Monday, January 4, 2021

Collections / Connections (Part Five)

 We’re putting it down on this first Monday morning of 2021; it’s time to get down! 

Christmas and New Years Day have come and gone, so it’s time to get it on; it’s time to get down!

What it is? time to get clowned like Trump making phone calls to Brad Raffensperger

...the Georgia Secretary of State about changing votes; minds changing when I drop these quotes / good word on ya..

In 2021? errors will be corrected after external and internal inspections..

We’re on one; now the area is disinfected per the arch nemesis on the premises insurrections..

O-Zone connected the dots from Pluto to Saturn; from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg;  from the ATL to DC; with thought collections he spotted the GOP vs The Electoral College  shady dealings..

Danger zone residents were punishment gluttons, with evil forces they'll merge!! everybody plays the fool sometimes per Cuba Gooding and The Main Ingredient but I wasn't with it! on this Monday morning I'm drinking a hot cup of that Juan Valdez collecting these random thoughts; I’m in the lab chilling...

A bruh is through dealing with these's not a good thing....The Smoke and Mirrors Show was ongoing....some are waiting in the dark about to blackout..

A bruh will write these scriptures or books..collecting thoughts...just got back from Pluto...parking the mothership on earth..putting the funk back out...

Painting these pictures after I “got somewhere and sat down” to collect these random thoughts.,

Putting paint where it ain’t when we put it down launching these sonic assaults..

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