Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Transition PT.4 (HumpDay Extravaganza Edition)

Check out this Humpday Extravaganza!! some of constituents were trying to get over the hump but injured during the landing!!  let the healing process begin!!

You're gonna learn today was the word from Kevin Hart, plus reality!!  who's getting foul with me during this Transition? 

You must learn!! just like Boogie Down Productions said back in the day so don't start it!! in response to Koch Seminar Networks  these funk seminars are conducted.

In Transition like February morphing into March as I write this? back in the day? I cut the corner in the Cut Dog aka Olds Cutlass Supreme with the slipping transmission that was soon stolen!! jokers got open like security clearances given  Edward Snowden;  soon the database was corrupted.

Whats up with it?  security clearances downgraded like Jared Kushner per the opposition rushing a bruh? after observing the scene I'm turning corners  so let the healing process begin.

What's up with it? similar to Russian election meddling interference is dealt with!!  while in transition we kept cold crushing!! old school four track recorders stayed busy!! with this good word and the drum? we're trying to win.

Before this transition? I was caught up in  The Critical Stage Of Development ; I was caught in a moment of time;  frozen.

A dude prevails, rebuking the devil who was up in the details!! now rocking it!! using beats and English that's broken.

A dude prevails!! we're in transition!! mind  / body and spirit no longer broken after we did the mathematics / summed up the consequences.

Moving Forward /  in Transition!! how were we living?  no longer a victim of circumstances.

We kept it moving!! in Transition!! how were we living? staying on point, we know circumstances will be debatable...

Being built or torn down? we're in transition, per this Humpday Extravaganza we're still throwing down!! this is what it do!!

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