Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Test PT.2 (Waiting For Answers)

From the bottom / beginning to the top /  zenith!!  from the base to the apex!!

From alpha to omega /  from a rich man to a beggar!! everybody will have a test!!  face the music!!  like victims of the  Golden State Warriors  some find out the sport is complex. 

Some are still waiting for answers!! violent and vicious was the behavior, during this spiritual warfare what can save ya?  bear witness to how it goes down. 

The devil was waiting for dancers!! compliant with this?  oh no!!  like Kobe Bryant scoring 60 in his final game this brotha is about to clown. 

....Even though the vessel ran aground,  I don't think this will be the final destination. 

Oh!! during the test I was waiting for answers too!! I wrestle with internal and external demons out here in these streets,  plus due to a jurisdiction's legislation. 

It'll get the best of you!!  demonstrations or examples are in front of me. 

Like Trump vs The GOP? To the left and to the right of me so called powers that be front on me!!

No longer stumped by questions on the test, the answers were right in front of me!! all I had to do was look up!! blessings from the Lord will continue!!

Beat will thump!! that's the response from me, plus this good word is dropped!!  we have the hookup!!  even though Cold War type  tactics per Russian aircraft buzzing US battleships go down breakbeat scientific hunting and gathering will continue..

During the ongoing test?  we know the uphill struggle will continue while we're on this earth!! it's like the Huntsman Winter's War even though we're in the midst of spring cleaning / spring training..

During the ongoing test?  I reminded that the answer is right in front of me, all we have to do is look up!! Hunger Games Peacekeepers front on me and my people but we're maintaining!!


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