Monday, November 16, 2020

Minding and Tending (Part Five)

 We’re taking a look around, seeing how It’s Going Down but it doesn’t amaze me..

...not so amazing Like Luther this dude can see what it do so I’m minding and tending; I’m not crazy! Blazing Saddles type of comedy  dropping the good word and this sound will be the response to the madness..

Hazing? who tattles when reality is the perpetrator? jokers will learn sooner or later like that Larry Graham jam was

Another “fiddle faddles” playing around with haters like jokers out in Rockdale and Henry Counties in the Atlanta metro area still rocking the Trump Pence signs.. 

....probably believed the election was rigged like Trump ignoring the data dump aka the vote count; refusing to read the signs..

I saw what went down; attacks were made on democracy by those showing hypocrisy; I had to ask them, so how did that work for ya?

Who’s tripping on where we went with the sound?  we use the Sonic Assault to respond to the drama; who has your back? will they get hurt for ya? 

Slipping through the portal...just got back from Pluto..we had the good word for ya; plus the brand new funk!

Knowing how the sport will go, or at least acting like we knew! that’s why we’re minding and tending dropping this good word and beat blending! down here in the ATL acting brand new/ getting crunk?

Knowing how the sport will go making moves on this Monday Morning based on the New Moon In Scorpio ; please!!! others fall back / some shrunk after saying they were phat and all that!

Knowing how the sport will go that’s why we’re minding and tending; who flunked the test? now looking for an attorneys number so they can call that!

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