Friday, April 1, 2016

I Mentioned Earlier: It's An Uphill One!! What? The Struggle

The saga / struggle continues!!  as I mentioned earlier? like an unpopular Donald Trump trying to get the GOP nomination?   it's an uphill one. 

Ah yes!!  another battle in the ongoing war!!  what kind of hand are you playing in this card game?  gamblers out for a fast buck will deal a bad one. 

The bass in the trunk will rattle!! the old school Toyota Camry aka  the hooptie continues to roll down I-20 in Atlanta,  on some breakbeat scientific business.

 We continue to battle with confusion, failure and frustration even though some keep fronting!!  they're spotted rolling down Candler Road in Decatur  as A- B- C / 1-2-3 lyrics from the rap song blast from the Hyundai Sonata with the just purchased  dealer tag on the back, while  mathematics show us what the real is. 

The menu from Hell's Kitchen wasn't nutritious!! who'll  understand a bruh as I tell you about the mode / mold? similar to  Final Fantasy XV type of business  violent and vicious was the nature of those who partake of the diet. 

The venue?  we're enriching / enlightening!!  but of course we bump heads with jokers similar to Pontius Pilate

My dude in the Pontiac Grand Prix lied about it but I survived / I moved on!! but the mothership was on automatic pilot until lights started blinking on the instrument panel. 

What it do? was acting frantic,  next thing you know I'm in the Lion's den like Daniel. 

Others were there with me/ they were heard saying *it's beyond me, what should I do*? ?   I started praying,  that's the way I make it!! that's  the antidote for the uphill struggle.

Confusion,  failure and frustration are rebuked!!  I won't let it get to a brotha. 

Winning  / losing? please!!  even though the Nuclear Security Summit is going down danger zone business is ongoing!! we'll get nuked like threats made by North Korea!!

I Mentioned Earlier: It's An Uphill One!! What? The Struggle!!  we rebuke it with this good word and the drumkit!! this probably won't be the last time I tell ya!!


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