Sunday, December 6, 2020

We’re Hitting Them Up (Part Four)

In search of Utopia! any hope for ya? local / national / international / intergalactic? so many of us are on this journey!

Searching! But truth be told? somebody hit us up, said we’re acting irrational; they said damn! that land is imaginary..
..someone else told me that it’s like Mamby Pamby Land and it ain’t grand grass was artificial turf? now I’m back on earth hitting up my people with this breakbeat science even though lights blink on the instrument panel of the mothership, we crash land

Now class is in session, we’re hitting them and those up with this knowledge! that’s how we’re dealing with these earthlings...

Adversity University is attended we’re getting busy! check out how we work things..

So who’ll work with me? it’s all good! we’re all up in the mixture!! the melting pot? its on the stove cooking!

O-Zone is all up in this scripture;  plus the bruh O-Dizzle did his thizzle!! it's still all hood how we’re hitting up the system! we’re in the lab cooking!

Not tripping like Vernon Jones and Lin Wood  talking about stop the steal we know the deal in these zones we’ve been hood! central booking stays busy from Fulton to Dekalb County!

How you living? cops are still getting busy! my people even  felt the  pressure out in Clayton County!

Plus I see how they’re  running things over in Nigeria checked the mass hysteria , I see how they’re getting down!

Plus we see how they’re running things here in America concerning 
Breonna Taylor and George Floyd  and others, so we’re getting busy hitting up the
apparatus; that’s how we’re getting down!

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