Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Minding and Tending (Part Nine)

 Check us out!! on this Terrible/ Terrific Tuesday where things can play out either way we’re minding and tending but time  becomes an enemy, now battles are fought..

Check us out as we get breakbeat scientific, as Thanksgiving Day approaches we’re good word dropping and beat blending! the garage? vinyl  and cassettes on the shelf as we launch a sonic assault 

Check the sounds, split into fields of genres! jazz, funk, hip hop and house music! good for the spirit!

Then I build poems until the words don’t hurt! oh yes we’re putting in the work! a hater will fear it!

As we proceed and continue  we didn’t quit / stop / yield! new and old tools combine as breakbeat scientific principles are followed!

True indeed!! old and new fools get played out here in the field /  out in Babylon; what's up with this? that’s why we’re minding and tending!  Eric B and Rakim said No Mistakes Allowed

Fanatics thought they were invincible out in stream of consciousness, but by the big great white? they'll get swallowed!

Mathematics are dropped making sense to some but Everybody Ain’t Able! no fakes allowed!

Who’s allowed on the premises? like when this black man walks down the street  security heightens!! folk lock doors, close windows, and ladies hold onto their purses!

Empty promises were made; but curiosity killed the cat; somebody told them it was phat and all that!! but some hold onto their curses

The arch nemesis was on the premises as O -Zone prays and curses running them off the property...

Now a dude is chilling on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; minding and tending laying it down properly!

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