Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Still Collecting Scattered Thoughts (Part Three)

 Per this HumpDay Extravaganza? catch us still trying to get over the hump like College Basketball March Madness Sweet Sixteen participants putting it down before the shot clock expires!

Per Andrae' Crouch featuring Marvin Winans let the church say amen and then amen again as we come through dropping this good word!  I feel like I'm singing with these choirs!

Or maybe preaching to these choirs, as I collect these scattered thoughts and then take these mystic voyages; it was no way for us to know we would land on havoc's shores!

Earlier? we were lost at sea scattered out in troubled waters, but like the old catch phrase we jumped from the frying pan into the fire check the scores!

Some of us bamboozled and hoodwinked like MAGA Republicans or contributors to  Trump fundraising due to his legal issues?  enchanted by cerulean whispers, careless like Wham! featuring George Michael ones?

Scattered thoughts are collected, remembered that the Four Tops said Still Waters Run Deep, oceanic!  I kept telling some life is hectic  / frantic, but keep fighting on!

Right On brothers and sisters right on! Right On For The Darkness per Curtis Mayfield per playing the field?

We turn the light on so scattered thoughts can be gathered by those waiting in the dark dealing with temptation so they won't yield!

We turned the lights on so scattered thoughts could be collected so we could soon leave the darkness but there was no way for us to know we'd be gone for good.

We cut the corner like an old back in the day Buick Electra 225 duece and a quarter up in Louisville on Broadway or Muhammad Ali Boulevard! I  had to admit the separation was painful, but I knew we would..

..make orchestral maneuvers after we collected scattered thoughts and crossed boundaries and borders to do what behooves us!

Alas! we can't go home, the morality  / thought and fashion police issued indictments and warrants like the Manhattan DA or maybe even the Fulton County DA concerning Donald Trump! they said all actions were malicious!

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