Monday, February 19, 2018

Retro Futuristic Mystic Going Ballistic PT. 10

This retro- futuristic mystic is going ballistic! the break / hiatus  is over, it's back to business as usual!  like PE?  we fight the power.

We know what the deal is, some might act like they knew a bro but they'll still hate on us!! check the clock, as we approach the final hour.

They should know what the deal is! we exercise power unlike Trump with his Tweets;  it's based on diplomatic immunity.

Rolling like a Black Panther down I-20 in Atlanta aka Wakanda with the bumping beats in the hooptie!! we weren't fronting on the eastside like the Jeffersons!!  when haters started stressing we dipped back to the community.

Now we're on the Eastside of Atlanta!!  not acting brand new, wandering through the streets of Babylon aka the danger zone!!  O-Zone? I'm still the same old me.

Colder than a polar bear due to the environment,  but thawing out due to global warming?  I span the globe brainstorming but I don't know, sometimes still the cold me..

The old me comes out due to Louisville / Newburg default settings!! this retro-futuristic mystic is going ballistic!! was it because the climate has changed in more ways than one? 

The climate has changed in more ways than one? I even felt the pressure but I was like Mystikal and  Silkk The Shocker? it ain't my fault / "I ain't the one"

Like Russian election tampering? crooks we're lamping, just  New Birth type Dream Merchants selling bogus goods?  this retro- futuristic mystic is going ballistic telling you everybody's struggling!  we're all in Transition!!

We're cold crushing though, off the books with this like these Decatur / Atlanta convenience / corner store merchants with the slot machines in the back of the store taking peoples money!! how were we living? 

Those pressuring were rubber stamping victories,  but God will hold me and you down!!  he's got us covered!! he knows things aren't perfect, far from it!!  without a doubt...

This is the word from a retro-futuristic mystic going ballistic!! "The Saga /Struggle Continues"  we'll work it out..

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