Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Collections / Connections

 Scattered thoughts are collected as this collection activity escalates

...like after Christmas activity by collection agencies; even in the midst of the pandemic the system still hates...

Congress has debates about a stimulus package soon passed a bill but will it be enough? 

Connections were made with corporate interests y’all should know the gist of it as some grift for while for the rest of us it’s rough! 

Corrections are made, now we’re sliding through the ajar window of opportunity seeking serenity.. Connections made previously didn’t believe in me! some asking for my last serenade while I'm in the vicinity..

The arch nemesis was on the premises, ready to burn it all down like Trump before he leaves? now mad because I had the propensity to leave the area? Thoughts are collected, plus we'll drop beats that bump, check out how the intensity is freed! no longer dealing with the mass hysteria...
Things can go either way on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday so I tried to make a play; mistakes were made, underwater as bubbles float to the to top of the pool Nine counted that looked like circles; nine circles deep? in relationship to nine circles of hell per Dante; doing the math, thoughts collected / activity connected I told myself I need to stop! What a fool!

Collection activities occur, thoughts were gathered that were once scattered; a host of ideas running through my head? trying to do too much like my granddaughter says? Connections are made, we came back through in the clutch to make it right! Coach O-Zone is running new plays

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