Thursday, December 17, 2020

We’re Hitting Them Up (Part Nine)

On this Throwback Thursday? It’s business as usual, we’re out here hitting them up!

Sonic assaults are unleashed as this old school / new school / next school music is played along with the good word being dropped: we aren’t letting up!

Who’s deceived during the ongoing  charade? Trump clocks dollars talking about a rigged election   while over in Decatur one playa told another playa pimping ain't easy!

Please!! O-Zone “hollas atcha” but whats played? jazz, funk, hip hop and house by the brotha O-Deezy!

Please believe me its on!!  we didn't stop..even though Life Is Hectic..we dealt with it; the bad breaks, setbacks, and obstacles!

Please believe me its on!! O-Deezy has the breaks and O-Zone the good word; theres no stopping these bros!

We’re hitting them up with this; who? my constituents as they go through that and this! 

We’re hitting them up with this! Worldwide? my constituents will feel this!

We’re hitting them up but we realize today only happens once so some were geeked / energetic! Out there! Spinning a web, supposedly bridging the distance.. 

 O-Jays Backstabbing  dealt  with, now Blades Will Bleed from the overuse
Reality was hitting them up! damaging the meek melancholy soul that dealt with too much abuse

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