Monday, February 19, 2018

DJ Paulo Arruda - Afterhours 10 | Feb 2018

Another Music Monday has rolled around, so you know this dude is digital crate digging...

President's Day Holiday? I mentioned earlier no benevolence was coming our way!! the system? those that hate will keep rigging!!

I keep gigging / work is put in blue collar style, a dollar was offered so I could change my style but that's not happening..

Broadcasting live from a remote outpost out in the woods / suburbs of Atlanta; some even referred to it as Wakanda, an alternative universe where it's all happening!!

After strapping in the seat belt of the mothership this is where it landed after lights started blinking on the instrument panel..

After hours work is put in, similar to this mix by  DJ Paulo Arruda with  Afterhours 10 | Feb 2018;  after checking the playlist and the mix somebody might understand a brotha!!


01 Mirko Worz - Uprising (Original Mix)

02 Frankyeffe - Regeneration 

03 Stanny Abram - Top of the Mountain (Original Mix) 

04 DJ Tonio - Queen (ANNA Remix)

05 Max Coseglia - Gram (Mr. Bizz Remix)

06 Caravaca - Ekfa (Original Mix)

07 Deetech - In the Jungle (Original Mix) 

08 David Ortega - Jack (Original Mix)

09 Svenj - Lost in the Desert (Original Mix)

10 Alex Dittrich - Euphoric (Original Mix) 

11 DJ Tonio - Floods (Original Mix)

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