Monday, January 25, 2021

Shadow Boxing (Part Three)

We’re still out here shadow boxing, even on this Monday morning..

We’re out here boxing with our shadows; our arms are too short to box with God per James Weldon Johnson .

We’re out here rocking it, responding with the  breakbeat science; check the Sonic Assault ; bombardment of the enemy position..

We’re out here rocking it getting breakbeat scientific: at the moment this is how we’re living..

But it’s rough out here, of course we’re shadow boxing;  me? part of the family heirloom? substance abuse!! either smoked out or drunk! 

Louisville / Newburg life contributing to the toil and strife! Horror and terror will consume some! Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday? ATLiens were talking about getting crunk!

Once again it’s on! We’re shadow boxing against the system; these blogs / podcasts will weaponize  iPhones and androids ; angering algorithms?

Once again it’s on! hustle knocking is rebuked! hip to new and improved methods for GOP voter suppression .

Once again it’s on! we’re actually boxing these clones on those roids that made the cameo appearance.

Check out the Trump insurrection as jokers amp up the democracy interference..

America is out here shadow boxing with itself the situation is not delicate! Do the knowledge! Do the math while we’re on this path! read an article or a book; on the edge? we spotted a crook, who we had to acknowledge!

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