Sunday, November 22, 2020

Minding and Tending (Part Eight)

 It’s Going Down on this Sunday morning / Sunday afternoon now we move on to Sunday evening as this is the rebuttal to the ongoing “buking and scorning”

The Next Chapter awaits  but we’re reflecting on past episodes moving past successes and failures but soon in forward modes again..

New day / new age as the energy shifts from Scorpio to Sagittarius Season

Astrologers mention a new Age of Aquarius as Jupiter and Saturn meet there in December during the holiday season! 

Rock with us we’re minding and tending to this breakbeat scientific business..

Rock with us! beat blending and good word dropping not quitting / stopping my constituents know what the deal is!

My constituents know what the real is, staying out of Dekalb County Jail; ...Hosea Williams Bonding company used but  some are confused; thought his folk were trying to feed the hungry during this holiday season but that's another tale,  but I was bonding with earthlings; I had a tale about mind over matter! 

Scientific like the Hadron Collider  but Po Po was rolling; responding to the drama..when they roll up the crowd will scatter!

Egos get bruised and battered;  I was minding and tending but I noticed little homie was a rider all up in the Chevy Impala..smoked a cut up and altered cognac flavored Swisher to calm his nerves!

....Plus Virginia Slims are replaced by Black and Milds little sister said she swerves!

Jokers conducted themselves in an unordered fashion like Trump in denial  about election losses; O-Zone observes the scene minding and tending as he was rolling through; but it’s  easy to get played..

In this zone? wins and losses are tabulated as some are  soon caught up in the game seeing how the sport is played 

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