Wednesday, November 4, 2020

It’s Going Down (Part Eight)

I started writing this on Tuesday evening of Election Day 2020 as the polls were closing...

Enlightening! I see how these fools play up in Kentucky and Indiana my old stomping ground; throwing their support for Trump and Pence when it doesn’t make sense; the old school Baptist preacher told me the devil is opposing! 

Enlightening the masses when composing this good word plus dropping the funk; might as well say it’s going down! 

Frightening aspects are revealed after The Smoke Cleared even though some loathed / feared that it was going down!

Election results still in limbo so there’s still residue and debris, affecting this HumpDay Extravaganza?

Sections full of cults jeopardize the whole process they didn’t want to stop the madness somebody will understand a brotha!

It’s Going Down! But we’re still putting it down in the midst of the madness as we proceed and continue..

It’s Going Down!  But we’re still putting it down in the midst of the madness! this good word and the sound are on the menu!

How did we play? doing the mathematics like addition and subtraction as we expose what an ill faction is up to..

How did we play? no confusion like processing this 2020 election during the ongoing Smoke and Mirrors show as  a hater stalks; fanatics are having a field day with new and improved methods to corrupt you...

How did others play? acting erratic introducing horrors / terrors but like I said we’re all up in the house dropping these mathematics as the rebuttal..

It’s Going Down! Check us out as we put it down like this! please believe me there are no armchair quarterbacks in the huddle!

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