Sunday, December 13, 2020

We’re Hitting Them Up (Part Seven)

We’re hitting our constituents up with this breakbeat science letting them know what it’s all worth..

Still out there rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, the gateway to the universe but at the moment reality will make us crash back down to earth..

The rebirth of the funk will also occur as Digital Crate Digging Continues: plus Sunday Jazz Continues ..

Work is put in; getting crunk like ATLiens said back in the day; the mission is surviving,  the saga / struggle continues!

Sunday morning? late arriving now it's the afternoon, I’ve had a cup of coffee or two so excuse a dude but I might ramble.. Atlanta? overnight it was raining / stormy weather parties get rained on; high winds blowing out the candle?

 Tires were screeching as Dodge Chargers and Ford Mustangs spin out, losing traction? over in Decatur the slick tires on the hooptie delayed them from riding out like Fast and Furious..

Guns for hire were beseeching them,  on this Sunday morning others were preaching to them, some bamboozled and hoodwinked like Trump supporters even though per the Supreme Court  the election is over; in DC some were furious.

The umpire was paid off but he was still missing calls; meanwhile  we're still hitting them up!! we have it covered and smothered like Waffle House hash browns..

The empire played it off but we're still launching these Sonic Assaults; We're Hitting Them Up....knocking them upside the head with these sounds...

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