Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Minding and Tending (Part Six)

 Excuse me as I get this HumpDay Extravaganza underway, I’m just minding and tending..

Lose me if you don’t want me to get over the hump, standing in the way like the Wayne County Electors up in Detroit trying to say presidential election votes were null and void; it’s just partisan hating...

Lose me, not debating this and that with so called free thinkers, feel free to use blinkers when getting off at the next exit of this information highway..

Lose me but I’m not out here hating I’m just minding and tending doing things my way..

Confuse me? Naw bruh!  I can see through the smoke and mirrors now that  The Smoke Cleared

Confuse me? Sounding like Rudy Giuliani  defending Trump in Pennsylvania when it was plain all he did was loathed and feared ..

Getting loose? we continue to ride for freedom with beats that bump and and this good word as your dude steered the mothership to a Safe Haven / Safe Harbor

Getting loose!! it’s all about freedom as we continue minding and tending avoiding questionable characters; hatred they harbor! 

They’ll try to start with a bro! but toil and strife should be expected, as long as were on Terra Firma we struggle!

The knife was in the hand of the O-Jays Backstabber  but per minding and tending we’re dropping this by-product from the lab on ya! we’ll continue with the saga / struggle!

Whats up with ya? this product from the lab is for ya!! as we do the we get scientific!

Navigating through the smoke and mirrors!! dodging gunfire from fanatics...those going ballistic!

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