Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Collections / Connections (Part Six)

 Reflecting / internal inspecting; out of the database? thoughts I’m collecting..

Per this HumpDay Extravaganza? we’re trying to put it all together / get myself together; the dots I’m connecting..

Errors? We’re correcting but like GOP opposition to the Electoral College vote count the devil was busy making an earnest effort to vex the situation. Horrors / terrors? damn! the drama led to Hellfire! Who’s on the case again? Like Trump Summoning protestors to DC I saw the crowd gathering / collecting; it was the drama royalty who show loyalty to chaos / confusion; is it a habit? Beats bump and I’m collecting my thoughts per these good words but I’m shrouded in mystery; chilling in the lab due to Covid 19 / CDC guidelines; still going for mine now check out this lab by-product..

Not lost in the crowd but if I was I would be incognito; ill episodes expected! O -Zone can read between the lines..

Connecting with my constituents I see y’all; now we’re dropping the breakbeat science..

As we work this, we’re collecting our thoughts; realizing blood was thicker than water...

Connecting with my people; Like The Spinners the love was one of a kind! orchestrated by the Heavenly Father..

 Didn't know? you better find it said old girl over on Candler Rd in Decatur Georgia as she bought lottery tickets at the Shell Station; please!! in Georgia?  Warnock and Ossoff make a statement 

The thought and fashion police are angry but collections and connections are made; we know they’ll hate it!

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