man per Ralph Ellison! check us out as all that negativity meets resistance! 

Still collecting these scattered thoughts, soon dropping this good word and sonic assaults as we get breakbeat scientific!

It's the byproduct of enhanced lab techniques as havoc wreaks! we supply the rebuttal to it!

We're out here in a huddle with our constituents who are going through it; at midnight? they were clocking in for the night shift of desperation. 

Still collecting scattered thoughts, trying to get their minds right; tangible fear or paranoia in the situation?

Still collecting scattered thoughts like a collection agency collecting debt; its ironic per using 20 / 20 hindsight as we play the role of a short change hero in need of a fat bankroll. 

Still collecting scattered thoughts but energy is depleted like wilted Valentines Day flowers; how will we roll?

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