Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Transition PT.3

We're moving forward never backwards, even though Katina Powell types will bring down the whole city, like Louisville having to vacate their 2013 championship..

I wasn't feeling their energy, jokers are foul plus there's no pity from the street committee!! I had to dip down I-75 to Atlanta in the Buick Regal aka the mothership!!

What's up with it? I'm in transition, I wasn' t feeling their energy! it conflicted with the energy I'm putting out.

Kinetic /  electric? nuclear? not acting brand new with ya, like  Trump bump stock bans but no no Florida AR-15 bans?  I'm back with it rocking some Mecca jeans and a pair of black Vans rolling like a fireman!! hot spots?  I'm putting out.

Beats will bump, O-Dog will rock!! plus the Random Thoughts?  I'm putting out into the universe!!  I'm still down for the cause.

Getting over the hump per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! using Diplomatic Immunity.!!  God is blessing us, so we keep it moving, in transiton!!  we won't stop,  quit or pause.

In Transition! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta from Douglasville to Conyers, check the response as no applause is heard!! nobody' s checking for a brotha, unless they send negative energy.

What's the deal with the negative energy?  a brotha will intercept it like a cornerback before it reachs my entity.

Like John Conyers retiring up in Michigan we didn't feel the energy brought forth!!  haters were pushing the wrong dials and buttons.

Check the response;  during the ongoing crisis? they thought I would get off on the malice,  like I was a punishment glutton.

Now in Transition during Pisces season,  I bring the Sonic Assault for a reason!!  pushing dials and buttons on the beat box.

This brotha is in Transition!! during the ongoing crisis? we're showing you that O-Dog rocks.

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