Monday, January 11, 2021

Collections / Connections (Part Seven)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues per a Music Monday but on this Monday morning we’re taking a pause for the cause; in the garage sifting through the CD, cassettes and vinyl collections..

The Saga / Struggle Continues aka life goes on! fighting back conducting breakbeat scientific research spotting the dots for the connections..

It’s rough out here, sometimes dealing with negativity it seems I’m chilling out at the Hotel Tomb, not a good section..

Spotted jokers rushing the Capitol, now another Trump impeachment is in order, or some other type of prosecution.

Spotted jokers chilling at the Capitol like it was the Hunger Games but The Peacekeepers seemed to be part of the insurrection..

Slackers were like the Pittsburgh Steelers  they coasted up in this piece!!  now knocked out of the playoffs! structure is falling apart; the machine runs sluggish, lethargic!

Jackers on Parler posted up messages about latest conquests at the Capitol like they’re cyber thuggish / roguish! check the collections,  clocked by the FBI after showing how things out on the margin can get!

This descendant of ancestors who took Middle Passages  realized  its on me!! in 2021 making the connections! I'm through playing games! society has me out on the fringe!

Haters won't get the best of us as this work is put in! we’re checking the archives / collections for pertinent information as we go on a breakbeat science binge!

The good word is dropped plus funk played at the Cabaret of Emotions, is off the hinges!! Jokers were talking junk, out here sprayed by unmasked cons? Boisterous, now check the outrage! Stereos were hype though; crunk per ATLiens back in the day but we move forward; stereotypes torn by age..

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