Sunday, November 29, 2020

We’re Hitting Them Up ( Part One)

O-Zone mentioned the steady bombardment of the enemy position concerning the Sonic Assault; now we're hitting them up...

Attack zones are entered tracked by clones mentored under that Q-Anon doctrine; what's the response? we'll keep rocking now we're hitting them up!!

Slack in these zones? the corrupt guided drones that entered our airspace out near Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta, now chem - trails filled the blue skies, what was the mission?

No fly zones soon enforced some thought they'd get a bonus for playing the field / all up in the action / the sport but I understand another; just trying to make a good impression...

Whats the deal with it? check the session endorsing the  previous shady Covid 19 stimulus package  you know the crooks have already hit up the treasury!

Whats the real about?  who’s victmized? some find out money made off the books didn't circulate!! y’all should know what the deal will be!

Let the dollar circulate don't hate!! that's word from Billy Paul and 9th Wonder....what were we under?

...a broke joker like me knows the real deally! feeling some kind of way under the Gemini Full Moon somebody will feel me when I say I’m not trying to  go under..

Not trying to fall apart showing heart, you can spot me hitting them up.,

Who? the enemy! What God has for me is for me! We’re shutting down the corrupt..

Like I told you we’re hitting them up! we’re weaponizing this good word and the sound!

None of their weapons formed will work on this Sunday morning it’s mentioned in the word; this is how we get down!

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