Tuesday, December 8, 2020

We’re Hitting Them Up (Part Five)

 We're dropping science on them, it's just another way to say that we're hitting them up!!

We're getting breakbeat scientific with it like we're trying to develop a Covid 19 vaccine while we're on the scene; that's what's up!!

Not out here rolling corrupt like Rudy Giuliani then getting caught out there on the scene while doing Trump's dirty work..

In command of my facilities like Army Gen. Lloyd Austin nominated to lead the Department of Defense; O-DIzzle? the minister of defense knows how it'll work..

Some question the abilities of O-Zone, the minister of information but there’s no misinformation  when we’re "out here in the heart of it" Reading The TelePrompter..

He’s letting y'all know what the deal will be per observing the scene!! dropping this math prompt for ya!!.

Whats up? feel me on this one! we’re hitting jokers up / slapping haters up with the Sonic Blackjack

Whats up? other weapons are used; up in Louisville / Newburg fools get played upside the head with the pistol; meanwhile O-Dizzle is “doing his thizzle” with the brand new funk; while O-Zone has that good word in the knapsack

.....Oh yeah! We’re hitting them up! check out the retaliation in this danger zone with these unconventional weapons!

Not flipping out like armed Trump supporters  in Michigan we're rolling blue collar style!! any Balm of Gilead for the back pull as we drop this unconventional wisdom?

Dipping out down I-20 in Atlanta still getting breakbeat scientific  as we tell this story, not about fame or glory, we’re Letting The Healing Process Begin as we take affective action!

We’re Hitting Them Up / Unleashing the Sonic Assault! Check the Steady Bombardment of The Enemy Position / were all up in the action!

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