Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Transition PT.2's business as usual..........

In light of what happened concerning Equifax not investigated by the CFPB?  we stepped up security, we didnt let the slack in.

Random Thoughts From A Brotha? there are no cash apps!! so what's the haps?   there's  too much hacking..

It was rough on a brotha!! please!! like Trump erasing Obama's legacy another was just swagger jacking..

It was rough on a brotha!! due to the drama I was working blue collar, hard work is put in!  heavy lifting, I had to put by back in.

I'm in transition, Michael Jackson's don't stop until you get enough is heard in the background!! but bear witness to what this world will do to a bro...

Things are stereotypical,  even during this so called Black History Month;  but history is being made as O-Dizzle serves the sonic elixir or broth!! usually?  the radio is pitiful..

This brotha is not lacking the work ethic!! while in transition  I'm taking care of business, as usual..

Admitting I had to fall back  for a minute, soon skating on ice like Chloe Kim,  but that's not unusual.

Life is like that; plus jokers kept hating " it ain't nothing nice" act like you knew bro!!  but now I'm back up on it.

Random Thoughts are expressed; this is the Transition, not trying to roll up on high schools in Florida or the the NSA at Fort Meade acting foolish bur we're out to rebuke the evil opponent.

Were in Transition, back up on this thing, so what's up?...we're rebuking the hostile takeover.

Were in Transition, back up on this thing, so what's up? we're not paying off Stormy Daniels type of hookers so they can go get a hot style makeover.

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