Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Shadow Boxing (Part Four)

 It’s going down on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can play out either way.

Of course we’ll claim the terrific outcome then pull out the drum check the celebration as we let the music play!

Opposition is lurking in the shadows by now we know how it goes so we govern ourselves accordingly.

We’re Working it all out shadow boxing rebuking the hustle knocking showing jokers where the border or boundary will be..

The journey? catch me working all out by Pluto and Mars but also exploring the space between these random thoughts.

Who’ll work with me? going for what I know standing together with my alter ego; O-Zone dropping this good word and O-Dizzle doing the opposite dropping these Sonic Assaults . Who’ll work with me? we’re out here shadow boxing the opposition that thought we matched the composite sketch; hopefully. That way they can walk up on me with papers like it’s the Trump impeachment ; losing respect due to the scheme / plot? Oh no! Not me!

Shadow boxing in the shadows; we’re dealing with crooked municipalities and jurisdictions like with the Georgia voter suppression ; were fighting shadow wars like Ghost Recon..

Soon waiting in the dark healing physical and emotional scars...that's what they're on!!

Fast cars waiting in park; Tracy Chapman seldom seen them.

We’re shadow boxing  others waiting to spark the flame but lacking matches and an accelerate like gasoline or kerosene

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